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Neutralize the verbally framed spew of NeoRepubliConMen partners of the Religoius Reich!

Use “right to life” to run YOUR life - not MINE!

REAL Conservatives know this much --- the Constitution needs NO BIBLE TRANSPLANT!

Rule of Law works quite well --- WITHOUT ADDING ANY Fundamentalist Christian Mythological Dogma!

What happens in Your Church STAYS in Your Church (or house) --- not in MY Government!

Stop Bible bashing Judges --- the Bible may be YOUR Constitution, but it's NOT America's Constitution, thank GOD!! And most of us Real American Patriots plan to keep it that way for another 200+ years!

Only in the warped minds of paranoid activist NeoChristian, homophobic, Bush League, RepubliCon men, can gay marriage be turned into a threat to anyone.

What ever happened to the Yippees? We badly need to resurrect their spirit again.

Fake-Conservative, politically re-active, radical NeoChristian Fundamentalists are pushing us toward an American Theocracy. Stand United against them Now, or soon kiss your Freedom goodbye! Overtly Self-Righteous and morally absolutist, these NeoCon-men are sucking away liberty from U.S.All. True Patriots must act to end this fanaticism.

How many aggressively fascist, right-wing Christian do-gooders does it take to torture some useful info out of a falsely accused Islamo-terrorist? The same number it took during the Crusades and the Inquisition. The same number it always takes when God is on your side ---- WRONG NUMBER! TOO MANY! REDIAL PLEASE… Take some digital pictures while you’re at it to show us all what brave, heroic defenders of the American Way you are – NOT!

Sanctimonious, self-righteous, hypocritical, fake-conservative, radical, right-wing Christian activists – self-appointed by God to make things permanently Right-Wing in America (the NAZIs were Christians too, not atheists). Listen up: we are sick to death of your maniacal moral absolutisms. Feed them to yourselves! Go buy a roll of Bible toilet paper, take a big long, messy crap, and then try to deal with the moral dilemma of whether or not to wipe. That’s the biggest decision in my world I want handled by you and your faith-based crew of mythologically mystified misfits!! Put that in your Rapture Pipe and smoke it!
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