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christian man befriends 3 witches to help save humanity from the end times!
    "Aries, are you ok?"  I slowly opened my eyes and couldn't believe what I saw, it was Astraea!  "Oh Astraea!  so good to see you, I can't believe you are really here with me!"  we were hugging and wouldn't let go of each other "Oh Aries, welcome back home my brother!  you're safe at home with me now!"  "Oh Astraea, it was terrible, the worst pain in my life, the lowest time of my life, but I am back and I brought the book with me!"  I handed the book to my love  "Oh Astraea, this Book can burn right through your soul!  Last night was the deepest darkest part of my life, and now I am forced to follow what was written about me in the book, can you help me out?"  She smiled and said  "Aries, we are family, we stick together during the best and worst of times, we will always be as one, you are not alone anymore my love!"  I smiled at her while tears were streaming down my face  "Thanks so much my love, we have so little time left, I need to call a Circle Of Prayer For Our Coven, where are the girls?"  Isis and Aphrodite came from out of the forest and gave me a hug, oh it was so good to see them too, I am not an emotional person, but seeing them so full of life and at peace, just made me cry and hug them even more!  "Oh Girls!  So much has happened since I left you last night"  I flicked my wrists and instantly the Sun disappeared, leaving the Entire Earth in Darkness, Isis raised her eyebrow and jokingly said  "Aries, I am not sure, but there seems to be something different about you, since we last met.  I can't quite put my finger on it but somehow you changed!"  I couldn't help but laugh with her  "Yes Isis, things have changed, sorry I couldn't wait until nightfall to have our Circle Of Prayers, but there are things I have to discuss with you right now, every minute is precious, and every moment I am with my family is cherished!  Isis, can you do us the honor by leading us into our sacred circle of trust?"  I gave her back the silver rope she had left behind for me, and she graciously accepted her gift back.  She placed her rope in a circle and we began chanting as we entered the sacred circle one by one  "Earth, Air, Fire, Water, we come together to be as One"  "Earth, Air, Fire, Water, we come together to be as One"  "Earth, Air, Fire, Water, we come together to be as One"  "Astraea, Isis, Aphrodite, welcome home my family, my life is in your hands!"

    "Oh girls we have such little time left and I have some of the worst news for you"  I began to choke up while trying to finish  "On December 24, of this year we are going to have a final battle with satan and I am going to have to leave this World behind before the Sun Sets on that date!  Before I met you girls, I made a promise to God, that I would never leave him, and would stand by his side when he needed me.  On December 24, I need to leave this World with the Book Astraea has, and give it to the rightful owner.  If you girls stay behind, you will be powerless without me, and will instantly die!  Please come with me and leave this Earth behind.  It is surly going to die, and there is nothing we can do about it!  God is leaving this Old Earth for the devil to rule over, and once God leaves this place, with all his children, Mother Earth will be at the mercy of the devil, and will die, turning this World into a terrible hellish place.  Please understand girls, that a new Mother Earth and a New Heaven will be created for us to enjoy for Eternity.  Girls, we are old creatures, as old as the Earth itself, but God is going to make us new creatures along with a New Earth.  Your Mother, is sacrificing her life so that you may live forever with the New Mother, that will take care of you for eternity!  Please don't let Mother's sacrifice be in vain, come with me when the time is right girls, I can't bear to lose you!"  Isis was listening very intently of everything I was saying to them and then she spoke up  "Aries, my love, everything you revealed to us is so touching, it shows how much you love us, and I will never forget this moment of how close our family truly is!"  I was sobbing  "Oh yes, Isis, I love you all!  More than life itself!"  Isis looked me straight in the eyes and said  "We love you too Aries, but tell me, what did you see us do in that book my love?"  I didn't want to tell her, but I did  "I saw that you 3 choose to stay behind!"  Isis spoke  "And do you know why we had to stay behind Aries?"  I wasn't sure  "No Isis why did you stay behind my love?"  Isis revealed something to me I did not want to hear  "Because Aries, before we met and became as one, We promised Mother that we would protect her to the very end!  Oh Aries, we can't break our Oath to our Mother, and you can't break your Oath to your God.  We will have to be separated on that faithful day.  You can't change fate, and it was already written in the book, so we must live out our destiny!"  I was astounded  "But you girls are my destiny I can't leave you!"  Isis replied  "Oh Aries, it is true we are soul mates and our destinies are meant to be shared for eternity!  But you have to follow your path in life!  Never give up the Faith!  Somehow I just know that we are going to rejoin after all of this is through, and we'll be a family again.  Aries, leave us when the time is right, but find you way back to us my love, we will be waiting for you, and that is my promise to you my love!"  Oh her words were so powerful, and the love she gave me was overwhelming I promised to find a way back while holding them tight and never letting them go!

    A few minutes later, Isis broke our silence by saying something so profound it totally threw me off balance, but that is what I love so much about them  "Well girls, you know what we have to do about our upcoming deaths don't you!"  I was about to cry while thinking, prepare grave sites?  But the girls responded in such a way I will never forget  "Yes Isis, we know what we have to do!  Aries can you help us out my brother?"  I was holding back the tears  "Anything for you my love!"  Isis then said  "Good, I knew we could count on you my brother!  LET'S PARTY, WOO HOO"  I was amazed  "Party your deaths?"  Isis broke in and gently reminded me who I was  "Oh Aries, are you still a glass half empty kind of guy?  We taught you better than that!  We have nearly 2 more months to live and it is time to Celebrate Life!  Not Mourn Death!  So turn that frown into a smile Mr. and let me hear you say WOO HOO!"  I was speechless and the girls sensing my amazement started taunting me, circling around me while laughing out of control  "WOO HOO, WOO HOO, WE'RE GONNA DIE IN 2 MONTHS!  WOO HOO, THAT'S ALMOST 60 DAYS UNTIL THE END, WOO HOO!"  I couldn't take it anymore without laughing  "You girls are absolutely CRAZY!"  Isis said  "Crazy for a dream!"  Astraea said  "Crazy for you!"  and Aphrodite said "Crazy in love!"  and all three of them said simultaneously  "so let's have a crazy party WOO HOO!"

    Oh we had so much fun dancing and singing and enjoying every minute life has to offer us!  I realized something that made me laugh even harder  "Oh, girls, please be gentle with Brother Jim!  We are going to make his life miserable tomorrow ok?"  None of us met Pastor Jim yet, but in the book I saw the hell we were going to put him through, so that's why I had to mention it to the girls  "Ok, Aries, we'll be gentle with him, we promise to be our normal cute selves with him, and promise to let him play with us!"  I was laughing  "Oh that poor man, he just don't know what he is getting himself into!"


    Isis was looking me up and down still puzzled "Hmm, Aries did you change your hair, I know something is different about you but I just can't place my finger on it!"  I was laughing  "we'll Isis if you must really know I changed my mind.  Before I met you girls I thought that Witches can't be Angels, but after being with you, I see that you are the sweetest Angels I ever met on this Planet Earth!"

    Isis was touched, but being the leader of the group she had to be the most practical one, and always asked the right questions at the right time  "Um Aries, when you said for all the World to see, that there will be 4 Witches flying in the air, are you talking about us?"  I was smiling  "Yes Isis I am afraid so"  Isis then said  "Ok, thanks for your honesty.  Now for the next question.  Exactly how are we going to fly to Church?  I don't remember learning that trick yet?"  I was smiling from ear to ear and then I showed her how we were going to perform the miracle flight.  She responded almost out of character  "Oh you got to be kidding!!!  That is so wrong what you are doing!!!"  she came up to me and gave me a hug as I handed her and all of my sisters a broomstick.

    Witches do not fly broomsticks my friend, but people are so obsessed with that stereotypical image, it was only fitting to give the public what they needed to see, in order to understand that yes, we were Witches!  After cleaning up our forest and leaving notes for the villagers to see where we went to, we began our journey into super stardom status the only way we knew how.  "Race you to the church!  last one there is a rotten egg!"  hmm, then I thought for a moment  "We might all be rotten eggs if the public has eggs to throw at us!"  Isis and Aphrodite accepted my challenge and quickly mounted their broom sticks and flew away as fast as the wind could carry them.  Astraea stayed behind looking sad so I went over to her to try and cheer her up  "nice day to fly a kite, and even a better day to fly a broom?"  She gave me a sad smile and gently said  "Aries, your powers have grown, you are a very Powerful Witch!"  I thought about it for a second, smiled and said  "Yes, I am Powerful now aren't I?"  Astraea  "I didn't mean it as a compliment, mainly as a concern, are you ok my brother?"  I was touched by her honesty, so I tried to reassure her everything was ok  "Oh Astraea, thanks for caring!  don't worry, I'm not letting this power go to my head, I am still that same old down to Earth Witch, that understands my place in this World!"  Astraea then had one of the wickedness smiles I ever saw on her face and she started to tease me.  "Well that is a relief, oh by the way, did you say something about a race?"  I smiled back at her  "Why yes Astraea, are you up to the challenge?"  Astraea responded  "I think the real question is can you catch up with me?  I already left 45 seconds ago, sorry I put an illusion spell on you, but I wanted a head start to beat you!"  I was amazed, for 45 seconds I was talking to an illusion while she was flying away from me laughing at catching me off guard.  I smiled at the illusion, then said  "I'm coming after you cheater!"  the illusion laughed and let out the cutest terrified scream right after it said  "Well, come and get me!"

    It took awhile to catch up to them, they really had a good lead on me, but they slowed down when we were entering our town.  It seemed the closer we got, the larger the crowds were getting.  When I finally caught up to them, Isis began to tease me  "where were you young man?  Don't you know you are not supposed to be talking to invisible friends when there is work to be done?"  I was laughing  "Yes Mother, but it was Astraea's fault!"  Astraea, was looking up in the sky trying to act as innocent as she possibly could, but smiled and stuck her tongue out at me.  Oh it was so much fun flying in the air with a broom, Misconception or not, I was enjoying our little ride and by the way, one interesting thing about flying this way, is that the broom is not really holding you up, you are the one that is flying, and just using the broom to help focus your Magick on.  Point the broom up, you gain altitude, point it down, you lose ground.  move it left or right and you have all the areas covered.  When we came within 5 miles of the church a news helicopter started following us, and then I spotted three AH-64D Apache Helicopters closing in on us.  "Welcome to Hollywood Girls, looks like the whole town came out to greet us!"  Isis was smiling and said to us  "Yep, must be the end of the world all right!  These guys always shoot at us, I am getting home sick for the good old days dodging bullets, I don't know how to act in this situation?"  She was smiling and waving to the public down below  "I remember you, and you, I even remember you!  Hmm, don't remember if you shot at me before, but hello anyway!"  Aphrodite then said  "Oh my, there he is, look everyone!"  we all said in unison  "where Aphrodite?"  she then pointed to a tree in the corner of a lot where a handsome young soldier was smiling and waving at her, while playfully pointing his riffle.  "Isn't he cute, he is the one that tried to blow my head off a couple of weeks ago!"  she waved at him while pretending to hold a phone to her head  "Hey cutie, call me later, ok?"  I was laughing so hard I almost fell off my broomstick but tried to keep focus as we neared the church.

    Finally we made it to the church and landed right at the top of the steps where everyone could get a good view of us.  As soon as I landed I started sweeping the sidewalk to the door's entrance and the girls started giving me the look  "What?  I'm not a public speaker, I'm lousy at that job!"  no sympathy from them, even though they were trying their best to hold in their laughter  "Ok, I'll try my best girls here it goes.  Welcome Everyone, To God's home, so glad you can make it here on this dreary day.  Come on now don't be shy, let's all go inside where it is nice and warm!"  I forgot to take off my Witches Hat, but it didn't stop me from doing what I had to do.  I started to go inside the doors, took out my Bible, kissed it in front of everyone to see, but surprise of surprises, someone in the audience was offended!  "How dare you mock the Lord and enter wholly ground with your Filth!"  I froze in my tracks turned around and smiled at the girls, they responded by stating that this must be  "Brother Jim?"  I nodded to them and smiled  "Hello there True Christian!  Such an honor to have you show up, God can't wait for you to come back home you Prodigal Son, you can be the first one to enter with me into God's House!"  Brother Jim was angry  "Why should I enter with someone as evil as you?"  I responded  "Very good point Brother Jim!  Would you say that I am the most foul disgusting filth that you ever seen in your life time?"  Jim  "Yes and you should be ashamed at the way you are behaving!"  I turned my attention to the audience  "Everyone, I boldly confess that I am the lowest of the low, the filthiest one of the bunch, but guess what?  God loves me and wants me to come home, so that is why I am holding my head up high and boldly going inside, leaving all the sin and guilt behind.  If God loves this lowest of the low, Imagine his incredible love for you!  I don't want to hear any excuses from anyone of how they are not worthy to enter now!  Our Bold True Christian friend already proclaimed that I won the Title, so come on in everyone cuz Papa, I'm Coming Home!"  I proudly entered the church and the girls quietly followed me.  I snapped my fingers and the room instantly warmed, and all the electricity came back on.  Oh it felt so good to be back in church after a long absence, but there was a lot of work to be done, and it didn't take long for Brother Jim to enter the church with an overflow of curious onlookers waiting to see what would happen next.  This was better than cable TV!  His anger drew more people inside the church than would have come in on their own.  After all, who could resist a juicy gossipy reality show displaying all the raw emotions of a preacher in distress?  Do you also see how things work out mysteriously?  Here is a man full of anger, his emotions out of control, but God is using those emotions for the good of the crowd to focus more on Brother Jim's Anger and less on all the Imtimidating Police and TV Crews surrounding the building.  Amazing how all the pieces of a puzzle fit into the picture of life, but that is how the amazing miracle works my friend!

    "So nice to see you enter God's Home, and so nice to see you brought some friends with you Brother Jim!  Come on in everyone, find a seat and make yourself comfortable, you are among family now!"  Jim  "Hey I'm not finished with you yet, by what authority do you have to conduct a sermon you demon!"  I smiled at him  "Oh Jim, I thought we covered that already, but let me try again.  I am proud to say to each and everyone here that God loves you no matter what you done.  You already took the first step by coming home to him and that is all he wants from you!  My True Christian Friend here is a little confused, as I am sure some of you are as well.  You have to stop blaming yourself for every little thing you have done wrong in your life and start living it, not only for yourself, but for the Glory of God!  Listen we are living in difficult times, and there are a lot of scary confusing things happening out there.  3 and a half years ago you missed out on the Rapture, but God did not give up on you my children!  He is coming back for you and very soon!  All you have to do is reach out for him right now as I am reaching out for him to take me back!"  Just then a miracle occurred!  One of the most sweetest Angelic Voices I ever heard started to sing in the background!  No one knew where the sweet voice was coming from, but it was so inspiring and was singing one of my favorite songs, I had to fall on my knees just from hearing it  "Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound, that Saved a Wretch Like me!  I once was lost, but now I'm Found"  Oh it was so beautiful  I feel to my knees and asked God to take me back.  Brother Jim was so touched by the miracle of the moment, that he placed his hands on me, and quietly said "God's listening to you my son, welcome back!"  There were tears in my eyes as I motioned for anyone in the crowd wishing to join me in professing their love for our Awesome God!  Amazingly enough, nearly everyone flooded the stage and the Spirit of the Lord filled the room!  oh it was so beautiful, everyone was so happy with tears of joy and thankfulness, like a terrible load or burden was lifted from their lives!  So many people came back to God that day, but I did notice, that my 3 girls, respectfully sat in the background, and kept a low profile, so as to not disturb the moment.  My Angels are so sweet!  I just love them to death!

    After the sermon and ceremony was over, I had the congregation enter the fellowship hall where there was all kinds of food waiting for them.  Some of these poor souls haven't had a decent meal in a long while because of the Wrath of the antichrist, but today they were going to be well fed and taken care of, so help me God!  It was so nice to see them happy and being able to talk freely about their lives and love for God, and it was so touching to see my girls were serving them the food they desperately needed!  My girls in a foreign environment, always placing the needs of others before their own needs, but they were Witches and that is what they do best!  Helping out their fellow Spiritual Beings who needed them so desperately!

    Since the girls were busy, I quietly slipped out of the fellowship hall to be alone for a few minutes for prayer, thanks, and to reflect on how things were going.  I went to the Sanctuary Room to pray alone.  When I opened my eyes I noticed that Brother Jim was nearby and started to casually speak with me about today.  "Aries?  is that your real name son?"  I smiled and told him  "Well people know me by a lot of names Brother Jim, and Aries is one of them.  I also go by the names of Shadow Fire, and Sir Philip Of Converse!"  Jim  "Ok, fair enough Aries.  Hey listen, I was really touched with what happened today, but I am concerned about a few things, and hope you can help me sort them out?"  I smiled and reassured him  "I would be honored to help you out pastor!  What seems to concern you?"  He was trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, and it just didn't seem to be adding up to him.  As we were talking I noticed that my girls quietly slipped in the room and started to talk amongst themselves.  "Well for one, how did the power come back on this church?  And where did all the food come from?"  I let out a small sigh  "Well Brother, I will be glad to tell you, but you are not going to like the answer my friend!"  he was unfazed by my warning and motioned for me to continue  "Ok, I used my loving, trusting, WITCHCRAFT!  To help my Christian people out."  He was getting angry, but tried to compose himself  "One more thing, and please be honest with me ok?  Where did that Angelic Voice come from that was singing Amazing Grace?"  I walked away from him and went to the center of the Sanctuary where we were a few hours earlier, and fell to my knees, as I reached out for God.  I also put on my Witches hat, as the sweetest Angelic Voice started to be heard from the background of the Pews.  I smiled at him while I winked at the girls and boldly said  "Oh thanks God for the sweetest miracle voice from your Angel, it really helped save a lot of your children today!"  I couldn't help but laugh, almost in a sarcastic way, but I didn't mean to.  My action caused so much rage and hate in Brother Jim he charged at me with blind force, and at a little over 6 feet tall and weighing over 230lbs it was not a pretty sight!  "I am going to kill you, you dirty filthy liar!"  Isn't it so amazing when you see your life flash before your eyes?  Everything around you slows down to a crawl, and millions of bits of information is processed instantly in the blink of an eye.  I noticed that my girls were not concerned about my impending doom ha ha, I also noticed that there was a wild bull charging in my general direction.  I also noticed that I had just enough time to move my arms like a conductor to direct the Angelic voice to sing with all her passion to woo the audience with amazement.  As soon as he tackled me, he began to choke me with all his might, and I couldn't help but to laugh hysterically.  Even though I couldn't breath I still kept right on laughing making him even more angrier.  I couldn't breath, but I did manage to produce a very uncharacteristic extremely sharp Athame out of thin air, and placed it near his throat.  The shock at how fast I was able to put such a sharp knife to his throat made him back away, as I was trying to catch a few breaths, before talking to him.  "Well, Brother Jim, If you are through playing with me, I suggest that you use this knife to end my life quickly!  your way is too clumsy and is taking too long my friend!"  I was still trying to catch my breath as I handed him the knife.  He was astounded, and confused, He quickly turned to the girls as they were playing around with a magic 8 ball and asked them in astonishment  "Why are you girls following this person?"  Astraea, responded  "Because he is my brother!"  Isis was next  "He is our family!"  and Aphrodite was last  "And Family never leaves their loved ones behind!"  He was not getting anywhere with them so he turned his attention back to me and snorted  "Some Family!  Here I am killing you and they don't even try to lift a finger to save you!"  I smiled, while Aphrodite started to whistle in a very guilty kind of way  "Well not necessarily true Brother Jim, who do you think gave me the Athame to put to your throat?"  Aphrodite smiled and waved at him while he responded to me.  "That girl over there?  She was no where's near me when I was choking you!"  I smiled  "Well then mister, how did you get that lipstick on the side of your cheek then, hmm?"  Aphrodite was laughing and defended her actions  "Hey I couldn't help it, Brother Jim is cute!  Besides he was angry and needed some loving to help calm him down"  She blew a kiss in his general direction, but he still didn't believe her.  I asked Aphrodite to throw me her compact mirror she keeps, so that Brother Jim could see the lipstick on him, and he was astounded.  That's when I spoke to him  "You see Brother Jim, we have magick on our side and are so fast you don't have a chance against us.  Now she could have just as easily slit your throat, but that is not the way of a Witch!"  we began to chant as we circled him  "The power of the Witch is not to Kill, The power of the Witch is to Heal, The power of the Witch is not to Kill, The power of the Witch is to Heal, The power of the Witch is not to Kill, The power of the Witch is to Heal!"  He was overcome with disbelief as he said  "You People are absolute Crazy!"  I smiled and humbly said to him  "We may be crazy, but we came in peace and love!  We would never try to hurt you, even when you wanted to kill me my friend!"  That is when he noticed that he was still holding the Athame and the guilt was really getting to him  "Listen Aries, I am so sorry about what I have done, please forgive me!"  he dropped our Athame to the ground as I tried to reassure him  "Oh Jim, so many Witches died because of anger or misunderstanding of what we are, but look, a miracle occurred!  You spared my life, and your eyes were opened!  No crime was committed my friend!  You have nothing to be sorry for and I have nothing to forgive!"  He still felt so bad because he was supposed to be a Representative of God and he nearly killed me Right in the middle of the Sanctuary of God's House!  He reached out for my hand as a gesture of friendship so I accepted his offer, and reached out to meet his hand.  "Tag Your It!"  instead of shaking his hand though, I hit him with a stinging blow, and it momentarily shocked him into speechlessness.  The girls saw what happened and started to run around the room laughing and hysterically screamed at him  "Tag Your It Brother Jim!"  after the initial shock wore off, he managed to mutter those famous words I loved to hear  "YOU PEOPLE ARE ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!"  We all laughed, and the girls began to taunt him even more, while we responded  "We may be Crazy Brother Jim, but Your Still It!"  The girls were laughing uncontrollably running all around him and screaming, daring him to chase them!  For a brief instant, I saw one of the most inspiring things I ever had the pleasure of seeing.  Here was a poor man that had the entire weight and responsibility of the World on his shoulders.  He truly loved people and wanted them safe, but that tremendous responsibility was wearing him down, and killing him again!  All it took was a few more taunts and laughter from the girls and the incredibly happy kid that was locked up deep inside of this man came out to play with us.  He smiled, and then laughed so hard it was hurting him.  He began to chase after the girls as they screamed with laughter, and boldly said to them  "I'll show you who's it!"

    For the next couple of days everything went well.  Brother Jim managed to get a second chance to have his church back, and had some of the most inspiring sermons about God, and all the people left here on Earth.  It was refreshing to see how this man changed!  He was more understanding and accepting of people's flaws, knowing full well that God was in control, and will make something wonderful out of all the people he was preaching to.  The girls helped out as much as they could, serving the food after the sermons, and talking to all the people at the church.  It was amazing how well we blended in and how quickly people forgot who we really were.  The girls respectfully attended some of the services, when they were not preparing the food, and had great fellowship with the people in the church.  We were becoming one big happy family, but our constant service to the congregation was starting to take a toll on us, so we choose to re-charge our energies at midnight on November 10, 2011.

    It was a Full Moon, and we waited until the Witching Hour to form our Sacred Circle.  It felt so good to be outside and one with nature.  We went to the back of the church's property, and began our chants near a lone Oak Tree.  One by one, we entered our circle and held hands, chanting Earth, Air, Fire, Water.  Repeatedly until we became almost in a trance like state.  Our Family became one with Mother Nature, and it felt so good to be home with the Family I love.  As we were enjoying the love we had for one another, we felt a force enter our area, and it momentarily broke our concentration.  Brother Jim approached us in a quiet manner, so we invited him to come into our circle.  "Jim, so nice to have you here, please come to us brother!"  As he approached us, we changed our chants to put a spell on this Sacred time to keep our area in perfect balance.  "In peace we enter no hatred wars, In peace we stay while we talk some more, In peace we leave as once before, the peace within for evermore;  In peace we enter no hatred wars, In peace we stay while we talk some more, In peace we leave as once before, the peace within for evermore;  In peace we enter no hatred wars, In peace we stay while we talk some more, In peace we leave as once before, the peace within for evermore!"

    Brother Jim was humble and a little taken back by what was happening so in an awkward way he began speaking.  "Sorry we haven't had a chance to talk lately, with all the tasks we had at hand, but I wanted to take some time with you guys to find out how things are going with you?"  I spoke in behalf of the girls  "Well thanks Jim, everything seems to be going great!  It truly is an honor to help out the congregation before we have to leave you!"  Jim  "Yes, I had a feeling you will be leaving us shortly, that is why I wanted to take this time to see if there is any way I can help you come to God?"  I responded,  "Jim, I appreciate your concern.  You don't have to worry about me.  I made a Covenant with God and I'm keeping my Promise to Him!"  Jim spoke,  "but what you are doing is an Abomination To The Lord Aries, how can you live with yourself?"  "Oh Jim, I am what I am, no apologies, no concerns.  God knows exactly who I am, where I came from, and where I am going!  I have faith that my bond with Him is unbreakable, and as far as the Abomination is concerned, He is using this very Abomination according to His Will, and Grace for Humankind.  Oh Jim if you could just see God's perfect puzzle of life, you would understand who I am, and where I come from."  Jim  "Ok, Aries, I truly care about you and want to see you in Heaven!  Please, tell me who you are so I can better understand you, and not have to worry about you so much!"  "Well Jim, you have to look at Gods perfect puzzle before you start judging ok?  Because there are a lot of things I am going to reveal to you that is going to blow you away!  But then again, did we ever have an easy conversation?  Ha, Ha!"  Jim laughed  "No, Aries I suppose not, but I am learning from you, and promise not to choke you until after our conversation is finished!"  I shook his hand and laughed with him  "Ok deal!  Well Brother, I'll try to be as gentle with you as I can, and start off easy, but the more I talk, the more upsetting things are going to be with you!  Just wanted to warn you what I have to say will not be easy, but understand that I have your best interests at heart ok?"  Jim responded  "Ok, no problem Aries, by the way where are the girls leaving to?"  I answered  "Ha, ha, I wish this was the hardest question you would ask me tonight but it wont be.  Anyway, the girls are respectfully leaving us alone, so we can have this opportunity to talk about some very disturbing issues facing us, but don't worry, they will be back in time for you to talk to them and understand who they are, why they choose to be the way they are, and any other concerns you may have for them, Ok?"  Jim shook his head  "Ok Aries, that is fine"  I continued on  "Good now let's start our little discussion.  Well Jim, throughout my whole life I was always a Christian, and loved God with all my heart, but I also noticed that there was an incredible Spiritual World besides our Physical World, and that Spiritual World came to me in search for help.  As a child, I attended church regularly during the day, and at night used Ouija Boards, and other means to contact these Spiritual Beings that needed me.  It was a natural thing for me to do, to help those in need and I never felt bad or guilty about it, but one day a Christian walked in on one of my Seances and was frightened of what I was doing.  That was the first time I realized that Christians have a tremendous fear of the Occult and it puzzled me.  How can you turn your back on someone or something in need?  Over the years I developed my abilities and promised God that I will help those in need and always try to point them to his direction, it was my mission in life, my calling!  by the way, how am I doing so far Jim?"  Jim responded  "Well I have some concerns, but I'm ok, please continue"  I was relieved  "Ok, good, I am going to pause with each Revelation given to you, because it is going to be more intense as we go along!  Anyway, as I became an Adult, I realized that I was a Christian, but as I was growing up I also realized that I was turning into a Witch, and was slowly developing My Craft.  So here are these two conflicts that were in my life, but I realized that there was no other way I could live, since that was the destiny I had to follow."  Jim was puzzled  "Aries, you know that you can not serve Two Masters, so what side did you choose?"  ha ha, here comes the uncomfortable part, it just gets worse as the plot thickens  "Oh Jim, don't you know me by now?  I realize that we only have known each other for just 2 weeks now, but do you agree that it has been the most intense 2 weeks of your life?"  he laughed  "Yes no argument there buddy!"  I sighed a relief  "Well Jim, after careful consideration I came to the conclusion that I choose to be on MY SIDE!"  he was astounded  "Aries, you have to make a choice my friend are you for God or are you for the devil?"  do you feel the tension building?  This plot is thickening from pea soup to heavy molasses! "Well if you put it that way Jim, I am here to help out both sides!"  he was upset, but thankfully the peace spell we placed in our circle allowed him to keep his composure!  "Why would you even consider helping that evil serpent?"  I smiled and recited the Fluffy Witch Slogan  "Even though he is an evil, self righteous, jealous, egotistical, manipulative good for nothing, he still needs a hug, and when he asked for my help, It is in my sole religious duty to help those in need!"  He was totally bewildered  "you personally spoke to satan, and offered to help him?  What did he ask for Aries?"  the intensity is burning, almost in hellish proportions!  "To lure you, and any remaining followers of God, back to church, so that he could more easily arrest you, transport you to Jerusalem, and cut your head off on a platter in front of the Whole World to see, that anyone who refuses to worship him, will be dealt with!  This poor little devil really needs to be loved, so I had to help him out!  It is in my Strictest Religious Beliefs that my Sole purpose in life is to make everyone happy and lend a helping hand to those in need!"  Poor Jim was almost in shock  "Well, that is very nice and dandy Aries, but your Religious Dogma has a Severe Flaw!"  I looked at him with concern  "what flaw is that Brother Jim?"  He couldn't believe I was arrogant enough to ask him that question, but he responded.  "You can't please everyone Aries, do you understand that?  I mean really, how do you think I am going to feel when my head is rolling off the platter?  How are the people you served in my church going to feel that you betrayed them and are responsible for their deaths?  I assure you that we are not going to be jumping up and down for joy, when we die, because of the side you choose to be on!"  I smiled at poor Brother Jim and remembered how we were going to make this poor man's life miserable, but I tried to comfort him and give him hope  "Oh Jim, did you not think I took that into consideration when helping satan out?  I realized that you needed my help, too my dearest close friend.  Jim, always look at the big picture before you commit to helping anyone out.  Find out what the problem is and if a solution can be found to correct it.  I feel sorry for the devil and the fate that is coming his way, I love God's Children with all my heart and promise to keep them Safe at All Costs!  Well here is the problem given to me and here is the solution I came up with to help out both sides: satan wants you in Jerusalem by the 24th of December, God also wants you and all the Christians to be in Jerusalem by the same date!  Do you see how the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit together my friend?  God needs all of His Children back in Jerusalem, because on the day we celebrate His Birthday, the 25th of December, He is coming back for the rest of His Children!  Now on that date, satan will not have time to worry about you, or anyone of God's Children, because he is going to be too busy trying to save his own neck, when he has to answer to God, for every single evil thing he, and his followers have done!  Oh Jim, I belong to a very Extremist Branch of Witchcraft, called The Fluffy Christian Witches.  We think we know everything, and are happy loving creatures, that loves life, and wants everyone filled with Joy, at the sight of our Glorious Lord!  We also hold out hope that human or beast, will ultimately make the right decision before it is too late and come back home to God!  You see brother Jim, God temporarily gave me incredible powers to use at will, but I am forbidden to use any magickal powers to transport His Children back to Jerusalem.  I am faced with a logistical nightmare of getting so many people back home to Jerusalem, so that is where the devil comes in.  he and his helper jezebel are going to work non stop to make sure that everyone is transported, and well fed before he starts to kill you on that date.  Like I said before, he is a terrible sadistic fool, and wants healthy blood curdling screaming Christians for his sacrifice!  But do you know what the ultimate insult for him will be, and what the final history book is going to write about satan?"  Brother Jim was intrigued  "No, what Aries?"  I continued on  "That satan in all his greed and thirst for power was so blinded by what he was doing, he ended up following God's Will, by gathering all of his children for Him to Jerusalem!  Oh the poor fool, he wanted help, and I gladly gave it to him!  I guess I should have cautioned him never to accept a Fluffy Christian Witches assistance!  Yes we are bound by Oath, to help those in need, but if you have an Evil heart, Evil is the only thing you are going to receive and we will gladly help you to your doom!"

    "Well that's how my perfect plan is going to be carried out Brother Jim are you ready?"  He smiled at me, but quickly turned serious.  "Aries, do you honestly think everything is going to work out that well?"  I smiled back at him  "Of course not Jim, ha ha, but that is the way life is.  Unpredictable!  Just when you think you have every thing all figured out, something will always fall out of place, and it will overwhelm you into despair, if you let it.  Jim, we as Humans were given one of the most beautiful gifts from Heaven above, the Gift of Life!  This Incredible Force can be overwhelming at times, but it is meant to be lived to the fullest, and shared until it is time to go back home.  That was one of the first lessons I learned about life.  Help my fellow Humans complete their lives with dignity, grace, and the respect they deserve, while living on this incredible Earth!  That mission in life, has become my obsession, my compulsion, the very fabric of what defines me as a person, but make no mistake about it.  I also realize that there are very Evil Spirits that absolutely hate, the undeserving love we received, and are so jealous of who we are, they will stop at nothing to destroy us in front of our Creator.  That is what we face my friend and now it is time for you to decide how much faith and trust you have in our Father that loves Us so Much!  Life is not about choosing sides, and hating the ones that choose a different path in life than what you did.  It is about finding out who you are and what is in your heart!  Have a good heart, live your life well, and understand you are not alone in this world, there is an incredible amount of love that surrounds you for eternity!  That is what you need to focus on my friend."

    "Well Jim, you wanted to know who I was and hopefully you got all the answers you were looking for!  I want to leave you with a very personal story of mine before you talk to the girls about their lives.  I am a very private person that wants to keep my most deepest darkest secrets to myself, but I feel this story will better explain who I am, and I need to share it with you.  Many years ago, My Mother was diagnosed with cancer and it was so advanced and widespread that there was nothing they really could do to save her.  She was placed in a hospice program to comfort her, and she requested a DNR order be placed in case of death.  In case you are not familiar with the term DNR, it means Do Not Resuscitate.  This was very disturbing to me, but I had to honor her wishes.  I had many years of practicing the Craft and was turning into a Powerful Witch, but I still did not have the all powers I needed during the time of My Mother's life.  Well the time came when My Mother only had a few hours left to live, and I had her transferred to a well respected hospital to care for.  As a Witch, and Experienced Spiritualist, I felt the presence of an Angel approaching to take My Mother away.  I knew her time was almost up, and felt helpless, because I did not know what I was supposed to do.  I had a terrible dilemma involving the decision I needed to make.  With the powers I had at the time, do I play God, and try to heal Her, so that She could have a few more good years of life, or do I accept the fact that her time on Earth must come to an end, because God needed Her in Heaven?  Everything about life is so complex!  I just don't understand it at times.  Well it was getting late at the hospital, and visiting hours was over several hours ago.  Just before 11pm a technician came in to take My Mother's vital signs.  In addition to being a Witch I also have Empathic Abilities and was able to burn right through this poor technician's soul the moment he walked inside our room.  I instantly felt the pain this poor man was carrying, and understood all the negative energy he was bringing into the room.  He was an underpaid overworked person at the end of a double shift and was forced to check My Mother's vital signs before he could call it a night and go home.  So here he was invading the precious few minutes of a special woman's life, with the awful attitude he had, entering our room.  As he was checking Her vital signs, he was not able to get a temperature reading from Her and was starting to get angry.  Just incredible how things work out!  Should I have been mad at him for his insensitivity?  It didn't matter to me, A problem arrived between me and the technician, and as a Witch, I had to find a solution, so that our destiny could move on!  His destiny to get home and get the rest he needed, my destiny, to make sure My Mother died with dignity, and not have hateful energy around Her during Her last few precious moments in life.  The reason he was not able to get a temperature from Her, is that She lost a lot of blood from hemorrhaging, and naturally, Her body temperature was too cold for a reading.  Seeing the problem, I acted fast, and without thinking about it, I quietly moved in the opposite side of the technician, and gently reached for My Mother's hand, to warm Her body enough, to register a temperature reading.  The instant I held Her hand, the very instant we connected, I heard the technician exclaim that the machine finally worked, but wow Her temperature was really low!  He left the room, and I finally got to spend the rest of the time with My Mother in peace, and the love I had for Her.  Oh I loved Her so much, and hope the final precious moments we had together made a difference for Her!  It hurts so much wondering if there was anything else I should have done?  So Brother Jim, do you understand me a little more now my friend?  I truly love people and want everyone happy!  Life is sacred and I don't have time to waste even one second arguing about it.  I live it proudly, and want to spend every second I have with the ones I love!  This is the side I choose to take Brother Jim, and the side I can proudly live with!  Do I have everything figured out?  No, not even close, that is why I need your help to talk to the girls because I still haven't found a way to save them yet, and need all the help I can get.  I can't bear to lose any more of the ones I love, please help us!"  I hugged him with all my might and quietly walked away, while the girls approached him and they started talking.  I needed to be alone and started to meditate.  I couldn't help, but overhear the girls talk to our friend from a distance though.  "Brother Jim, we chose our way because we love to Breathe!  Every Succulent Breath is a joy and honor at being alive!"  Yep, poor Jim is going to have a very long night indeed ha ha!
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