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Rated: E · Novella · Action/Adventure · #1266307
Yea. Title under construction.! Hope you like! about two girsl and ther music experence,.
Two girls sat in the back of a high-class Rv one had her knees pulled to her chest, the other’s knees were up on the chair in front of them. They were dressed in slouchy sweats and tee-shirts. “ Hey, if we win, can we go to world?” one asks. “ Dunno.” The other mumbles. Near them, secured in to seats, are two cases. One holds a Violin, the other a Viola. The girl who had spoken first gathered her short blond hair in to a ponytail, her blue eyes now showing. The other one, a dirty-blonde haired green eyed girl, tucked a strand of hers behind her ear. The two girls were of about the same height and weight, although one stood a forth on an inch taller “ Jen?” The blond said. “ Nick?” The other echoed. “ Grab my laptop?” Nick said. Jen sighed and reached for the book. “ Don’t hurt your hands.” A girl muttered from the drivers seat. The two girls sighed collectively. “ We wont, Rina.” Rina was there manager, she took them everywhere and was obsessed with making sure that the two protégées did not hurt their precious hands. “ Rinnaaaaa” Jen complained. “ I agree with her. And, so do James and Kade.” A low voice was heard from the front of the bus. They were the twos guards, Jen and Nick’s mother insisted upon them after some one had, er, tried to kidnap the two. They were annoying sometimes, but helpful the others. “ Yes.” Jen said, “Whatever….”

(End of Intro. IF people like I will post more, well the next chapter is ocmming no matter what, so deal wiht itlol)
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