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Just a day that made me happy! Completely without reason
I am happy today
Blissfully, jubilantly, undoubtedly and reason-lessly
And that’s what makes it special!
That’s what makes me want to write!

Why are poems generally sad?
It’s almost like only sadness can express.
In fact to live, and to be
Sometimes I feel we give it too much weight.

What stops me from writing about just anything
Like the monotonous smile I see everyday
Which unfailingly makes me smile back
(I see it now in my head, and smile again!)

Beegees on the American Idol show,
The movie I am going to see tomorrow.

What about the 3 jokes I heard since the morning
Which made me laugh, naturally , easily, stupidly.
(I can’t even remember them now!)
The anticipation of the familiar taste of dinner
Familiar, not always perfectly delicious. But familiar and good.

Or an AC (Agatha Christie) book that I hadn’t read, and suddenly discovered.
Or sharing the many stories I love and treasure, with a new victim I find!
A song that reminds you of college
A phone call that casually, certainly, changes your mood.

Because that’s what happiness was supposed to feel like
Pure and without gratitude
In small bits, but huge
Complete and unconditional!

And most of life we miss out on it
Because we wait for it to come to us, labeled and ready.
But I am happy today! Without a reason, without a label.
And I do believe, it is special!

I am happy because of a regular day.
A day so regular, it was wonderful!
And I wish it for myself, everyday.
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