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christian man befriends 3 witches to help save humanity from the end times!
    I never was good at meditating, just when I reach a Zen like state of mind, or connect with my chakra's, or Astral Project, I tend to fall asleep and return to my physical body.  This is not necessarily bad.  After all, I could use all the rest I can get, but I also needed to find peace within myself, since so much hurt was still inside of me.  Instead of finding the peace I desired though, I was having nightmare visions of all the things that were about to happen to the girls, and the foolish thing I was going to do to try and save them.  The nightmare was so intense, I felt the bullet penetrate my ribs as I was running to the girls that were safely under the Protection Spell of the Sacred Circle of the Forest we lived in.  Astraea said something about my being shot, as I stumbled towards them just so glad to see them one last time!  The pain was so intense, I quickly woke up from my nightmare, only to realize that a very familiar cane was poking my ribs and someone was saying those famous words I loved to hear!  "Is it Alive?"  I was so glad to see a familiar face  "Granny!  so nice to see you welcome home!"  She looked at me with compassion and said  "You, didn't think we would miss out on all the fun now did you?"  I was so relieved to see her and the villagers that were following close by, but I had to ask her some serious questions to clear up some confusion of mine, especially since she seemed to know so much about the forest we were living at.  "Oh Granny, I am so glad you made it!  Sorry we couldn't come back for you and the villagers, but you had to come on your own free will to us!"  Granny shook her head and began to speak.  "It's ok young man, I totally understand why you had to do it!  Besides, I have a message for you about the forest that you probably already know."  I shook my head as she continued  "The moment you and the girls left, the forest began to be filled with Evil Spirits, waiting to kill any life force that remained in our Sacred Forest!  It was not safe for my children to be there and this is the only place I could safely take them to my child!"  I tried to reassure her that everything will be fine.  "Oh Granny, I promise your children will be well taken care of.  We still have two weeks until the police arrest everyone at this church, but I give you my word they will not be harmed!  Oh Granny I have to ask you a few things if you don't mind?"  she looked at me with that stubborn pride & wisdom she always carries around and said.  "What is troubling you my son?"  I responded  "Granny, what are you?"  she looked puzzled  "Don't you mean who am I?"  I tried to explain.  "No, granny, I meant more like what are you?  Are you a very wise stubborn woman I adore, or are you an Angel from God sent here to protect us, or are you Mother Earth's Spirit looking after her children?  What are you Granny?"  That was the only time I saw her smile, she lightly reached for my shoulder and gently poked me in the ribs with her cane when she said  "Oh my child, I am"  The girls just finished serving breakfast to the congregation, and was coming to check up on me when they noticed I had company  "Granny!  You made it!"  ha ha, I guess some things were just not meant to be answered out of life, but that is what makes it mysterious and special!

    Time flew by so quick, everyone was so busy making preparations for the World Wide Celebration I suggested we have the day after Thanksgiving.  This special day was a chance for Christians all over The World to offer their thanks and unite as one for The World to see!  I never told Brother Jim when they would come to take them away, but he could feel it in his heart that this was the day.  He came over to me one last time to say his goodbye's and made one last plea before he left us for good.  "Aries, come back to Jesus, you need him so much in your life my son!"  I was so touched that he cared for me and my sisters, but I reassured him one last time  "Oh Jim, it was an honor and a privilege to be able to spend this short amount of time with you and God's Children!  My dearest Brother, I can't go back to Jesus, because I never left him!  He was always in my heart!  Be strong for all the people that will be needing you now, for I can't go where you are going.  My destiny lies with my sisters, but my heart will always be thinking of all the special people I had the privilege of meeting.  Go in peace my brother and see you on the other side!"  I gave him one last hug before he left to lead the congregation outside for the special event as the Sun Set.

    Everyone began to hold hands as Brother Jim began to pray.  I could feel the connection all over The World as every congregation was doing the same thing at this very moment.  Being connected as One Family showing their love for one another, and hope for all to see.  It was a very touching moment, but just as the Sun Set in our area as agreed, the police quietly moved in and instructed the crowd to peacefully surrender to the designated area they planned for them.  I could see fear in some of their eyes, but Brother Jim boldly and passionately started to sing  "Amazing Grace"  Oh it was so inspiring, the congregation kept holding hands and their fear turned into somber joy at knowing that God was looking over them, led by a  fearless man that loved his God.

    All over The World, police forces were in place peacefully placing everyone into a designated area to be transported for incarceration.  That is every place but ours!  As soon as the congregation was placed in the fencing area designated for them, the police turned their attention to us.  Before the leader of the group had a chance to speak with us, there was one final person they needed to move to the fence and they were having trouble with her.  It was Granny and she was putting up a fight with the Riot Police that was trying to assist her along the way.  She was poking them with her cane and repeated that her job was done and needed to return back to The Garden with our help.  It was an odd funny moment, but then she shrieked, and became a very beautiful young woman, She began to rotate her cane and it became a flaming sword which caused her to turn to dust and the wind scattered her remains North, South, East, and West.  Everyone Gasped and finally the police chief spoke to us,  "Behold!  Look at what the Witches did to that poor lady!  Our great and glorious Savior the Mighty Jezebel has given you the opportunity to worship your beliefs in peace, but instead you used your Vile Witchcraft Cult to Bewitch an army of followers to attack our peaceful society.  You are hereby sentenced to die for your traitorous acts of Evil!  As for your followers,  they will be given a second chance to worship Jezebel, the Mighty Prophetess and Savior of all who worship her!  Do you have any last words, before we execute you?"

    Just then all the soldiers guns were drawn on us, I purposely held the girls back as everyone was leaving the church, so we were at the top of the steps, near the entrance of the church.  Just as we have arrived nearly a month ago we were about to leave from the same place we started from, This Circle was Complete!  I winked at the girls and simply said  "I have a message for jezebel.  Tell her to meet Jesus in Jerusalem on December 25th where she can Beg for Forgiveness and Bow Down to the True Master and Lord of all Humankind!  Her time to Repent is running out just like our time here!  Oh and one more thing, Bye!"  I grabbed the girls hands and we ran inside the church as fast as we could.  Bullets were flying everywhere as we went to the center of the room where the Girls began to chant.  "Sorry Girls, I am afraid that we are not able to use the Realm for our escape this time.  There are too many demons that are making their way to our Sacred Forest, it looks like we are going to have to fly our way out of this mess!"  Isis had a big smile on her face as the bullets continued to fly in our direction  "Well Aries I am glad!  This is more like it!  I know how to act in this situation!  Woo hoo boys come and get me!"  We were all laughing as we got our broomsticks and made a mad dash out of the church we hid in.  We flew a very fast erratic pace, making sure the soldiers could not get a good shot at us, as they blindly shot up in the air, as we flew by them.  I noticed that Aphrodite was looking for the cute soldier that always shoots at her but was disappointed not to see him.  I surprised the girls as we were laughing when I let out a hurtful breath as we flew away.  Astraea asked  "Aries, are you ok?"  I smiled at her  "Oh yes my dear, I guess it was indigestion from that pizza I ate from our last meal, ha ha.  Listen, girls, I need to hold back, and do a few things here before I catch up with you, ok?  I'll meet you at the center of The Forest where Our Home is at.  Do me a favor, place a Protection Spell around our Pentagram, and stay inside the Sacred Circle until I meet you there, ok?"  I was shot but didn't want to alarm them.  Luckily the girls did not notice my wound, and sped off into the distance. I was always amazed at the speed they could go, I never could be as fast as they were!  Astraea blew me a kiss and said,  "Ok, my love we'll see you there in a few!"

    As soon as my sisters left, a fleet of AH-64D Apache Helicopters closed in on me, and the lead helicopter was preparing to fire with it's 30mm chain gun, or it's stinger AIM-9 sidewinder missiles.  I regret studying all the lethal weapons that military vehicles carries.  Judging from the distance of the craft I would assume that they were going to use the 30mm bullets because of the close range of the craft to me, and a lack of heat signature my broom and body was generating for a good tone lock to occur with the missiles.  By some miracle or perhaps magick?  All the instruments on all the helicopters in chase began to malfunction, it didn't stop the lead craft from chasing me though, but as they were closing in for the kill, fog came out of nowhere instantly making visibility down to near zero.  The pilot and gunner had to switch from instrument flight to visual flight because of the malfunctioning computers, but just as they did, the fog cleared just enough to reveal a power station was directly in front of their flight path.  They never had time to react and all 3 helicopters crashed into the station instantly killing all on board with a fiery crash.  I felt sorry for the crew, and the vain attempt they made in fulfilling their mission to kill me. 

    As I was heading into our Sacred Forest I noticed that a drone craft managed to avoid the tower and was still in pursuit of me as I closed in on our Sacred Area.  I was in pain from the bullet wound, but pure adrenalin kept me focused, and I continued towards our Sacred Land.  Entering our Forest I noticed that there was a platoon dug in waiting to ambush me.  I caught them by surprise as I flew overhead and they did not get a chance to fire many rounds towards my direction before I cleared the area.  I felt so sorry for the soldiers, but they chose doom over retreat and I had no control over their fate!  Just as I passed them I could hear them laughing and the Lieutenant instructed one of his men to climb a tree to get a better view in case I return.  As the soldier climbed the tree, he cursed when a fly bit him.  The lieutenant laughed at the soldier, but his laughter turned to fear as the young man fell from the tree dead.  His death instantly aged him, until he turned to dust before their very eyes.  A fly landed on the Lieutenant and bit him, suddenly he died and instantly aged the same way his subordinate did.  Suddenly without warning, the area was covered with a swarm of flies biting every soldier in the platoon.  They didn't have time to run or scream very far as they all died and suffered the same fate as their leader.  It was a horrible way to leave the Earth and one I wish that no one would have to suffer!

    I imagine that a battalion is out in our forest, because I came across another platoon waiting for me.  This group was better prepared as I entered their location, perhaps it was from the reconnaissance of the drone that was still following me, sending them information.  2 snipers were near a tree waiting for me and just before I came in range of their M24SWS rifles, the tree began to move  and without warning came to life and instantly tore them to pieces.  The soldiers were horrified and before they had time to react, the trees began to grab all of them.  Not one of the poor soldiers had time to escape.

    A nearby platoon was positioned close enough to see their friends fate, and began shooting at the trees with all the fire power they had.  All their attention was focused on the trees, but suddenly without warning, hands started coming out of the ground and began to pull them deep inside of the Earth all the way to the mantle.  Chaos and confusion occurred as the soldiers did not know where to shoot at, and this was being recorded by the drone that was still following me.  The battalion headquarters was positioned just inside our Forest, and the commander was getting all the grim news from the radio reports of his 3 rifle companies.  All 27 HMMWV's (high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles) were destroyed, all 15 motorcycles, and crew were killed, every single soldier inside the forest died from unexplained Supernatural Forces, and the commander was in shock.  There was no one left for the commander to give a retreat order, no one left for an attack.  The only survivors left were inside his headquarters, so he pulled out his gun and started to go out the door.  His support asked him what he was doing, and his only reply was to relay the information of the terrible defeat the world government suffered from these terrible Witches, to Mighty Jezebel.  He was going to personally come after me and finish what his army was instructed to do.  Right after the long range radio communication was sent to the World Government's Army Command Center.  It began to rain on the headquarters of the last survivors of this terrible ordeal.  The PH (potential Hydrocarbons) in the rain's water began to go off the scale and became so acidic, it instantly reacted with the sole remaining survivors, and melted them.  In case there was any doubt of the plagues that were being sent to anyone foolish enough to enter our forest, the final death occurred when a bolt of lightning hit the drone plane.  Somehow, by some freak miracle, the electricity arced from the drone plane, and jumped from the plane to the pilot controlling the craft many miles away and instantly electrocuted him!

    I desperately made it to the center of our Forest where I stumbled trying to get to the girls I so love.  Astraea, had a terrible look of concern on her face as she saw how much I was bleeding when I approached their Sacred Circle.  It was so good to see that they were unharmed and that I got to see them one last time.  Astraea then said 3 little words that changed my life and gave me hope that our family's lives were not in vain.  "Oh My God Aries, you've been shot!"  I had to look at her and asked to repeat what she said?  "Oh My God"  yes sweet music to my ears, hopefully the time spent with the congregation helped them understand, I could only hope and pray as I laid dieing in her arms!

    I don't know how much time had passed, but I slowly started to regain consciousness when I heard my name being called  "Aries?"  It was a sweet sounding Angelic voice that was soothing and comforting to my soul as I struggled to open my eyes  "Aries, my love, with all your powers, why did you not heal yourself when you had the chance?"  I was so moved that Astraea was by my side all the time I was in a coma struggling with life and death.  I never thought I was important enough to have another human being be by my side when I needed them the most, it almost drew me to tears, of her sweet kind love for me.  I struggled to talk as I was rejoining the living of the people that mattered so much to me.  "Sorry Astraea"  she looked at me with concern on her face  "What are you sorry about my love?"  I was getting a little strength back with each of her words spoken  "I was hoping that if I allowed myself to die in battle now, I would not have to betray you later when you girls will need me the most!"  Astraea gave me a hug as she said  "Oh Aries, always remember that our family and our destiny can not change.  Regardless of what happens, we made a promise to be a family and that is what we will be my love, so never worry about leaving us, because we will always be in your heart!"  I was overcome with emotions and promised to keep what she said close to my heart as I hugged her and never let go of her for an eternity!

    The other girls came by as we were hugging and was so glad to see I was feeling better, but they had concerned looks on their faces and I needed to explain to them what happened.  "Oh girls it is so nice to see you again, I can see from your faces that you have some questions for me?"  Isis gave me a hug and began to ask what was on her mind  "Oh Aries, I am so glad you are back with us!  Tell me, are you ok?  I mean all those soldiers died, is it bothering you?"  Yes I had some explaining to do  "Oh Isis, what does every good soldier pray for?  They pray for peace, because they know that War only brings death, misery and pain in their lives and they are the ones that are going to have to pay the ultimate price for the failures of humans to live in peace with one another.  I am ok Isis, because there is no blood on my hands!  I was not responsible for even one of those poor soldiers deaths, in fact, I was trying to save them from their doom!  You know the path I have chosen, to help those that ask for help?  Well, in my vision I realized that a great evil was forming in our Forest and that anyone seeking death here, would find it quickly and horribly.  I tried my best to warn the soldiers in this area, but all they wanted to do was kill for pleasure or for the orders that were giving to them and I had no right to deny them what they wanted.  The wanted death to occur and death is what they received in their vain battle against me.  I still don't know exactly what happened, but I do know that some overwhelming Supernatural force not only destroyed all the soldiers in the area, but it also destroyed all the demons that were after us as well.  This has really frightened satan and jezebel the antichrist, so we don't have to worry about them attacking us again in this forest.  However, the next time we battle, on December 24th, you can be rest assured that they will be better prepared for us during our final battle with them.  Yes Isis, a lot of pain occurred in this area, and I think it is time for a little healing to occur, time to restore our forest back to the way Mother Earth intended us to live, what do you say?"  Isis had a big smile on her face, and quickly pointed out,  "That is a good ideal Aries, let's start by healing your wounds and your broken heart, ok?"  I gave Isis a hug and gladly said "Ok it is a deal!"  With the snap of a finger I was instantly healed and back to my full healthy self, it felt so good to have that Strong Life Force back in me!  We gathered as one into our Sacred Circle, without beginning, without end, as we began to chant, to restore Our Sacred Forest back to her magnificent Spiritual glory for all to see!  All the leaves returned back on the trees, birds began chirping in The Forest, crickets were signing, flowers were blooming, the wind was gently blowing as everything was being restored back to life from this desolate area.  We kept holding hands, chanting, spreading our incredible love for one another and the love we have for The Sacred Forest that was Our Home.  When we were finished, I opened my eyes and was amazed at what I was seeing.  It felt as if we were in the Garden of Eden!  Everything was so beautiful, spiritual, peaceful!  If I ever imagined what Heaven would be like this would be the place, but I know Heaven is going to be so much more special, because Our God is going to be with us and we will never be alone again!  I had the next best thing though, I was in a special place with the girls I loved, and we were a special family enjoying our lives in this incredible world we live in.  We were children of the forest, and loved every precious minute of life that was given to us in our Sacred Forest.  We had so much laughter, peace, and being one as a Family, I never knew life could be this great!  I only wish that other people could experience what we had as a Family in a place where there is no sorrow!

    I did not have a care in the world, suddenly that cold harsh lonely World we left behind disappeared the moment our Paradise was restored and every tear, was wiped away never to be shed again in our Special New Home!  We were 4 Sacred Beings living in a Sacred World full of prosperity, joy, happiness and incredible beauty I never knew could ever exist around me as well as within me, I had found the perfect peace I searched for all my life and was so honored to share it with the Girls I love!  I am so glad this story had a Happy Ending and We Lived Happily Every After!  Thanks for reading my story friend The End!  (quit reading while you have the chance hint hint!)

    On one particular sunny bright day The Girls and I decided to play Hide and Seek.  It was right after we had one of the most delicious meals from the fruits of the trees providing us the most succulent nourishment I ever tasted.  Every meal was prepared with perfection from our little group and I treasured every meal we had together as a family.  Right after I finished the last morsel of food on my plate Aphrodite quickly rose up and said "You'll never find me!"  and ran off as fast as she could, Isis was next and proudly said  "Aphrodite is going to hide in the middle of the pond Aries, go get her, as for me Ha!  You'll never find me!"  and ran off into the woods faster than Aphrodite did!  I protested to Isis "Hey how do you know I am going to be looking for you?  Astraea did not beat me saying the magick words yet!"  I was laughing as hard as I could because the girls knew I was going to be It They have a perfect record at beating me in all the games we play, but not this time! I quickly began to say the words to make Astraea the one who would have to search for us, but seeing her batting her pretty little eyelashes and sad smile it momentarily stunned me and I quickly asked her  "Is everything alright Astraea?"  Her sad smile turned wicked and said  "Yes my love everything is better since you forgot to say You'll never find me!"  she took off like a deer, laughing hysterically at catching me off guard, and I was the one left holding the bag once again ha ha!  You see in our game the last one to say you'll never find me is the fool that has to look for the other ones that beat you to saying those magick words!  I was laughing my head off and wasn't concerned about finding them.  Yes they were incredibly fast, but they were very terrible at hiding in this game since they were always too happy and always laughing away, especially as I neared their hiding place!  I heard Astraea's hysterical laugh first, she was hiding in a clearing behind a lone tree just beyond the thick brush I was traveling in.  I was trying to be quiet, but the leaves I was crunching on, not to mention the larger smooth rock I stumbled on, and the loud laughing I was making, made it impossible to sneak up on my little hiding princess!  Laughing with all my might I jumped out of the brushes into the clearing and yelled in the most sincere way I could  "BOO!"  Astraea was laughing so hard I thought she was going to choke but she was no where's near this area and I was puzzled.  I cautiously approached the tree and found that there was a very pretty shinny apple  laying on the ground with some writing on it.  I went over to the apple and picked it up to read what was written on it laying down so innocently by the lone Tree that looked so familiar!  The front of the apple had two words on it "The End"  Hmm, very odd, I had a lost look on my face as I was scratching my head and turned the apple around.  I found that there was more writing on the other side.  "December 24, 2011"  I dropped the apple and for the first time in over a month I let out a hurtful scary cry  "UGH!"  Fast as lightning she appeared laughing exactly as Astraea from behind the lone tree and said "Hello young man so glad to see you again!"  It was Granny!  but was I supposed to be happy to see her given the odd and evil way she appeared to me?  "Granny what's going on?"  She was as young and pure as the girls were,  and since I was not getting anything from her verbally I tried to read her soul since that was one of my specialities in Witchcraft.  Trying to read her only made me dizzy though, and confused, so I had to quickly break away from my altered state of mind or I would be lost forever in insanity!  She was a hard read and I was getting no help from my Craft, so I tried to confront her verbally once more hoping to get the answers I so desperately needed!  "Quit using your peasant magic on me boy!  Don't you know Witchcraft is an Abomination to the Lord we serve?"  Her tone of voice was stern and angry but before she could say another word I lashed back at her with some revelations of my own.  "Listen Granny, I don't want to hear anything about how we sinned and are going to get kicked out of our paradise.  We did absolutely nothing wrong do you hear me!"  Granny was old again and had a crooked smile on her face when she she said "Oh really?  You picked up the forbidden fruit and then used Vile Witchcraft to try and read what was in my mind young man, how more guilty can you be?"  I quickly changed my tactics because I understood in an instant that there was a more important issue besides my meager life I had to deal with  "Ok Granny I confess, I am guilty and will leave from this paradise under one condition!  Let my girls stay here, they did nothing wrong!"  I was shocked to hear what granny said next.  "Ok young man, it is a deal, I only need to ask them one simple question and they will be allowed to stay here forever is that agreed?"  I was speechless but finally said  "OK granny agreed!"  to my surprise all three girls were hiding just behind the tree nervously waving and smiling at me as they came forward to surround me.  We all clasped hands and formed a circle as Astraea whispered into my ear with her sweet soft voice  "Sorry Aries, we wanted your last day in the Garden to be the happiest one of your life to the very last second, until it was time to leave from our sacred home!"  Granny approached our little family and asked one of the most simple questions for the girls to answer!  "OK, girls this question is for Astraea!"  I pleaded with her to please say the right answer, she squeezed my hand and asked me.  "Are you sure you want me to answer her Aries?"  "Yes Astraea, please!  Don't do this to me!  Stay here with the girls!  It is the best gift you can give me my love!"  tears were streaming down my face as granny asked the question that caught me off guard.  "Astraea, are you willing to give me the book you have been holding all this time to the rightful owner?"  Astraea looked puzzled for just a moment and then had a Revelation that made her break out into one of the cutest smiles I ever seen on her face.  "But I am the rightful owner Granny, why would I give the book to you?"  Granny was furious  "Blasphemer!  That book has been around since the very beginning of Adam and Eve and is owned by our Almighty God Himself!  Do you still dare to say the book rightfully belongs to you now?"  Astraea said with certainty "Without a doubt Granny it is mine until December 24, 2011 at 5:39:58 pm!  At that time you can pull it out from my dead hands!  Does that sound good to you?"  We had perfect weather in our little paradise, but suddenly dark ominous clouds were approaching from the North and lightning began to strike everywhere with a furry!  Granny responded to her proposition with words I never want to hear again and made me Loathe her from this day forward.  "That can be arranged little girl, Now enjoy your last night on Earth before you Burn in Hell you filthy Heathens!  As for you Aries, God has Forgiven You!  You may return back to this paradise once you perform a very small task for Our Glorious Lord and Savior!"  I looked at Granny with amazement!  "And what small task is that Granny?"  Granny returned to her young graceful powerful self one last time as she wickedly said "Take the book away from Astraea at exactly 5:39:58pm tomorrow and return it to the rightful owner, since this Filthy Heathen willfully Disobeyed Our Glorious Savior!"  I was shocked  "But the book is the only thing that will keep them alive on that faithful day Granny!  They will instantly die the minute it is given back to me and I stop holding their hands!"  The very last thing I heard Granny say to me was something so hideous, it blinded me with Rage!  "that is why it is such a small task Aries, Dead Evil Witches cant hinder you from returning the book to the rightful owner my son!" 

    I was so filled with rage and anger that lightning struck all 4 of us instantly!  What is it about my anger and lightning?  I'll never know the answer to that one I guess, but a funny thing happened during our expulsion from the Garden Of Eden.  All 3 girls had just enough time to say something to Granny just before the lightning hit us.  Astraea picked up the apple I dropped and said to Granny  "See you later Granny, don't forget to bundle up during The Sacred Yule Winter's Solstice!"  Aphrodite took the apple from Astraea and said  "Thanks for giving this Filthy Heathen one more night to take a bath before she dies tomorrow Granny!"  Isis was the last one to hold the apple, she shined it up, kissed it and then tossed it directly at Granny and said  "Hey Granny, you look hungry, Here's our last meal gift to you, Enjoy!"  the apple would have hit her directly in her face probably right in her mouth!  Isis had a great aim, but the pure fear and agility of this old woman made the apple miss her.  Poor Isis, I guess she didn't realize that if that apple even brushed up against this Mighty Guardian Angel of the Garden of Eden it would have doomed her along with us.  Yes every emotion was coming out of me from Extreme Rage to pure Laughter and then the lightning hit us and we fell from the Garden of Eden.  Just before we fell back to our earthly town though, I saw that Granny recovered from the apple incident, picked up her cane, turned it into a mighty flaming sword, and began to turn it around in circles continually, to guard the way to the East side of the Garden Of Eden and the Tree Of Life!

    "Oh girls, I am so sorry I failed you!  Please forgive me!"  Isis came up to me and put my hands in hers  "Oh, Aries, are we a family?"  I couldn't help but notice how warm and loving her hands were as I responded  "We're family till the end of time Isis!"  she smiled at me and asked  "And do you love us?"  I smiled back at her and said  "I love all of you more than life it self Isis!"  Isis was so wise and thoughtful, she truly is a great leader to listen to when times are tough  "then how did you fail us Aries?  Our love for one another is what makes our life complete and that love we have for one another will never fade away!  Do you understand that my love?" She knew how to cheer me up and all I could say while smiling at her was "Yes Mam!"  I laughed and gave her a hug.  I learned so many lessons from my loving, wise witches, and needed to learn so many more, but with so little time left, I had to start making the right decisions or our World is Doomed!

    Night time came and we all prepared our Last Supper before the great battle tomorrow!  So funny, in all my life I lived it very sacredly!  Every breath I took, every Sun Set I was able to enjoy, Every meal I ate was done with complete awe and wonder of how much fun it was to be part of this incredible life force!  I was in complete Ecstasy in every thing I did from the moment I woke up to the time I fell asleep and even in my dreams I was living a sacred life.  I ate, slept, drank, breathed, every sacred breath of life, and have no regrets what so ever at being here to enjoy my time with you my friend thanks for keeping me company in my darkest hour of night!

    For our last night together we all slept very close to one another making sure we held each other throughout the night, it was one of the most peaceful nights I ever had and later the next morning we discovered that we all had the same dream which gave me hope for the things to come!  The next morning just before Sun Rise we all woke up at the same time, I was so glad we would get to experience this sacred event one last time.  We quickly formed a circle held hands, and watched with wonder as the Sun rose to greet us one last time!  Oh it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life!  This sacred ball of flame returning to our side of the Earth giving life and warmth to a cold dark world always puts a smile on my face.  It is a never ending cycle of the wheel of life!  Every Human on this planet whether they realize it or not is part of a sacred circle aligned with one common truth that has been happening on our Planet for Billions of years!  Without beginning without end the perfect circle is complete.  You start your journey, and regardless of your destiny, it goes without saying, that you will end up where you started from, it never fails, the sacred circle of life will be complete in every one of your lives!

    We were dancing up a storm so early in the morning just laughing and celebrating the arrival of the sun to our side of the Earth!  Oh it was so much fun, but we had to cut our celebration short, because we had a great distance to travel to by broomstick, and so little time to get there!  The sun just arrived in our area, but in Jerusalem it was already 3:30pm!  Only 2 hours remained before the final battle took place!.  Isis gathered our brooms and gave them to us in the middle of our dancing.  We understood why she had to break up our little party, but it didn't keep us from teasing her about it, and Aphrodite protested  "Aw Mom!  You never let us have any fun, work work work is all we ever do, what do you want me to sweep?"  Isis was trying not to laugh, but we were making faces at her and she lost control!

    We could have used the Sacred Realm to get to to Jerusalem in an instant, but we wanted to fly over our land one last time and see as much of our side of the Earth as we could before we had to leave our Mother Forever!  With adrenalin pumping to the extreme, we mounted our broomsticks and began to take off from our sacred forest heading east as the Sun continued to rise in the direction we were heading.  I was amazed how pretty and peaceful everything looked down below but as we gained altitude, I felt an eerie chill as we passed every city, and felt something was wrong.  Every single town we passed by was deserted and abandoned!  We soon discovered that we were the last 4 human beings left on the Western Hemisphere and soon there would be not a single soul left in the West.  The antichrist and satan managed to transport everyone to Jerusalem according to Prophecy and it was a very sobering thought indeed!

    After 30 minutes of flying East and admiring the view from below, Isis rode next to me and said it was time to enter the Realm!  We needed to make up some time if we wanted to see the Mediterranean Sea before arriving in Jerusalem.  "Girls, did I ever tell you how much I hate traveling in the Realm?"  my protests were not answered since we flew side by side holding hands and those words I just loved to hear were being repeated 3 times by the sisters I love "We travel as one, till our Journey is done!"  We were traveling fairly fast about 200 feet from the ground when I noticed that we were about to fly into the dark distorted object quickly approaching our flight path, Aphrodite noticed my concern and sweetly said comforting words to me and then teased me  "Aries, our captain has put the seat belt light on, be prepared for terrible turbulent weather ahead!"  she laughed and squeezed my hand to let me know that she too had problems traveling in the Realm, but our love for one another kept us strong and we passed through the thin veil as one family!

    Because of the speed we were traveling we were only in the Sacred Realm for just an instant, but I still lost my breath for a moment.  Imagine my relief when I opened my eyes to see that we made it to the Mediterranean Sea and we were about 20 miles from the shoreline of Tel Aviv.  Aphrodite was so excited to see the incredible dark marine colors of the calm Mediterranean Sea below us.  She just absolutely loved the water and would spend hours at a time swimming, splashing in any water she could have the pleasure of being in!  As we approached The Tel Aviv Shoreline a very eerie thing was happening.  The entire land was moving away from the sea.  Isis, Lover of Earth corrected me and said that what I was seeing was not land moving, but millions of people heading towards Jerusalem.  Isis has such a love for the land of the Earth, Her sweet earthly fragrance and pure love for her children of the Earth made me so proud and honored to be part of her life!  I wasn't sure what to expect when we crossed over to the land but I heard a lot of celebration from the millions of people below and was horrified to see what was going on below us!  Astraea tried to reassure me and said not to worry, even though it is an unusually warm late afternoon clear day, cold Northern clouds were quickly approaching the area and it would soon rain on their parade!  My loving Astraea, expert of air!  She commanded the very winds with her grace and charm, it felt so good to be by her side!  My girls, so different in personalities and backgrounds, and yet so connected as one, you could not tell them apart!  They were the source of my strength and desire to live!  I was so overwhelmed with pride and joy of the ones by my side, every moment with them was a blessing!
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