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A letter of repentance.
Dear Jesus,

  I'm sorry that I've been casting You aside for so long. All these years, I've been purposely pushing You away so I could do whatever I felt like doing. And every single time, I failed.
  I know it must have hurt so bad, being thrown away like yesterday's garbage. I know how that feels-people have been doing it to me for years. I know I've done a lot of things to disappoint You-the hating, the plotting, the seething anger, the bitterness, the vengeful feelings, the impure thoughts, the jealousy...You and I both know I could go on forever about all the horrible things I've done.I'm not trying to make excuses. There is no excuse.
  How, after all of that, can You still love me? I'm not worth loving, Jesus. I know I'm not. I don't know how You could possibly still love me, but I'm glad You do.
  I'm so, so tired, Jesus. I can barely lift my head for the exhaustion that has set into my soul. I have aged so much. I'm 18 going on 90.
  I'm sorry for every bad thing I've ever done, Jesus. I don't wanna run around in circles anymore. I've been stumbling in the dark for far too long.
  I know I've done You wrong, and I know I've hurt You countless times over, and I know You deserve so much better than me, but...I love You.
  I will do anything You ask, I will spend the rest of my life making this up to You, if You want, I'll do anything, just...please, please, PLEASE, just this one last time, take me back?


                                  Your humbled servant
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