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It's an intro to a story about a boy who goes through trials throughout his freshman year.


“Why are you being such a jerk, Dan??” Spits said to me. “Because you’re an annoying little punk ” I replied quickly. Spits thought for a second. “I haven’t changed a bit since we have been friends. You have changed, though. You’re always trying to act tough for Michelle and never think about what you’re saying and how it hurts others ” At this…I froze. There I was standing over my so-called “best friend” in a fit of rage. “How could this have happened?” I think to myself. I guess I’m going to have to have a flashback and remember what happened.
It’s six o’ clock on Monday morning right now, my first day of high school. I am determined to make a good first impression on the upper-classmen. I’m going to dress in my best clothes That’s going to be my gray suit with my red tie. I’m going to where those nice dress pants I got over the summer for Aunt Judy’s wedding. Those dress shoes will look good too I need to find a good hair style to match my outlook. I tried spikes, but they didn’t go well with my hair. It was too long, you see. I found the perfect style I parted it down the middle and combed it back.
As I walk out to the bus stop, I see Spits. Spits is my best friend ever We met a couple years ago at camp. He was the guy who put all the frogs in the girls’ cabins. It was so hilarious None of the ladies got any sleep that night. If you were wondering, “Spits” is his nickname. His real name is Marvin Fanter. His nickname is “spits” because for every stunt he pulls, he can just spit out an alabi and the adults believe him. The same thing goes for when someone starts talking dirt to him. He can spit out those comebacks one after another. Anyways, I notice that Spits is wearing a T shirt and jeans.
“What’s are you doing?” I yelled.
“Wuchya mean?”He said
“Aren’t you gonna dress nice?”
“Why dress up when you can be comfortable?”
I was thinking of a way to explain what I was thinking, but the bus interrupted our conversation. When we were getting on the bus, Nikki was there waiting for us in the middle row by the emergency exit windows. She pulled us both back to the row across from her, but she forced Spits to sit next to her. It’s actually a funny how clueless he is about Nikki having a crush on him.
“What are you wearing?” Nikki asked.
“It’s called clothes ” Spits said with a smirk
“I know that, dummy ”
“I know, I know. But seriously, Dan, what’s with the whole dress-up game?”
It took me a while to go through my plan and explain how important it was to me to not be a normal freshman. I had to stand out in the crowd. People are not going to be calling me “Freshman”; they are going to be saying, “who’s the cool new guy?” When I was in middle school I was “The Man” because I could bench press one-fifty, even though I only weigh one-twenty. Not only can I do more than that now, but also I could get an “A” on a test without even studying. That’s all I really have to offer these upper-classmen, but I’m sure it will be enough.
The bus is just arriving at the school. Nikki, Spits, and I grabbed our things and got off the bus. As we stood there at the entrance to the high school, I took a deep breath. As I was about to make my “Glamourous Entrance” Spits takes off running with one thing to say... “I’ll race ya ”
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