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Rated: E · Serial · Action/Adventure · #1265416
It's about a girl named Aria who finds something creepy about her new school!
Once there was a girl whose name was Aria. She was your average girl until the day her parents died in a horrible accident. They say her parents died from something they ate but everyone who knew what her parents actually did for a living could figure out that they were poisoned. But since her parents died she was sent to her Aunts house to live with her cousin Mikey. It wasn’t like her Aunt was mean or strict; it’s just that it was like she wasn’t there like the lights are on but nobody’s home. She feed both of them and tended to there needs but other than that it was like the children weren’t even there. But on the other hand Mikey and Aria soon developed a friendship so they could cope through whatever was happening and they knew they could always count on each other. One day while Aria and Mikey were walking home from school same as any other day…or so it seemed at that point any way’s they were walking and Aria said to Mikey “Do you think that something is wrong with your mom?” This was a question asked many times before in their conversations and they still couldn’t figure out an answer no matter how hard they thought about it. “I don’t think so because she would’ve chopped us up by now.” Said Mikey. When they got into the house they realized something was up just by the feeling in the air. When they got into the house Mikey called out “MOM!?!?” Where are you? Called Aria. I’m in the kitchen called their aunt/mom her voice strained. What’s wrong? Asked Mikey worried. Nothing sweetie said Aunt/mom putting on an all too fake smile. We’re just moving that’s all and also Aria sweetie I want you to start calling me mom, OK? Ok said Aria confused. The reason why she was confused is well obvisally first of all they were moving and this was the first time they heard about it. Second is that when Aria first got here her Aunt always said that she wanted to be called Auntie or Aunt since she reminded her so much of her mother or some jazz like that. Also I want you to prefer to Mikey as your brother. Now there was another problem you see Mikey and Aria didn’t look anything alike. Mikey was tan had dark hair and eyes on the other hand though Aria had light blue eyes like drops of water and skin as pale as a snowy day. Putting his questions behind him Mikey asked “Where are we going?” To Ireland said Aunt now mom. We are! Exclaimed Aria. Why didn’t you tell us sooner we haven’t even packed? I packed for you said mom. But still I wanted to at least say goodbye to my friends said Mikey clearly mad. Well you can write to them when you get there ok honey said mom. Fine but where are we going to school or live? Asked Aria. You guys will be going to a nice boarding school and I bought a nice cottage in a Dublin said mom. Now off to the air port said mom. Grab your bags she added. Mikey and Aria looked at each other nervously for comfort and grabbed their bags and headed out the door.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1265416