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Criticism is Useful !!
What would you do, if you are ill and someone gives you medicine?

You must be thinking, “what a funny Q? It’s obvious that I would accept and take that pill.”

Yes your thinking is correct. If the medicine is sweet, you would take it without any fuss. But would you accept a bitter pill?
Well I guess, your answer would be *Smile*  “Yes, I would take the pill, even though it is bitter, because I am fully aware of the benefits of the pill. I am sure that taking the pill will remove the impurities in my body & make me healthy and strong. In short it will improve my condition”.

So we agree that it’s better to take the pill, whether sweet or bitter, to ameliorate our health.
On the contrary, if someone will not give it to us, we ourselves will take it.
As a matter of fact, if our loved ones don’t give us the medicine, we might feel a little offended thinking that they do not care for us. 

Isn’t it? *Smile*

Dear Friends, Now just replace the PILL with “Advice (Sweet Pill) & Criticism (bitter medicine)” and our illness with our “Flaws or Area of Improvements”.

Irrespective of how the Criticism is delivered to us, understand and analyze the “correctness” of the criticism
and then accept it the same way you would USE a medicine o improve your well-being.

Last but not the least, if you don’t receive one, take a self-analyzed pill.
Do a bit of self-study & I am sure you will definitely find the medicine that you require to take,
For no one knows you better than YOU & You are the BEST Judge of Yourself. 

Ameliorate Your Skills, your knowledge and most importantly yourself.
Accept all good advice (sweet medicine) as well as criticism (bitter pill) that comes your way and do keep working towards your GOALS !!!
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