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by kura
Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · War · #1270752
Edward spills his secret to his father's dismay
"What's this?" shouted Edward running out of the room to meet his father. His father was a few metres away. Edward held the paper in the air.
"What's this?" he repeated. His father turned round staring at the peice of paper and ignoring Edward's shouts.
"Edward" started his father.
"You can't" shouted Edward.
"It's for your own good" said his father calming himself down and trying to do the same for Edward. He looked around at all the men staring at him, not at Edward, at him. He led him into the room Edward had strode out of.
"You can't send me back!" shouted Edward waving the peice of paper in the air. His father sighed. He had enough of patience, his angry side was about to show. He grabbed the peice of paper from Edward's grasp and hid it in his pocket.
"You are not a three year old boy" said his father. Edward stared at him. All the protesting had dissapeared.
"You are a soilder, and you better start acting like one!" shouted his father.
"You can't send me back" said edward in a more quiet voice than the last one but still not talking.
"I cant let you stay here, you'll get in my way" said his father.
"No I won't" said Edward trying to think of words that would win the argument. While his father was shouting at him, Edward thought about it. He waited untill his father had finished.
"Actually, it's your fault" said Edward in a talking tone.
"What?" hissed his father.
"I didn't ask you to take me away from that argument" said edward. His father thought about it. Even though he hated to admit it, Edward was right.
"I'm staying here" said Edward taking one final look at the defeat on his father's face.
"Because whether you like it or not, i'm part of this army, and part of this country" he finished walking out. His father took the paper out of his pocket. He ripped it in half and put it back on his desk. He didn't know why he had wrote it in the first place. What he had said in the argument were just the first words he could think of. It was sort of like the reason why he had put the ripped paper on the desk and not in the bin...there wasn't a reason. Edward headed back to his tent. He stormed in and ignored all five men.
"What did you get?" asked Billy sitting next to him on his bed. Edward stared at the ground.
"Nothing" said Edward as if he was in a daze.
"Nothing?" asked Billy. Billy was confused, he had heard that officers were very strict and even worse when soilders missed behaved.
"Why was that?" asked Cyril sitting on Edward's bed and joining in on the discussion. Edward sighed. He might aswell tell them. He let out another sigh to prepare himself.
"Guys" he said getting the attention of Frank, Rory and Oliver. Everyone was looking at him.
"I need to tell you something" he said.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1270752-Choices-Of-The-Heart-Part-7