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A free verse acrostic poem about WDC and a plea to curb the unnecessary drama.
In lieu of some of the recent behind-the-scenes 'drama' that tends to go on, this is a little poem to remind us of why we came to this site in the first place. Words in bold feature the 'genres' offered on this site.

Well, it's time to write a Tribute
Detailing my Experience in this
Community called Writing.com.

Words are my Career, it's in my Nature
Daily Contests just might be the Death of me, but
Constant Self-help will improve my Writing.

Whether it's a Friendship I might form today
Dealing with Cultural differences, a
Comedy it might be, but all is great News to me.

When you voice your Opinion, I listen
Drama ensuing when Personal crimes are committed
Come rebuild your Relationship, for fear there's a Tragedy.

Weather that storm, please be an Adult
Dealing with such Activity might not be good for your Health
Consider the Business of writing, your true Philosophy.

Winners we all are, when we Fashion thoughts that
Drive us to do Inspirational things, only then
Can we grow. Learn.

                   Become Writers.

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