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by calid
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What is the most important thing to you in this world?
Is an occupation, music, or maybe a special friend?
Are you willing to sacrifice all of those things for your happiness?
Are you willing to pursue your happiness, full time and never give up no matter what?
I am!!

The most important thing that makes me happy is not so much as materialistic things; it’s more of a human being.
What I mean by a human being is someone to love other than my family, friends, etc.

What I want is a special kind of love. The type of love I’m talking about is a special kind of love that has no boundaries.
I want to fall in love with someone that’s not scared to fall in love or even be in love.
Someone that doesn’t run away when I tell them my deepest feelings--
I’m only telling you what would make me happy.
If you truly go after what you truly want, there is a risk you might never get it.

Written by: Calvin

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