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by Dawei
Rated: E · Poetry · Cultural · #1265787
Allegorical, metered verse highlighting The Racist's Ignorance
“Insects Reach to Grain”

A small old man began to walk his yard
Sluggishly at first, but soon was stomping hard;
His heels would rise as high as they could go,
Then loudly shake the earth with every blow

Exhausted fast, he was forced to slow his pace,
And so decided on his favorite place
A spot of land, within the Northern side;
Despite its infertility, he stood on it with pride

A minute later, he zipped his coat and turned
And for a moment recalled on what he’d learned:
Stomping hard again through morning light,
He’d make his land become a matchless sight

In fact the man was quite amazed to find
A garden spark and grow in moment’s time!
With happiness he fell to both his knees,
To look at all the plants and fruits and bees

“From stomping hard, my parcel’s grown anew!”
He dreamed of all that working hard could do—
But as he looked more closely, soon he found
A sight that somehow made him turn a frown;

And at that second, a pair of eyes grew wide,
And from a nearby window wondered why
The man resumed his stomps, but now in rage
(Or something else that youth could never gauge)

The boy had waited for the man to cease;
When he grew fatigued, was heard the peace:
“I saw you working hard throughout day,
But all is done, so tell me why you stay”

The man replied, with focus on his feet,
“Because,” he said, “these ants are not discreet,
“I caught one stealing earlier today…
I won’t see all my work get carried away”

“This garden’s very big, I don’t see how—”
“It’s not their place!” he yelled “at least not now;
“I must do all I can to keep them out,
“For they are one thing we can do without!”

The boy was quiet; looking down below,
He saw some bees and beetles come and go
But as he moved in close to give a hand,
He seemed to freeze at once by God’s command.

“But look, a few of them are eating leaves!
“You surely do not want to keep these thieves…”
The old man smiled, and turned his head up high
“You cannot keep them out; although we try,

“But you see the ants, they’re not the same,
“Their crimes are new, and so deserve our shame”

And then he blocked his eyes as though they hurt;
“Besides, their reddish bodies clash on dirt”

The two young eyes made each a single blink
“They’re far too small to take a lot, don’t you think
“Anyone can see the good they do, I guarantee”
“You’re just a little high up there, bend down and see—

The old man said his joints were much too weak
But ceased his stomping once again to speak:
“There’s only bad from where I stand—
“It’s simply ignorance; I’ve always had this land”

Ignoring this remark and kneeling low,
He spoke of all the things he didn’t know
“Most of them are finding little things to eat;”
He paused. “A few are taking rotted wheat”

“Some are digging near the roots of plants,
“Mostly weeds; the flowers hardly interest ants
“I hardly think you’ll miss the things they take
“And look! Those just fought away a snake!”

His olden eyes were shaking with his head;
He barely heard the things the boy had said
By force he gave another small attempt
Though barely did he feel his knees go bent

“I fear that stiffness turns to pain with time
“But you my son are young while I—well, I’m
“Sure you will not judge for height or sight
“And wherever you may land, just make it right”

“So as for me and now, it’s far too late
So go and have your fun with all I hate”
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