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Satirical Memo to departing Sec. of State Donald Rumsfeld
Mr. Donald Rumsfeld – Departing Defense Secretary,
Specialist 1ST Class in Missions Ill-conceived & Un-accomplishable,

When you stay the course, while heading into an ever deepening quagmire (IRAQI/MID-EAST), you will usually end up, most deservingly, sucking pure muck as your last sorry breath. May your career finally die in that swamp of your own creation, never to be re-resurrected; no matter how clueless and lame a president is ever again elected.

I relish the thought that you are, at last, face-to-face with the exact facts of where your special combination of egotistical, know-it-all arrogance, and gung-ho stupidity, has finally delivered you. You are no doubt fully realizing now, that no amount of day-long standing at the vertical desk of half-baked plans, has ever given, or ever will give you the slightest advantage in anything. You see, Mr. Rumsfeld, there are screw-ups who know they are screw-ups, and there are screw-ups who unaware of their status as screw-ups, and then there are screw-ups who can’t even comprehend the concept, that being a screw-up could ever apply to them… and you sir have now become a world-class qualifier all of these categories!

Sweet irony, that much of this quagmire has accumulated from the ceaseless flow of bullsh_t from the lying mouths of you and your crony band of politically mis-guided, NeoConvoluted, NON-veteran, egg-headed wusses.

So, as you march forward, sinking steadily into the deepening muck, I savor the immanent process, about to digest your special brand of infallible incompetence, revealing you to the World as perhaps the ultimate example of the Peter Principle exercised on a global scale.

I do also pray that the weight of responsibility for wasting 100’s of billions of dollars, and bringing 100’s of thousands of lives to horrible and premature ends, now bears heavily down upon you, accelerating you along on your path to the very bottom of the swamp of sad souls.
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