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childhood memories of my old Indian grandfather
                   "Ind'n Grandpa"

He taught me how to hold a slippery snake,
         shoot a hunting gun and not be afraid.
Lessons of respect and gratitude for Nature's offerings,
         make one grow strong.
Once just for the fun,
         he trusted me with a black billy-goat.

Many stories he told,
         and unique inventions he declared.
As well as working on the railroad,
         he was a prison guard at one time.
Standing stoically in the drone of a factory line,
         he dutifully made hat boxes.
Taxidermy and cutting hair
         was mostly his trade.

All around his modest abode could be found,
         discreetly displayed totems of healing magic.
A stuffed zoo of sorts and animal lessons too;
         bone chilling bobcats,
                   family friendly foxes,
                   rascally racoons,
         an otter or two playfully posed.
Included was a comic collection of
         of two-headed squirrels,
                   and a few with turtle shell bodies,
                   best known as "squirtles".
Serious as well as silly, an admirable attribute.

He always wore a hat and a white shirt,
         and a curious smile on his chiseled face.
There on his porch where he sat,
         in spirit I still see him thinking.
His dark eyes always blinking his thoughts,
         spinning sage advice to share.

Memories and blessings,
         I'll never forget I learned from him,
         to be a caretaker of trees.
His voice is clear in my heart,
         when I hear him say,"Don't you see?"
Everyone respected Grandpa Luther.
Best of all gifts,
         his love for Earth Mother and his Ind'n spirit.

40 lines

I dedicate this piece to my Choctaw grandfather, Luther Underwood. Respectfully, this is also my acknowledgement and gratitude extended to my Choctaw ancestors from Iuka, MS, and Cherokee ancestors from N.C.

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