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A queen's lifestyle.
The Queen of England

Beefy red soldiers stand put outside her palace,
a red carpet spread along the floors to welcome her presence.
Horses clip-clop on the pavement and there she comes
sitting in a carriage and waving her hand to the crowd.

She steps into her palace, her head held high.
A smile on her face and her bright blue eyes.
Trumpets playing in a loud, booming rhyme,
Her crown shining as bright as the sun in the sky.

She sits on her throne at the end of the hall,
Flashes of camera shutters go snap snap snap.
She merely smiles and waves to all,
Before leaving to the dining hall at the first floor.

As the clock strikes four in the evening,
The Queen sits down to enjoy her tea.
Enjoying her chocolates and freshly-baked biscuits,
With patience in her heart and speaking good manners.

When the clock strikes nine at night,
All the servants turn of the lights.
The Queen heads of to bed on the second floor,
She knows there's still a tomorrow.
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