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Present demise of our NeoPrez & NeoCronies foretold in Nov 2004 post election piece
***** Same Bush - Lame Bush - Going up in Flames Bush *****

Those who founded our country knew of one plant that must always be uprooted and destroyed. Its nature was such that it could quickly take over and dominate whole regions, to the detriment of all other diversity. They even made strong laws to promote its elimination and prohibiting its cultivation.

Yet, over the last 200+ years, living in a country that was free of this plant has weakened our ability to recognize it as the evil weed it is. In recent years it has begun to sprout and spread across most of the center of our land. Some have even begun to sing the praises of this plant, because of its unusual ability to bear, not one, but two unique and individually tasty fruits. They believe more wealth and prosperity can be amassed by those seeking power through the widespread cultivation of just such a plant throughout the nation. The wisdom and warnings of our founding fathers goes unheeded by them. The very future of our country will soon be in jeopardy if we cannot once again come back to the point where we all know that ---- when a single plant bears both the fruits of Church and State on the same Bush, it must never be allowed to grow on our soil!

Consuming the religio-political mixed-fruit harvest of this Bush has mind altering effects. Elevated levels of pomposity and moral absolutism are prime symptoms. Activity shifts toward the foisting on others of narrowly conceived world views founded on mythological concepts. Dismissing of all unpleasant facts, and bending or ignoring existing laws that do not fit the newly acquired, more viscerally appealing, faith-based approach to life, becomes the norm.

Over the next four years, the insidiously evil harvest produced by this already way too popular Bush will soon make even its most ardent promoters realize, contrary to their earlier shortsighted thinking, that it must now be totally uprooted and burned, wherever it is seen to grow.

Those who preach the benefits of nurturing this Bush, and consuming its mixed-fruit harvest, must lose their tax-exempt status! True conservatives, who actually defend the principles on which our nation was founded, must unite to squelch those weak-thinking liberal promoters of this Bush. To preserve the moral values on which our nation was founded, we must reinstate zero-tolerance for this Bush, and restore the healthier balance from which emerged our great nation.

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