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how ingnoring your love life with you wife can be one of your greatest mistakes
“What a beautiful day” David thought. The sky was bright with puffy clouds that looked so elegant, he question himself if the world could be like this every day. So he thought for a while,
Thinking of how the world could alter and become a place were stress and torment does not exist. The slow moving wind blew across David’s face forcing his thin, soft hair to gradually move back. His eyes dazzled with innocence, forcing any woman to cherish him. His skin soft, with an olive color. He stood slouch down still daydreaming, until his wife came and stood beside him and kissed his cheek. Her tender lips touched his skin so softly, it felt like a spray of mist that touched his skin and faded away.

Her face gleamed with dissatisfaction. He knew there relationship was beginning to decline steadily, But he didn’t want to abandon or come away from her. He wanted his marriage to stay the way it’s supposed to be. Being happy with each other, trusting each other, and giving each other what they both deserve, love, But David knew this was not the case, it was the exact Opposite. Her meaningless eyes position with David’s confused eyes.

“I love you” she said. Her face seem so pale; it was like being face to face with a dead woman

“I love you to” David said and later set his gaze back at the clouds.

His wife then enters house. David never thought he’ll be in a situation like this. What will be the solution? Divorce? He quickly slaps his face. David’s mind is overcrowded with thoughts. He soon goes back in his house. His house was decent size, It has three rooms (which two out of three are not even used) 2 bathrooms and a small yard.
David takes a deep breath and sits down on his comfy couch. Sitting on his couch makes him feel relaxed, like nothing serious is going on .Everything is peachy, if you put it that way. His eyes calmly close until he’s fully asleep.

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