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I will be writing as Elizabeth Turner here from the Pirates movies.
If you haven't seen all the Pirates Of The Carribean movies, this will mean nothing to you. If you have seen the movies, read on. This is what I hope happened after the last pirate movie. I will be writing as Elizabeth.

*Flower2* *Flower4* *Flower5* I am Elizabeth Swan Turner. I am King of the Pirates and my husband Will is Captain of the Flying Dutchman. He will be away for 10 years. We were married in the middle of a battle on board ship during a pirate fight. Unfortunately, Will was killed but Davy Jones' heart was stabbed in a treasure chest known as Davy Jones Locker. Have I lost you? Davy Jones and his crew were already dead but were turned into ugly fish sea creatures and were set to being stuck on a ship out in the ocean for all eternity. That all changed when Captain Jack Sparrow and the soldiers of the Kings Army stoled Davy Jones heart which was kept in a treasure chest. They call pirates evil. Soldiers of the King's Army are worse then pirates. With Davy Jones' heart being stabbed, the fish creatures took Will's heart so he can live on as the Captain of the Flying Dutchman. He is human and still handsome. We can't be together for ten years. We had one day together before he took his place as Captain. We made passionate love and enjoyed every minute of our short time together. I can't be with him on his ship. I moved to an isolated island off the Carribean with fifteen people where pirates are welcome. I was a Governor's dauhter and turned pirate. I have left England all together. There is a bounty on my head I am sure. Captain Jack Sparrow is mine and Will's best friend even though he deceived us and I he says I tried to murder him but I chained him to his ship and kissed him good-bye as his ship sunk and I escaped. There is no honor among thieves and pirates. Jack did help me find the island where I now live. I suppose a part of me loves Jack but Will is the love of my life. I keep hoping Will will show up on the island called Pearl Cove. I live in a nice two story house and work at a Pub. Pirates respect me. After all, I am still King of the Pirates. The King's Army won't bother us here. I see Captain Jack once in awhile. He always greets me with a hug and tells me things would have never worked out between us. He is some what conceited but he is also nice and he does have a good heart and sense of humor.

*Flower4* *Flower5* *Flower6* I have met a lot of friends on this island. Mrs. O'Leery, an older Irish woman reminds me of my mother. She has red hair that has a few gray hairs and I am glad she is here. I am five months pregnant and I wish Will was here to share the joy. Jack hasn't seen him. I miss Will so much. The baby will bring me comfort. I hope Will knows how much I miss him and love him. I wish father were here and my real mother but I am thankful for Mrs. O'Leery.

*Flower5* *Flower6* *Flower3* I gave birth to twins. A boy and a girl. I have named them Tristan and Eden. I wish Will could see them. Mrs. O'Leery is a big help. The twins are so beautiful. Tristan will look like Will and they tell me Eden looks like me. What a comfort to hold my babies! I love them so much. It is as if Will were here.

*Flower3* *Flower4* What a beautiful day! Will arrived today. He is so happy to see the babies. He had no idea that we were having babies. I have missed him so much. Will is staying with us for a few weeks. He will have to go back to the sea. Sometimes, I miss England but we will never be safe again in England. I am content to stay here at Pearl Cove. We get food, clothing and all that we need from passing pirates. Pirates. They have a heart of gold. Will and I have enjoyed being together again. I treasure every minute with him. He loves the babies and me.

*Flower4* *Flower5* It has been two years since I have seen Will. The twins have grown so much. I haven't seen Jack in almost two years. He got to see the babies and he was good with them. This marriage seems non existant at time but I have to be patient. Seven more years and Will and I can be together.

*Flower4* *Flower5* *Flower1* The twins are now six years old. Will came home today. He has decided to give up the Flying Dutchman. A new captain has been chosen. You will never guess who? Captain Jack was killed at sea and now he has taken Will's place. Will has his heart back that I have hidden in the treasure chest all these years. I have Will back. We have decided to move to France. We are taking Mrs. O'Leery with us. Finally, Will and I will be together.

*Flower4* *Flower5* Will, Eden, Tristan and I now live in France. I am doing art and Will makes swords and is a blacksmith. We have a lot of money. We have earned a honest living and our pirate days are behind us. We have Eden and Tristan enrolled in the best schools and we are truly happy. Life is so good for us. Will's father Bootstrap lives with us and he and Mrs. O'Leery are falling in love. France is mine and Will's Paradise. Life is good.

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Neat image of dark pirate woman by best friend Angel.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1268257