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The story begins with the 4 friends at the riverbank finding a way to pass their test

As the four friends namely Biboy, Monica, Ilora and Paolo ambled their feet along the riverbank behind their school. They babbled about the things that they need to do in order to pass their Xiaolin test. Biboy began laughing wackily because he thought of threatening the smartest guy in their batch. Ilora, Paolo and Monica was annoyed because they didn’t think that his joke was funny but the thing is, they didn’t know that Biboy was laughing because he remembered their classmate that they joked by pulling his pants off. The funny thing is that the classmate that they joked with was newly circumsized and so, they saw his tool that was swollen. Biboy wasn’t able to tell his friends about it because he can’t quit laughing. As soon as biboy stops laughing, the bell started clinging. “Guys we must go”, said Paolo. They ran swiftly to their room, as swift as the thunder’s strike, you can’t even see their feet. They reached their classrooms on time.

The Xiaolin test must begin in a minute. Tick tock tick tock… Begin! They only have 10 minutes to answer the one hundred items test and unfortunately Paolo started halucinating. Oh no! Why now?, this can’t happen please. Ilora noticed Paolo and she worried. She knew she had the power to heal but she wasn’t allowed to use it. She had no choice, she wanted Paolo to pass. Haradanara Bunsa Technique (whispering). Paolo! “What are you doing”, said Chi Materna (Their teacher). Sorry Chi! (After 3 minutes) Clang! Clang! The Xiaolin test is officially closed. You may now leave and be back once you hear the bell ring.

Ilora and Biboy got together for a moment. Monica left because she needed to meet her dentist. Paolo went directly to the rest room, he started feeling something growling in his stomach. Ilora went to the forest and Biboy followed. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s so peaceful and calm in here, then they started hearing something creeping in the bush. Biboy, what is that? It revealed itself. It was a Guru, a guru is the 5th highest rank in Xiaolin and Kentai’s the lowest which is the 6th rank. Biboy and Ilora’s rank are Kentais. Even they’re 2 they will have a hard time fighting against a Guru. I am Shibuske from the clan of Genre, I am here to kill the both you. Ilora leave him to me. Use your supporting talents to strengthen my skills. Biboy has only 9 talents/skills and Ilora has 10 talents/skills while Shibuske has 17 talents/skills. No one in the world of Xiaolin can have the same talents/skills. Sharandaai Matsuko Techinque! (the talent to increase one’s speed) Thank you Ilora! Now, I shall defeat with my power. You can’t defeat me, you’re a weakling! Mwahahaha! I shall attack first, said Shibuske. Oh by the way, I have the talents to create weapons and I have 17 skills. Mwahaha! Kunai Druplo Technique! ( knives that are weird looking headed to Biboy’s face ) Bulascia Banry Techinique! ( the skill of Biboy to create red bubbles ) The bubbles stopped the knives and it flew up in the sky. Creating bubbles is my talent and I have different talents in creating it. What the? How did you do that? My knives flew when the red bubble concealed it (talking to his self). Now I know, the red bubbles makes it’s weight light (mumbling). What shall I do? Mwahaha, so you thought you defeated me huh? This shall amaze you! Stop! ( Ilora said ) Blokasia Derensio Tehnique! ( it made a barrier that divides their side from Shibuske’s side. Ilora heard the bell. Biboy we must go. Bye bye Shibuske. They ran as swift as they could.

To Be Continued…

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