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Humor can be an absent friend, but hope is always there for you.
Someone once asked me if humor can be found anywhere. In all situations and at all times. Got me to thinking. Hope can found in any situation even when all is lost. Even people who are positive they are about to die still hang on to that small piece of hope everything is going to turn out for the better. Guarantee those people in the World Trade Towers had hope. Even as they started to feel the rumbling they had hope. The people who jumped from the windows knew it was a short drop to eternity. No one could survive a fall from that high. Yet I know, somewhere within each of them they had some form of hope. Somehow they would live, their family would be okay without them, and etc.

Were any of them finding the situation humorous? Of course not. If there was humor it was the kind we get when things are going seriously out of control. It's called hysterical laughter. That's not humor. It's fear going insane. It's the moment when a person fully realizes their demise is at hand and are folding in on themselves. Yet, I bet hope, however weak, in whatever form, is still there. It's because of this I feel hope is the strongest emotion we have. More powerful than love. How many times have you hoped for love? You ever loved to hope? Would be silly. Hope gives birth to love and is a part of everything in our lives.

When dreams are young they're called wishes. Not yet a dream, but more than a passing thought. Is a wish not as important as a dream and could either one exist without hope? Yes! I know you thought I was going to say no. Most people feel compelled to answer no. I wish I could I fly like Superman, I dream I can fly like Superman, but I have no hope of ever flying like him. It's impossible for a human to step outside and take off like he does. Tried a few times when I was a child and all I got was tired of jumping up and down. Big disappointment to be sure, but I did learn about limitations even dreams and wishes can have. We all learn this in time. Thankfully, most of our dreams are attainable and our hope everlasting.

Laughter may not be found in every situation, but it does keep us amused during the period between the births of our dreams and when we fulfill them. It's a good system and works well. If you ever find yourself panicking and feel like laughing hysterically, go ahead. It better be serious because if you do it during a crisis that doesn't warrant hysterical laughing, somebody will smack you. Bring you back to reality. You'll feel foolish as you walk away hoping people will forget about this embarrassing display sooner than later. They won't forget because these type of memories are like hope, eternal.
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