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Chastising Harry Reid for his comments after Republicans drop immigration bill initiatives

Democratic leaders can only respond, it seems, reactively to any aspect of Republican weakness. Nothing Democrats elucidate comes across with any degree of proactive strength. It is always the Republicans who convey strength, even as they CHOOSE which issue they will abandon, they still make it clear THEY are the ones doing the CHOOSING.

Meanwhile, Sen. (D) Harry Reid merely responds to this scenario with the absolutely pathetic and quadrapalegically weak comment - "If Republicans want to spend the whole month on nothing that is relevant to the American people, we are happy to do that."

"Happy to do that" !? Methinks the wrong words to use here Mr. Reid. I am one Democrat who expects my party leaders to be much more than just happy lurkers in Congress. I am certainly NOT “happy” to continue passively watching the Congress waste another month on anything, and I will never support any Democrat who acts & speaks as if they are!!!

Regardless of how much well deserved hurt the totally blamable Republican Party accrues, steering our ship of state ever further into the endless doldrums of the Sea of Irrelevant Issues, as they desperately troll for their next politically expedient hot button issue to net them another November election boatload of sucker fish votes, when I hear your smug declaration of being a "happy to do that" kind of guy, it makes me sick deep down inside.

Many a day under the current Republican regime has already come and gone, as they have managed to weather some serious shit storms of their own making. They have bumbled and fumbled some heavy loads of shit. repeatedly dropping them into the proverbial spinning fan. So to those Democrat leaders who stand around in Washington, waiting for their moment to say “we told you so…” as shit happens, more shit happens, shit piles up, shit starts to stink, shit piles up even higher, until finally, the shit pile actually grows so high it really does hit the (ceiling) fan, I say --- it’s time your generation of Democrats learns the lesson of just how far the shit can fly! The special potency of this lesson is long remembered by those most eager and ready to gloat, as instead, they find themselves wiping the mess off their own smirking faces.

So, Mr. Reid, I say get a clue and a shovel, and start digging feverishly at the base of that steadily growing, Republican built, six years high shit pile in Washington. Win control of congress and start some hearings to expose the fraud. Get in the face and slow the pace of those misguided fake-conservative NeoCon-Men, who continue full speed ahead into the ever deepening Iraqi quagmire, spending our country toward third world levels of indebtedness, abandoning rule of law as they see fit, and re-interpreting the Constitution to suit their own short sighted agendas.

Get out of the dugout and step up to the plate. Giving out interviews from the on-deck circle is sure not going to win any games. Yes, step up to the plate and take a few good cuts at Rumsfeld , Gonzales & Rove, and be ready for some head-high heater brush backs too. Just dig in and work the count. Do whatever it takes to get some hits, because no matter how drunk with power these Republican NeoCon-Men become, they are still a long way from walking in the winning run for you Democrats in November. You guys are going to have to finally remember what it takes to swing a mean bat again, and soon!
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