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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #1266599
It started when Danario had insomnia and turns out to be having a deep sleep at the end.
“Slipping From Sleep”

He sat by the tranquilizing fire, dog-tired and unconscious of his surrounding. The fireplace which he has been gazing for about an hour has come to an end. Insomnia is his malady, his worst enemy and his worst nightmare. Sitting up front the fireplace is his only remedy, he had no choice. After scrutinizing how burnt wood turns to ashes and dusts, he would literally fall asleep.
“What happened?” He asked himself, for he awoke that very morning miserable as he always was. He rose and pondered upon how he came to be in a different place which he calls the island of paradise. “Everything has changed” He told himself, geared up for a new beginning for he has called himself Denario.
He ran as swift as the leopard, following the path of the sun’s rays, leading him to nowhere. Until his errand came to a pause. An alarming of a tiger’s pressence came to his sense. He tried to walk soundlessly, hapless, he jumped and landed on a random branch of a tree. It made a click sound but lucky for the dirtied Denario. The tiger was perhaps deaf and unaware of it’s surrounding. He advanced, assuming to encounter more obstacles. Later on he found a stray horse. “What is this odd horse doing in here and why does it have wings?” He asked himself.
He rode on it, and it flew hastily leading him to a city downtown. “Wow, this is unbelievable” He said to himself. It’s as if he saw the whole country in his eyes. The horse landing on the place where the people were crowding at. “Why did it drop me here?” He asked himself. Not so long, a woman dirtied with smoke handed him a satchel. He didn’t know what to do with the satchel. He asked the woman, “What shall I do with this?”. The lady didn’t bother to respond instead it was the horse who babbled with him. It said, “You shall reveal what’s inside the satchel when the time arrives”. Denario shocked at first because of the horse talking but replied with a question, “But when will I know when the time has arrived?”. “Destiny”, said the horse.
Suddenly, the crowd started running rapidly back to their houses as if there would be a heavy storm arriving. The woman lead Denario and it’s horse to her tipi. There, they gossiped about Denario’s mission, mission to save their city from the upcoming danger.
“His name is Froid, he will come here when the time arrives and he will use his dark magic to control our bodies, you, you’re sent to us from above, to save us, rescue us from evil, you’re our only hope, the lord has given you the power and strength to destroy evil.” “In that bag I gave you lies the “Fang of Garm”, it is the only jewel that you can use to eradicate Froid. “You must hasten for you don’t have that much time”. “Train yourself and be ready for a bloody war.”, said the woman.
Denario kept himself busy training, only stopping to eat and rest, for he believes the woman and God. 10 years have passed, the time has arrived. He assembled all his weapons and dress quickly his armors and bandana. He shivered, the coldness crept up his spine and made his hair stand on end. Now he knew that his duty was in it’s pinnacle. He knew of the potent danger the jewel beheld.
Kaboom! Froid with his three hundred soldiers had entered the city. Denario faced him with intrepidity. When he landed the battlefield, the 300 soldiers surrounded him, they all attacked him at the same time. As soon as the 300 soldiers assailed to him his time has come, he has arrived at the place but he comes to his senses but he doesn’t belong there. When he started opening his eyes completely. He saw the fireplace and a lady with a tray filled with food. The lady told him, “At last you woke up, you’ve been into a deep sleep for 10 years”. “I don’t think I have the right to interrogate you young lady, I am old and I don’t think I can move any longer, I am paralyzed, just let me sleep until the end of my life”, said Denario and that was the end of him.

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