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christian man befriends 3 witches to help save humanity from the end times!
    Well it didn't take long for the girls to burst my bubble so to speak, and it was Aphrodite turn to surprise me.  "I'm sorry to disappoint you Aries, but you vision was kind of right in a sense I guess.  You see the tree you pointed for me to touch is the same tree that the demon is stuck in, and the same one you are going to have to battle 14 nights from now.  Also I couldn't let you touch the tree until the appropriate time, and you went so close to it 3 times, I had to touch it, to keep you from getting too close to it!"  "I'm confused Aphrodite, I was nowhere's near the tree.  Why do you think I went close to it?"  Astraea interrupted her and told me once again "Trees can be so naughty sometimes"  The girls were laughing  "Especially when there is a demon trapped inside of it.  Demons are all about deceit, and distorting what you see.  Aries, do me a favor, look at your wrists, and tell me what is in your right hand?"  I was about to object, but then I did as she asked, and saw my wrists had scratches on them, and my right hand was holding a leaf from the very tree I told Aphrodite not to touch.  I was speechless and amazed at what happened.  I felt bad about the danger I put us in by not recognizing the tree.  The girls sensed my dissapointment though, and quickly cheered me up.  "Aries, it happens to the best of us, lesson is over, LET'S PARTY, WOO HOO!"  Being in the forest, living life to the fullest, spending time with your loved ones, that is what life is all about and being in a magickal world was intoxicating.  We danced the night away, and had a blast at being alive and being a small part of this incredible World we live in.  I wanted this night to last forever, by sharing this magickal time, with the family I love!  I never knew life could be so fun!

    The next morning I slowly opened my eyes as I felt a stick poking at my rib cage.  "Is it alive?"  An elderly lady with a blue bandana covering her hair, and a walking cane, was poking my ribs as she was talking to the girls.  The girls were laughing as they told the elderly lady that I was very much alive last night, dancing with them, but passed out from exhaustion.  I noticed that the girls were feeding a small crowd of people, that gathers here every morning, to receive what ever food they can get.  Astraea spoke  "Aries, they only come in the morning to get some food.  Mainly because they know we are Witches, and are afraid of this place at night.  You remember your first night here right?  And our naughty tree?"  I laughed at the memory  "I totally understand then, I'm just surprised that there are still people besides us, that did not pledge loyalty to the international security force, and their God?"  "Yes thankfully, there are still a handful of people here, and we do what ever we can to keep them safe, but they won't stay in the forest where we can better protect them."  To make a long story short.  On June 21st, 2008.  The Rapture occurred and millions of people disappeared from the Earth.  The governments around the world first formed into a national security alliance, and then merged into a United World government, under the leadership of a very powerful Queen.  Many people thought that the antichrist was going to be a man, so how fitting and easy it was for this powerful woman to take over the world right from under their eyes!  The antichrist charmed, and fooled the ones left behind, by convincing them that terrorists were responsible for the disappearances around the world.  To catch the terrorist, The antichrist imposed a law of loyalty to her.  Pledge loyalty, by taking a mark on your wrist & forehead to her World Government.  Renounce God, and Worship Her, The Prophetess Of Peace.  Help her get rid of the hateful religious fanatics, that was responsible for the murder of millions of people around the world, and the threat to Freedom, of a Civilized Society!  Very convincing speech from a very Charming and Charismatic woman, only one problem.  She hates God and wants people to worship her, so you can see my dislike for the individual, and the reason some magickal force hid me for the last 5 years.  Anyone not pledging loyalty to her Civilized Kingdom, was branded a terrorist, and was not allowed to buy or sell anything in the New World Order.  Pledge a loyalty, take a mark on your skin, and be blessed by your Savior, The antichrist, who will protect you from harm!  UH, NO THANKS!  I can tell you about the World situation we are in now after I arrived here 3 weeks ago, but I am still in the dark about the last 5 years of my life though.  It just seemed like yesterday when I was in my home reading some kind of Witchcraft book in the attic of my house the weekend before Halloween 2006.  I was performing a ritual without even knowing I started one.  All I did was placed candles around me, while reading the book on that faithful night, but it was enough to start a chain reaction that caused me to be where I am at now.  Recipe for disaster?  Take one Witchcraft book, throw in some candles, keep reading during an approaching electrical storm, get struck by lightning, and end up here 5 years later!  Do I have any regrets?  No, I am at a place where people I love the most need me now and I can live with that!

    Speaking of the ones I loved so much, I was just amazed at the girls compassion, always putting the needs of others before themselves.  They truly are special people and I am so proud to be with them.  I was finally waking up, and my attention turned to the elderly lady standing next to me, so I spoke to her  "Hello mam, so nice to meet you"  the elderly lady had a serious look on her face  "So, are you a Witch too, young man?"  I laughed at her honesty and curiosity, she was a sweet little old lady, that had spunk, and wasn't afraid to ask questions  "Well you pose a very interesting question Mam, I believe in God, and made a covenant with him, but I also found these precious girls needed my help too, and became part of their family.  So yes, I guess you could say I am a Witch now."  The elderly lady had a stern look on her face "You know that you can't serve Two Masters, you will have to choose one or the other, young man!"  I was starting to sweat, but Astraea came to my rescue  "Granny! so nice to see you, I see you have met Aries!"  she winked at me as granny was scolding her in a parenting way  "You know he can't serve Two Masters now don't you sweetie!"  We both laughed at the woman's honesty, Astraea reassured her  "Don't worry Granny, I promise that we did not make him give up his beliefs in God.  We are just a special family, living in difficult times, helping the people the best we can.  By the way, are you ready for your soup now?"  "Yes dear, but I like my soup natural, don't put any spells in it, I'm keeping a close eye on you"

    Granny had a point, and it was a question I needed to ask myself.  One I was avoiding until now, but I realized that given the times we were in, the reason I might have been left behind from the Rapture, and my clear conscious.  I knew I was in the right place with the people I loved, and who needed me.  I also understood that my life was no longer my own, in a sense, and that I was following a path that God needed me to take.  There is something I have to do in order to redeem myself and save the girls.  I only hope I remember what it is, when the time is right!

    During the next couple of days I fell into a nice routine with the girls, and the new life I was living in.  The mornings I would be woken up by a very familiar cane poking at me and hearing the same words everyday "is it alive?"  I would help out by serving breakfast to the victims of The antichrist's Wrath, and then clean up camp afterwards.  When everyone left for the day I would take a nap with the girls until the heat of the day wakes us up.  We would cool off by going swimming in the nearby river, for awhile, splashing water, and laughing so hard till it hurts.  Later, as the Sun Sets, we would  hold hands, and have a moment of silence, until the last rays of the Sun touches our side of the Earth.  As night approaches, we would enter our sacred circle, to share our most intimate thoughts, and deepest darkest secrets.  Before we knew it, the Witching hour approached.  It was time to celebrate being children of the forest, by dancing & partying in the Sacred Spiritual Forest we were in.  Celebrating life to the fullest, and having the time of our lives!  I cherished every moment being with the girls, and was so thankful to have this incredible life force given to me to enjoy!  Time goes by so fast, that is why you should enjoy every second you have to live.  No tomorrow is every promised, and the time spent with family is priceless!  These are the things I have re-learned from the girls, and I was eternally thankful to them for it!

    After our little swim, and splashing around, we got out of the river, just laughing and having the times of our lives, I was amazed at how well Aphrodite could hold her breath so I told her  "Aphrodite, I didn't know you could hold your breath that long under water!"  "Well Aries, I am part Mermaid, by the way, as I was under the water, I noticed that you have very nice black shorts there sailor!"  she always likes to pick on me "Hey, those happen to be very conservative, nice black shorts, thank you very much mam!"  I said while laughing with her.  "By the way girls, who's turn is it to be, in the center of the sacred family's circle tonight?"  I asked very proudly, the girls looked at each other and had a sad smile on their face, while they said in unison "It's your turn Aries"  "I thought so, man I can't wait!  I want to share one of the funniest times of my life involving a Dust Devil Twister, My Security Truck, and God!  Oh this story is just too much!  I can't wait to share it with you in our circle tonight!"  I noticed the girls seemed a little down  "What's the matter girls?  Is there anything I can do to cheer you up?"  Astraea took my hand, and lead me away to a private area, where she looked me straight in the eyes, and said some very touching things to me "Oh Aries, just being with you is a blessing, we are never sad when you are around, but I am afraid that tonight is different, my love!"  I tried to reassure her "It's ok Astraea, I will always be there for you!"  looking back at me she said  "I know Aries, but tonight we can't be here for you.  You know what this night is, right?"  I was puzzled at first and then my heart sank as I started to feel a chill running down my spine, and goosebumps were forming all over my body.  "Oh my God, this is the New Moon night.  I guess the old saying is true.  Time flies when your having fun."  "Oh Aries, I wish we could be here with you, but you have to face your worst fears, and the the demon by yourself.  It was part of the great Prophecy you told us 5 years ago, and made us swear a Witch's Oath to respect your wishes!"  I remembered something about that night  "Yes to break an Oath would turn a Witch into a warlock I remember saying something like that.  Oh Astraea, I am so sorry, but that is the way it has to be!"  "It's ok Aries, just please be careful.  If I could give my life to keep you from harm, then let it be done, you mean everything to me and my family!"  I was almost to tears "Oh Astraea, I feel the same way, you are the breath of my life, my purpose for being here, the reason I live and love life!  I promise to come back to you, and our family my love!"

    My friend, Witches can't stay sad for too long, our lives are destined to be lived to the fullest.  We are children of the Forest, so grateful to be alive, and a witness to this incredible love that surrounds us.  This incredible World, full of life and beauty!  It would be ashamed to waste even one precious second by forgetting who we are, or where we came from.  The master's stroke of beauty seen in the clouds above us.  The green lush forest that surrounds us, and keeps us company.  The cool living waters, the breathing winds, the sacred grounds we walk on.  All of this was given to us as a gift, and I was so thankful to be a part of all the love that was made just for us to enjoy!  It is overwhelming, to feel the power of the life force that surrounds us, and it personally humbles me.  Well that is how we live and who we are.  I am proud to be a small part of the Sacred puzzle of Life, and share this incredible adventure with the family I love.  As a Witch I see what my family sees, but as a Christian, I also see that God is the Master Artist, in this incredible World we live in, hopefully some day the girls can see that too!

    We made the best of the time we had left, before the girls had to leave me.  we played leap frog, tag you're it, and my personal favorite, broom flying!  Although none of us could quite get our brooms off the ground, we just kind of ran around in circles, laughing like we were crazy.  Yep we are children of the Forest ha ha, no one could ever doubt that!

    Before we knew it, the Sun was in it's final setting stages, and we dropped everything we were doing.  We always had a moment of silence, as our Sun departed from our Earth for the day.  It is a great reminder that we only have a limited number of Sun Sets to see in our lifetime!  It is a special, Sacred Occasion, to stop everything, and pay homage to our mortality.  Isis spoke as the sun lowered into the horizon.  "Family, our Sun, the sustainer of life, has to die every day, as it is doing now.  Remember the ones we lost, and the time that will come when it is our turn to cross over.  Day transitions into Night, Death overcomes Life, but fear not!  For tomorrow, Life will triumph over Death!  Our Sun will rise back up, and bring back the life that was lost during the Night!  This is how it is and how it must be, for the billions of years before and the billions of years to come the Sacred Circle is complete!"  The girls began to chant "Sun, Sun, Sustainer of Life; Earth, Earth Mother of Life, Daughters and Sons of the Wholly Wife, Together as One there is no Strife!  Sun, Sun, Sustainer of Life; Earth, Earth Mother of Life, Daughters and Sons of the Wholly Wife, Together as One there is no Strife!  Sun, Sun, Sustainer of Life; Earth, Earth Mother of Life, Daughters and Sons of the Wholly Wife, Together as One there is no Strife!"  During the last minute of the Sun's final Rays touching our Horizon, we have complete silence, as we allow the Death to occur.  It is a somber time, and one we have done for the past 14 evenings, but tonight was a different occasion, and just before the Sun's last Rays left the Earth, the girls unexpectedly let go of my hands and flew away as fast as the Sun Set from our Horizon!

    Oh it was a terrible feeling of emptiness!  One moment holding hands, Spiritually bound as one, facing the World as a single loving family, feeling the love that held us together, and the life force that surrounds us.  Instantly taken away from a cruel fate.  Separated by time, by distance, by life.  I was truly dead to the world, and the ones that loved me were gone in an instant.  I noticed Isis silver rope was left behind on the ground so I picked it up, while watching the final Death of the Sun, and the Night's Death Angel Approaching.  I stepped into the sacred circle as I had so many times before, and went to the time when my father needed me the most.  He was very ill and had Congestive Heart Failure.  During his last precious moments of life he was unable to speak.  I told him that Mom was on her way, and that everything was alright.  I was holding his hand, and then told him I loved him.  Oh it was so painful, he understood, and squeezed my hand with all the love and strength he had left.  The windows to the hospital were open, and I noticed that the Sun nearly Set.  Just as the Sun Set, my father passed away, and I couldn't let go of his hand, I couldn't let go of the bond we had as Father and Son.  Life is so precious, Family is everything, don't ever waste even one second of that time, because you can never get it back once it is passed.

    Twilight comes, and then the transition is complete.  Darkness fills in the void, and it is time to live in the After-World.  Soon darkness will consume the entire area, and this will be one of the darkest nights of the month.  Pagans and Witches hold true, to the belief, that Darkness in itself is not Evil.  Just as Magick is neither good nor bad.  It depends entirely on the person practicing the Rituals.  How you use your Magick will determine if the power is used for Good, or Evil.  Everyone must choose a path in life and follow that path to the end.  To have such power in your hands is a great responsibility, and one that should never be taken lightly!  That is why there are strict guidelines such as the Witches Rede, and Witches Oath, to guide you into making the right decisions!  As a Christian I have only one concern about practicing Magick and it is a simple saying.  Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely!  Regardless of the best intentions you may have, using Super Natural Powers will undoubtedly corrupt a person no matter how pure they are.  You have to be perfect, in order to use the Super Natural Powers that surrounds you, or you will be consumed by the very Powers you create.  Out of all the billions of people on this Earth I only found one person that truly was perfect in order to use the powers wisely, that incredible person is Jesus Christ!

    Well Dear Christians, I see that you are stronger than what I give you credit for, and I apologize for not having faith in you.  It is hard to constantly have your faith tested every minute of your life because of who you are and what you stand for.  I am, what I am.  Nothing more nothing less.  I have read the Bible and know what I am doing would be considered a terrible Sin, but I have the gift.  Even as a little child I knew I was different from everyone around me, and I accepted that fact with pride!  My powers were developing at an early age, without my knowledge, or understanding what was happening to me.  Spirits, Psychic Visions, Super Natural occurrences constantly occurred in my life, and I had no ideal why this was happening to me until now.  As a Christian I tried to suppress those powers and strictly focus on my Trust and Faith in God, but the harder I tried to suppress the powers, the more powerful they became.  I still don't know to this day if this is a test, or a Gift from God regarding my powers, I only hope that I don't disappoint him.  Thanks for not giving up on me Dear Christans.  I also want to thank my fellow Witches, whose Wisdom, Love, Compassion, and Understanding, is what Completes me as a Person!  I have seen the best in both worlds, and feel so honored to have met all the special people that came into my life thank you for all your love my friends!****

    Wow I am so amazed at what this person is going through.  As a Christian I have a very simple philosophy, I don't have time for hate, or judgment, or disappointment, only Love.  I don't care who you are or where you come from, or what your beliefs are, if we have the opportunity to meet, then it is my honor to be with you for what ever few precious moments, that is given to us.  There is no debates with me, no Religious Dogma, no Hidden Agenda.  If you need my help, I am honored to assist you in any way I can.  I expect no payments, no rewards, no gifts of any kind.  I am not of this World, and there is nothing you can offer me for compensation in helping you out.  Live your life and live it well, that is the only payment I want from you.  My Love is an endless supply and that is what I want to share with everyone I meet with!

    The weather outside was really turning bad, it seems that the front might have stalled out over our area, because we been getting hard rain, high turbulent winds, and frequent lightning ever since the Sun Set.  At precisely 9:51:23pm, a huge bolt of lightning hit our neighborhood and all my neighbors power seems to have gone off.  The whole neighborhood was pitch black dark.  Incredibly, I still had power to my house, so I decided to turn on every light in my rooms, and all my outside lights.  I wanted my home to become a beacon of light, and hope, for my neighbors sitting in the dark.  Hmm, maybe that wasn't the brightest ideal I had, no pun intended.  I already have the reputation of being the most Eccentric person around,  and responsible for the disappearance of some kids in the Neighborhood, but oh well I can live with it, when things go bad Blame a Witch ha ha, that old saying never changes!

    9:51:23pm, there is something about that time that is disturbing  to me.  I had to put the book down, and went downstairs to look up some information on the Internet.  Oh my, after some searching I found out that 9:51:23pm Central Standard Time is the exact moment the Moon Sets from the area I live at.  Is this a sign from God?  You just don't understand how closely God works in my life.  There are too many things that happened in my life to even question the existence of God for me.  I have thousands of documented events that occurred, and will now add this one to a journal I been keeping, since I was 18 years old.  Coincidences or Miracles?  That is why I keep a journal to find out which.  With all the amazing documented things that happened to me over the years, I am convinced that these are miracles, and not mere coincidence.  I am going to be totally freaked out if I read in the book that it is 10:00pm in the story, because that is the time it is here, but the way my life is?  Let me see what happens.

    ****2 hours to go until the witching hour approaches, and the battle for the Book of Shadows will occur.  I have to wait until midnight to battle the demon, since I understand that is the midpoint between night and day.  It is also the darkest time of the month, for this dark spirit, to use his dark powers, to attack our World.  When I first came in this Forest 14 nights ago, I was like a frightened child, out of my elements.  I surrounded my self too long with artificial lights and buildings.  It blinded me of just how magickal and peaceful the outside World really was.  I lost so many years ignoring Mother Nature and Life, I really regret it.  Now I am the opposite, the buildings the walls the very fabric of our society scares me to death!  Living in an artificial world is a lie, a cover up, a direct conflict of the way us Spiritual Beings are supposed to interact with our Spiritual World.

    I felt so alone without the girls, and the Magick of the place disappeared as the Witching hour approached.  I could feel the Magick being drained from the place with each passing second and I felt dead to the World.  I couldn't meditate anymore without losing consciousness.  After what seemed an eternity, the Witching hour finally arrived!  It was time to face the demon and take back what rightfully belonged to me from his clutching dead gnarly hands if necessary! 

    I walked right up to him and was amazed at what I was seeing!  This hideous beast was clawing, panting, scratching, trying to enter our World in a physical form of a serpent with claws.  His grunts and hissing immediately stopped as he noticed me approach him.  Just by looking at this beast, I instantly recognized who he was, and where he came from.  To my horror, I also regained most of my memory back.  I finally remembered who I was, and where I came from.  I had no time to sort all the conflicts running in my head, I came for one thing and one thing only, getting THE BOOK!  That old, wise, cautious, serpent, instantly changed from a ferocious adversary to a very calm and friendly demon upon recognizing who I was.  I approached within a few feet of his face so he could get a better look at me.  What he immediately said to me, chilled me to the bone, and haunts me even to this day.  "Oh, it is you!  A thousand pardons My Master!  Your humble servant is at your service, please have mercy upon me.  I did not recognize it was You!"  I looked this beast right in the eye and told him "You are forgiven my faithful servant, I see that you have guarded my book well my faithful slave!"  Hissing sounds  "Oh yes my Master I knew you would come for it, as it was told in the great prophecies of old!"  still looking at the beast I continued  "You have served your Master well, it is time for you to drop the book in the Realm you are trapped in, so I can pick it up and make it mine!"  Hissing sounds as he hesitated following my orders  "Oh Master please forgive me, but I must know, why is this book so important?  I looked at it's contents and found it to be an empty book filled with blank pages.  Surely it is not a book that is fitting for you my King Of Darkness!"  I continued  "Yes my humble servant, it is not even worth kindling, for the fire I will make with it.  But it does have a very useful purpose my trusted slave!"  submissive hissing  "What purpose is that my Lord?"  I snickered  "I will use it to lure, and destroy those bothersome Witches you bumbling fools couldn't control!"  joyful hissing  "Yes!  My lord, it would be nice to see them suffer for their willful disobedience to our worthy cause!"  I gave my servant quick instructions of what to do to complete the prophecy  "Listen to me very careful my hideous beast.  We have a lot of work ahead, and everything I say must be followed exactly as planned:  December 24 of this year, is the time the final battle will take place between our demons, and the Witches.  The Witches are very powerful, and are the only threat to our perfect plan to rule this World.  Your bumbling antichrist misinterpreted Revelations, regarding the pawns that were left behind, wanting to convert to God.  Go to that fool and tell her that all the churches over the world will reopen, and anyone wanting to Worship God can do so without fear of persecution.  The antichrist will still declare herself a Goddess, but will have compassion for the fools that refuse to follow her.  I will personally start a church in this city and I want as much publicity to prove to the masses of the world that no one will persecute them.  We have less than a month to gain their trust.  On Friday November 25, the day after Thanksgiving, and a New Moon Night, I will have a world wide celebration of thanks to God.  starting at  6:34:51pm Central Standard Time, I want all the churches of the world to have a simultaneous prayer, and praise to Honor God.  As the Sun Sets from my church, I want a world wide commando raid on all the churches of the World, and we will round up the traitors to face judgment from the antichrist.  None of the Christian Fools are to be harmed is that understood?  They will be transported to Jerusalem and held captive there for the entire World to watch.  I want them well fed and treated with decency until their demise.  On December 24, 2011 of this year, just as the Sun Sets I will betray the Witches by taking this book away from them.  It is the only thing that can keep them alive on that day, and they will be instantly destroyed as soon as I leave them.  Exactly 24 hours later I want the antichrist to declare that all Christians were followers of the Martyred Witches and are in fact Witches too.  They are to be destroyed at Sun Down on December 25, Jesus Christ's Birthday!  Do you see how fitting that is?  Once and for all there will be no Christians left on Earth, for God to fight for, and the World will be ours!"  The beast was Amazed  "Oh Master I will make preparations at once, The World shall be ours indeed!"  Once he put the book down on the Tree's Realm, the binding spell that had him trapped, instantly released him back to the abyss, and he started his evil preparations of my Witches Demise.  When he turned away and faded from our World I noticed that his weak hissing turned into a strong demonic laugh!

    So dear Christian, without sounding too preachy, I ask you once again, Are You Strong?  Do you understand what just happened?  Is it in your heart to come into my sacred family circle of trust, where I can tell you everything I know?  I made the mistake once before by not having faith in you.  I will not make that mistake again my friend.  Still I have to have the disclaimer.  If your faith in God is not strong, it is time to walk away from the book, and forget everything that happened.  This book's Magick, is getting stronger with each page turned, and the time between my World and your World is merging into one.  Very soon there will be a point of no return for you, and you are going to have to make that decision before it is too late!  What is your comfort level friend, what is your breaking point?  Can you handle such incredible pain as I have, and sacrifice the ones you love, for the good of humankind?****

    Wow, this book is really getting creepy, the weather outside is still awful, and the lightning strikes are intensifying with each second passed.  Is this book fact or fiction?  With each paged turned I almost feel as if there is some kind of force entering my area, some incredible Magickal Force, and I feel that my life is in danger.  I don't know what this book's true motives are, but I do know that I am so connected to the characters, I can't leave them now!  I fell in love with the family I am reading about, and can't abandon them.  If I have to personally erase this book, and rewrite it to keep the innocent girls safe, so help me God, I will do just that.

    ****satan dropped The Book Of Shadows as I instructed him to do and was instantly freed from the spell that bound him to the tree.  It is so close to me now, and within such easy reach, but I cant get it just yet.  I have to ask you the question one last time, before I have to betray you, as well as the girls.  I don't want to betray anyone, that is why I am asking you, can you help me save them?  Can you join my family, and we will be as one till the end of time?  I will make the same offer to you as the girls made to me.  You don't have to give up your personal beliefs to join our family, but in order to help us out, I have to adopt you into our family.  Can you accept the terms?  if so then please continue reading.  If not, then please stop reading, and get the book out of the Sacred Circle you are reading from.  Wait till Halloween, and a few Witches will come to your house, to pick it up from you.  My friend the choice is yours, about joining our Coven, but you have no choice about the Witches coming after You on Halloween.  You opened up the Sacred Magickal Book, and read some of our most private contents, setting off a chain of events, that can not be changed or altered in any way.  If you choose to abandon The Book, your only hope is to wait for the Witches that will come to you as the Sun Sets on Halloween night!

    Your time is up my friend.  Thanks for coming home to us, our life is in your hands!  Let everyone be a witness as the reader sits in the Sacred Circle, reading our Family Book, that they freely choose to join our Family.  Let the bond show the incredible love we have for you and the love & trust we have as a Family, will never die.  There will be no secrets amongst us, and once you join us, we will surround you for all eternity with the love, and bond that a Family has!  There is no hate, no greed, no anger, or secrets here.  Only love!  As the Book Of Shadows prophesied, you will be a part of our Family and a Powerful Witch indeed!"****

    As I was reading the book, I noticed that the candles were burning wax at an incredible rate of speed, and began to form a pattern within my circle of candles.  Is this how easy it is to trick someone into going into the occult?  No, as an open minded Christian I understand Pagans and Witches Beliefs.  They are not in the business to recruit Christians to turn away from God and sell their souls to the devil.  Most pagans don't even believe in satan.  That fallen angel is a Christian concept, and it is very frustrating to them, to be  associated with a beast they don't even believe in.  I understand why Christians feel the way they do.  They truly care for the people around them and don't want anyone to suffer such a horrible fate after their death.  Well I am proud to be a Christian and proud to be a Witch as well.  I have the best of both Worlds and truly hope that people can stop worrying about whether the glass is half empty or half full.  Just be happy there is life giving water in the first place, stop arguing, and drink the water, before you die of thirst.  As a Christian I have every bit of faith in God that he will not desert anyone, in their greatest time of need, and everything will work out in the end according to his perfect plan!  I wasn't afraid of turning my back on God during this Ceremony.  On the contrary, I needed him even more in my life as I joined my new Family who needed my help. 

    ****"The Family of Trust is a Must, The Family of Trust is a Must, The Family of Trust is a Must!  Welcome to our Family Dear Shadow-Fire, our Lives are in your Hands"****

    Wow I cant believe that my religious nickname was in this book, it was really strange.  while reading on, I noticed that the wax completed it's pattern and a newly formed pentagram pattern emerged inside my circle of candles.  The lightning outside was intensifying, and I was getting disoriented.

    ****Oh dear Shadow Fire I have so much to share with you, while you are reading Our Sacred Book in your circle.  I have so many deep and dark secrets I would love to tell you, but it is better to see for yourself, once The Ceremony is complete.  I really need your help to save the girls.  Aren't the girls wonderful Shadow Fire?  You haven't even met them yet, and they mean so much to you already!  Wait till you meet them in person, they will melt your cold heart away, and make you feel so glad to be alive, just by being in their presence!  Can you see how special they truly are?  I can't let my Family Die, and will do anything in my power to keep them safe, that is why I need your help.  From this moment forward, I need you to start writing a journal and keep track of everything going on in your life.  I also need you to write a note on a piece of paper.  This is what the note has to say:  Deja Vu, Astraea, all is not lost!  Meet me at Sam's Burger Joint at 12:00am on October 12, 2011.  I will have Amnesia, but I will remember our code word, Deja Vu.  I cant wait to see you my love, say hi to the girls for me, I love them too!  Your loving brother, Aries!

    I wrote the note as instructed, and placed it near the book I was reading as requested.  It was so weird, to see it magickally disappear into the book, but I didn't have very long to wonder about it though, because that faithful time arrived for me to give up the book to him.  I am so sorry I have to do this to you, but I need to borrow the book for a little while.  You will get it back on Halloween morning, where you will have until Sundown to finish reading it, before the Witches come after you.  Please have the last page finished right before Sundown, or all is lost my brother!  Now the time has come to surrender the book, are you ready for the chant?  Say it 3 times and get ready for the ride of your life!

    "Two Worlds collide, side by side, we merge as one, follow our guide;  Two Worlds collide, side by side, we merge as one, follow our guide;  Two Worlds collide, side by side, we merge as one, follow our guide"  Just as I finished chanting the spell, I noticed a hand, come out of nowhere, and reached out for the book, from the Fire Symbol of the Pentagram I was sitting in.  It was a very eerie shocking way to witness such an event, and then it happened.  I had a vision, and I saw the Girls were in trouble, in the distant future.  It was so painful seeing them having to face the demon all alone.  They were so helpless, and there was nothing I could do, other than shouting at the top of my lungs "Noooo!"  I let my emotions overcome me, and I had so much power around me, it felt as if I was channeling that power to a breaking point.  At exactly 12:00am, the Witching Hour Saturday Midnight, a bolt of lightning came through my attic, and struck me in my circle, as I cried out to the girls I loved!

    I don't know how long I was out but I slowly woke up from that awful dream I had about the book.  From all appearances it seemed like it was early Saturday morning, but I wasn't completely sure.  Last night was one of the weirdest nights I ever experienced in my lifetime!  I'm trying to sort it all out, while trying to regain my bearings.  Did a hand come out of the floor while I was reading the book last night?  Imagination sure can play tricks on a person reading a strange book during a violent storm at night.  What exactly happened to the people I was reading about?  I'm not sure, but what ever it was, it bothered me so much, I must have blocked it from my memory, but I guess I should try and re-read their fate.  Ok the book is missing, where did it go?  Oh well what do I expect, I had a very busy week.  I just made it home from an overseas business trip, was awake for over 72 hours without any sleep, tried frantically to clean up my spare bed room for my sister's visit, found a cool book to read, and got so involved with the book I didn't stop reading it until I passed out from exhaustion.  As interesting as the book was, I forgot what it was all about, but I will try and read it later, because in addition to not getting any sleep, I only ate one meal yesterday, and I am starving.  I'm gonna go downstairs to fix some breakfast.  Think I will eat light for now, have toast, juice cereal, and later, I'll make up for lost time and eat like pig during lunch.  When I got downstairs and opened my refrigerator, everything inside was spoiled, moldy and the smell was even more sickening.  I had to control myself to keep from getting sick as I cleaned the contents out of my refrigerator.  Well, there was a bad storm last night, guess my power finally went out with the rest of the neighborhood long enough for all my food to spoil.  My morning is not starting out as well as I planned, I hope I have a more normal day, than last night!

    Well since I didn't have any decent food in the house I thought I'd try that diner I always wanted to check out, but never got the chance until now.  Hope they have good food there, luckily it was only a couple of miles away from my house, because I am starving.  I grabbed the keys to my car, and as I was stepping in my vehicle, I noticed that same woman jogger from yesterday.  I was really surprised to see her, mainly because I thought she only jogged in the evening.  As she approached near my property I tried to be friendly by smiling and waving at her.  As soon as she noticed me though, she became very frightened and ran away as fast as she could from my presence.  I couldn't help but laugh at the situation.  Seems like this is going to be a normal day after all, people are still afraid of me, ha ha, that is the price I pay for being different!  As I turned on my ignition to my vehicle, I noticed that my car battery was completely dead.  I had to boost it from my booster battery charger and finally got it running.  Yep, this is not going to be a good day for me, but the good news is, I hit bottom and the only way out is up, ha ha!

    As I was driving my car down the road I came to a red light just a few blocks from the diner.  I noticed a homeless man approaching my car and he gestured for me to roll down my window.  "Please have mercy on me kind sir, and don't turn me in.  Do you have any food you could give me for my family?"  I smiled at him and told him "Actually I am pretty hungry myself, why don't you let me treat you to a meal at that diner up ahead?"  That poor man had a look of fear in his eyes and politely said "Oh no sir, you are too kind, the food is not for me, it is for my family, do you have anything to give?"  I felt so bad for him  "I'm sorry mister, I haven't gone to the store to shop yet, here is a couple of 20's, hopefully that can help your family out."  The man was in shock, and then he was angry, but tried to keep his composure as he handed me my money back  "Sir, that is a cruel thing you have done to me, may the good Lord have mercy on your dark soul"  I smiled at him and said  "OK, you too, have a nice day"  and I drove off.  It was a sad situation, but I couldn't help but laugh at what happened.  Wow can this day get any weirder?  As I drove away from the homeless man I caught a glimpse of an elderly lady talking to him and they disappeared before my eyes!  Oh well at least I made it to the diner.

    As I went inside the restaurant, I was greeted by a very cheerful middle aged waitress who introduced herself as Clara.  I really enjoyed the breakfast, it was cooked to perfection and I was starting to feel at ease.  Clara finished her duties as hostess, and came up to me, the first chance she could so we could talk.  She was a very curious woman and wanted to know everything about me so I tried to keep up with all the questions she had for me.  I told her I lived in town for 3 years now, but do a lot of traveling overseas, I just came back from a trip and finally got to try out their wonderful diner.  it was pretty basic normal conversation but with each question she asked, our conversation was starting to get very odd.  "You seem different than most people around this town, are you a missionary or an under cover agent for our glorious leader?"  I wasn't sure what type of game she was playing, but I smiled, and played along with her line of questioning to see where this conversation would take us  "Well Clara, I am a missionary, I just came back from overseas and it is great to be back home"  Clara  "Oh, were you in Jerusalem?"  she was very excited  "I would love to go to Jerusalem and meet our Glorious Savior!'  I smiled at her  "No, Clara I was in Guam, but I do know what you mean about our Savior I am so glad my Savior Rescued me from Death!"  Clara  "Yes me too, She is the most wonderful Goddess that ever lived with us and soon she will get rid of all those Christian terrorist plaguing our World Government!"  I was speechless so I just said  "um, yes"  she then asked me  "Do you live close by?"  I was starting to feel uncomfortable with her questions but answered anyway  "As a matter of fact I live about 2 miles from here on Elm Street.  I live alone in the 2 story Victorian home with the big oak tree, it is so cool.  It has an attic and a basement, I just love living there"  she was intrigued  "Oh I seen that house before, it is a beautiful home, but it has been abandoned since the terrorists attack on our World Citizens!  Are you sure you live in that house?"  hmm, World Citizens?  This lady was just as eccentric as I was ha ha!  "Yes mam, that house is mine.  I never thought of it before but I guess it would appear abandoned since I haven't had a chance to stay in it for long periods of time with all the traveling I do.  Well thanks for a lovely meal Clara, guess I better leave now and get settled back in my house again.  You have a wonderful restaurant, and I promise to eat here as much as I can, by the way how much do I owe you?"  I reached for my wallet and Clara was astounded  "Wow, I haven't seen paper money since the World attack, can I keep this as a souvenir?"  yep the conversation was really odd  "Why of course Clara, that is what money is for, ha ha!"  she then had a serious look on her face.  "your not a missionary are you!"  I smiled at her and said  "Can you keep it our little secret?"  She smiled and said "I knew you were a secret agent the moment you walked in our doors, tell me have you arrested that homeless man walking the streets yet?  Always begging for food and preaching about those Christians false God!"  I was about to respond to her distaste of Christians, but something caught my eye in the background that really scared me.  A customer was paying for his breakfast by placing his wrist on a scanner that beeped when the transaction was complete.  I had no ideal where I was, but one thing was for sure, I better find out quick and find those women I was reading about in the book or we are all in trouble!

    I remember it like it was yesterday.  I searched for them for 3 weeks.  I didn't even know who I was searching for, but hoped and prayed that I would find them.  I went back to my house, tried to keep a low profile, while attempting to figure out what happened to the rest of the World during my absence.  I remember reading a powerful book about 3 girls on a stormy night.  The next morning I woke up and found out that 5 years had passed by in an instant.  I don't know if it was the bolt of lightning, or the raw emotions, of seeing innocent blood, being spilled by the demon himself, but what ever happened on that faithful night, I am here now, and have to make the best of it!  I have to make a difference!  I tried to remember as much of the story as I could.  Somehow the author of the book was me in the future, writing down everything I experienced up to this point.  I realized that I am going to have to start a journal, and write down everything I experience!  It seems like my life is in a time loop and I need to be able to see everything that happens to me if there is any hope of setting things back to the way they are supposed to be.  I quietly went back to my house that first day, and it almost seemed like it was being protected by God or Magick.  Perhaps a Protection Spell from a kind Witch, but in either case, people were either too scared to confront me, or too Bewitched into thinking I was a spy for the antichrist.  People left me alone and it gave me the time I needed to search for them and find out everything about the World I was living in.  On a Full Moon Night, on the 3rd week of my stay here, I meet the women of my destiny, during the Witching Hour.  Oh the book was right, just meeting them in person, melted my heart away.  Their love and kindness opened my eyes to the Real World, and how I once thought about this magickal place.  I owe everything to them and so honored to be part of their family, it truly touched my heart to never have to be alone in this World again.  Just a few hours ago I had to battle satan himself, and face my worst fears alone.  I didn't battle satan with action or swords, just simple words, and I was ashamed of how I handled myself.  Jesus took the high road, by confronting the devil with absolute truths, I took the lowest of the low roads, and tried to deceive the deceiver.  I don't know if my plan worked, but I did managed to get the book back from him, and read everything I am about to write, and everything I already wrote in this book of life.  I already know my fate and the fate of my girls.  I kept re-reading it over and over again to see where I might have made my fatal mistake in life.  I pleaded with them, I begged them that the battle was over, but they couldn't leave Mother Earth alone and then the time came where I was separated from them for good.  The pain was so unbearable that I passed out from crying in deep despair.  Everything centered around the book, and every time I was close to it, incredible magickal things would occur that would just drain me to near death!
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