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by Mandy
Rated: E · Poetry · Drama · #1272639
Poem about friendship and dealing with a relationship gone wrong
Could Never

I could never think of the right words to say
As you confessed your sorrow to me
Over another boy who broke your heart.
As always you’d given away your heart too quickly
And got nothing in return
Except nights filled with tears,
An empty feeling,
And the insecurity of not knowing what you did wrong
Or what you lacked.
Even if everybody else could see
that it was absolutely nothing.

Now all that’s left of him is another bruise
On your already scar speckled heart.
A bruise that heals with time
never completely goes away
will be a constant reminder
lurking in the shadows of your heart
ever present warning you to beware
of those who will take your heart too lightly
to be vigilant in your search
for your hearts match
who’ll fill in the voids left after the massacre.

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