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by kura
Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · War · #1270948
Edward has yet another conflict with his father
"Very good joke" said Rory getting up.
"No it's true" said Edward. Cyril laughed.
"Your telling me that he's your father" said Cyril.
"Yes I am" said Edward annoyed that no one believed him.
"That's why he let you off" said Billy making no movement.
"Well he didn't let me off, he dis owned me" said Edward getting quiet.
"Oh, I got dis owned by my brother, sorry about that" said Frank. Edward just shrugged. Oliver said nothing. He just sat there. Edward was aware of this.
"You can't tell anyone else" said Edward looking around.
"Oh we wouldn't" said Rory walking round the room. Even though Edward liked Rory, he highly doubted it. The next day was torture for Edward. Every time one of them would walk passed his father they would either laugh or glance at him. Oliver did neither. Edward's father wasn't stupid. He knew Edward had told them. And he wasn't exactly pleased about it either.
"Errm Ed, he's outside for you" said Billy in the tent. Edward didn't have to ask who Billy ment by 'he', Edward knew exactly who it was. Edward walked outside. When he saw the anger in his father's expression he instantly directed his eyes to the floor.
"Why?" asked his father putting his hands behind his back. Edward shrugged.
"I see" said his father.
"Listen to me, when you've been here for a couple of years you'll understand this is not a mother's meeting" said his father starting off at a whisper and ending in a shout.
"Years?" asked Edward.
"This is one of the reasons I dont want you here" said his father. Edward waited for the insulting to come.
"You know nothing of war" said his father.
"Oh shut up!" said Edward. Excuse me?" shouted his father out raged that Edward would speak to him in that manner.
"You heard me!" said Edward returning to his tent. As he entered he could see everyone had been listening. Because they all gave him a shifty glance. Except for Oliver who was sitting in the corner reading a book.
"So?" asked Rory.
"I dont want to talk about it" said Edward returning to his bed and staring at the roof of the tent. That night Edward was awoken. Even though he was disturbed from his sleep, he was glad. As he was having a dream where he and his father were having yet another argument.
"Ed get up" whispered Billy. Edward sat up.
"Where are you going?" he asked watching as Frank and Rory pulled their boots up.
"Keep your voice down...we're going to a bar" said Billy. Edward looked at him. He knew what Billy was asking in his look.
"Oh alright then" he said getting up from his bed.
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