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Teachers, students, administrators, parents....
1. Conferences

Two skirts
and a tie.
The three were waiting
to see Mr. and Mrs. Blye.
The dreaded night was here.
"Open House" we all would fear
will last way too long.
After a day with mishaps
and the typical teacher weary song,
now to endure
more hours in all...
"Oh, where is my Tylenol?
I have a headache for sure.
Let's get this show in gear.
Maybe afterwards, we'll go for a beer."
They said with a sigh,
the two skirts
and a tie.

2. The Profession

Long hours
Little compensation
Less appreciation.

Early morning greetings
Papers to grade
Averages to make
More meetings

Budgets to figure
Schedules to confuse
Charts for seatings
Dialogues to muse
Have I mentioned meetings?

3. Aspirations

A B C's
one two three's.
Spell CAT
like that.
I knew from early on
a teacher, I would be.
Learning was fun
for me.
Never sparing
a new idea or concept
in math!)
I enjoyed the arts
         of pictures
         and words
         music and dance
Along with studio freelance,
became my path.

4. To My Students

I am so blessed
to have known you
in my class.

Continue to grow,
learn, write, read.
Always make it last.

5. Did they Forget?

To all those administrators
who forgot
what it is like in the classroom.
Why can you not
remember our mission to teach?
Refrain from the lies.
As our ideas exchange and loom
before our eyes,
let us keep in perspective
of who we are to reach.

6. Rewards

Three decades of smiles and pain.
All of us at sometime
laughed and wept.
We wondered often, where's the sane?
Yet, nothing but treasures could be left
after years of teaching your children and mine.

7. Thank You

Teacher rewards come in many guises
all faces and funny sizes.
Listen please,
my favorites of all
are some of these:

         When I see the light bulb
         come on in his head.
A special note of thanks is placed secretly
on my desk. I notice she is waiting anxiously
for it to be read.
         A former student is now on the staff.
Another student years later
remembers a particular lesson.
We reminisce and enjoy a laugh.
         Watching a classmate extend kindness
         to help a new student with all the
         books he has to lug.
A parent reaches out for a hug.

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