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by monga
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My feelings
January 22 2005 my daughter Amy was killed in a car accident. There are many quesions involved in this accident, she was not where she was supposed to be. Where was she coming from, going to, where is her jewelry, her special things? Somebody knows things from that night and no one will tell us! This death should have brought together the entire family but instead everyone has gone their own way, each feeling as if their grief is more important or they hurt more than the other, others think we, her parents should be moving on with our lives, they don't understand that we can not! This girl was only 30 years old and left behind a baby, she was also the only child my husband ever had and she was raised by him alone until I came along. People do not understand that he can not get over this death of his only child. No parent should ever bury their child! He can not grieve with me yet so we grieve alone. We are just now able to talk about her. Why is it that very few people can understand our pain. You know the world should have stopped the day she died, I remember leaving that hospital thinking why are those people still laughing as they drive by, walking, talking, why has the world not stopped when ours did? Still this many months have gone by and EVERYTHING is still about her, songs, movies, books, even commercials. Somebody must understand!!!!!! People WE ARE STILL HURTING, SO GIVE US OUR SPACE!
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