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The first part of the "King of Latica" series, as told by Queen Vixie's Bard.
The Kingdom of Latica
Part One to this many story'd tale.
As told by Queen Vixie's Bard, Amelia Vesen

         As I write this down on this parchment, I wonder how I got myself into the dungeons of the Duke of Cherryingham, about to read my written story.

         Twas a bright day, as I rode out on my horse. Aye, today was a day for travellin'; there was no better way to retrieve stories for the Queen and her daughter, Princess Maria Alnet. So, as I was about to set off into the lush greenery of the forest, m'lady Princess Maria runs up and shouts,
         "You can't go Amelia! My father requests your presence!" With a sigh I hop off my horse, and follow the princess to the throne room, where the king is sitting.
         "Good day, King Bunu. How are you? I'm quite fine myself. Now if you will please tell me why you have dragged me away from my travelling?" I say politely, regarding the king with a mock bow and a smile. He snorts and then replies,
         "Queen Vixie is sick; my knights are out, the servants are in the market, and you're the only one left. I need you to travel across Latica, to my great uncle's brother's sister's great nephew's brother's castle, in the town of Herningway-"
         "You mean, your brother's castle and town east of here?" I ask, a smirk playing on my lips. The flustered King nods and then stutters out his reply,
         "I'll take this proud quest, and bring back the cure which will... uh... Cure her, sire." I laugh, turn on my heel, and left, blowing into my flute in a cheery tune.

         And I hop on my horse, and ride out to the east, playing a tune on my flute, thinking of a song to sing. I soon reached a lake and I, not having a bath in three weeks, took a dip to clean myself - in which, your men found me and brought me here. See! I am fresh out on my quest and already I am captured.

         And so the duke sends me on my way, with food and water, and I reclaim my horse and head off eastward.
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