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What's at the end of a rainbow?

It happened one day while we watching some old western on that ugly brown couch of his.  I wasn’t really interested in the movie because everything was gray.  He was trying to make a move on me, rubbing my shoulders and twirling my reddish hair.  And I was making every attempt to push him away.  He knows I have a hard time of it because he looks so cute with those baby blue eyes of his, but that’s beyond the point.  I was annoyed that he was making a move during a black and white movie.  If anything, he could’ve put something more romantic on like Love & Basketball or Brown Sugar.  So we’re sitting there, well I’m getting a massage, and the commercial comes on (in full color by the way).  And its one of those funny skittle commercials where the kids are sitting on the rainbow and one of them pops a purple skittle in his mouth, makes a sly comment and the thing breaks and he falls.  I laugh of course, but then my boyfriend makes a stupid comment.

“You think there are really skittles at the end of the rainbow?” He asks.

“What? Are you kidding me?” I respond back.

“No, think about it, Golden.  What if the red, blue, yellow and the rest of the colors really do lead to a bag of skittles?”

I brushed my hands threw his wavy black hair and held it so I could place my other hand against his forehead.  “Are you sure you’re feeling okay, Steve.  You’re not feeling blue are you?  No, you’re just playing with me,” I told him.

“No, I’m really serious.”  He jumped off the couch and looked out the window.  “It just stopped raining a moment ago.  The sun is out and the grass is turning greener.  I bet you that we can find a rainbow out there.”

“A rainbow is not really solid.  It just a separation of colors like a prism,” I said trying to turn him straight, “You know, white light hits the prism, and bam, you got colors.”

“Spare me the lesson, I know all that scientific stuff.  But if it is a possibility, I’m going to find it.”  He squeezed his feet into the nearest shoes he could find which were my dad’s tan slippers, and ran out the door.  If he put the wrong shoes on, he must’ve really been going out his mind.  Maybe that aqua shirt I bought was too tight.  Either way, I wasn’t going to allow him to go by himself.  So I made up a little white lie for my parents on a note, and slipped out the door behind him.

I wasn’t sure how long he was going to keep this up but the yellow hue of the sun was beating down on me.  So there was no way I was going to be walking for a long time, especially with my cute navy blue pumps on.  He was searching the sky for a rainbow; I was scratching the old red polish off my nails.  I was there, but not there, you know what I mean?  Anyway, one of those huge gray military planes passed overhead and suddenly, a rainbow appeared behind it.  And off he went running.

It disappeared into the woods behind the trees whose luscious green leaves created a blanket we couldn’t see passed.  But he went running into the thicket.  And I followed him.  He passed some luscious flowers as we ran, and I couldn’t help but think how I would rather get a pretty red rose than a bag of skittles.

“How long are we going to run before your thick white skull realizes this is false hope?” I found myself commenting.

He stopped and turned around.  I was upset for opening my big mouth but I couldn’t help it.  “Never,” he said bending down, “Because…” He moved some green brush out of the way near my feet and pulled up, you guess it, a bag of skittles.  I smiled halfheartedly, feeling really embarrassed.  “Care for one?”

“They don’t have pink in there,” I said pouting.

“I could lick the red one until it changes colors,” he suggested

“That’s gross,” I said popping one into mouth.  I knew my tongue would look purplish or some variation of once I was done.  “Just because you happened to find a bag of skittles does not prove that they’re really at the end of the rainbow.  It’s just a coincidence.”

“No it isn’t.”

“Yes it is,” I said.

“No,” He continued, “Because I planted the bag there.”

“You brownnosed weasel! All of this was a plan you had beforehand?” He nodded. “How could you do that?  You know I felt right dumb after you found that bag.  Now I feel better.”  I was pretty ticked at that moment.  If I were a cartoon, I would be red and there would be steam coming out of my ears.

“I’m sorry,” He said, “I thought it be funny.  I had everything planned out.  Even the commercial cause it was on a tape.”  I had to think about that one.  How could I stay mad when he had gone threw so much trouble to get a chuckle out of me?  So I laughed and forgave him and then ordered him to take me out of the woods.

He handed me this yellow flower as a sign of forgiveness and led me out of the woods.  But then a question popped into my head later that day, one that I decided not to ask ever: How did he plan the rainbow?

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