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little princess

My little princess is blossoming right before my eyes
With her disarming charm, she makes my heart, a piece of melting ice
Her smile, her walk, her talk, her style, are so full of spice
I can’t help, but think of her and break into a smile

My little princess is blossoming right into a queen
I thank God everyday, theres still time to her eighteen
Looking at her, I amaze, how quickly she grows
Into a sprightly young lady, as charming as a rose

My little princess, right now is sitting besides me
And going through ‘goodnight moon’ as quickly as can be
She reads close to a hundred books, quite the scholar is she !!
Sometimes you can’t keep up with her, even with great agility.

My little princess right now, is puzzling over a shape
She turns the cards in her hands and stares, her mouth agape
She tries to match her endless wit and her very tiny brain
To the puzzling pieces in front of her, lying all poorly slain

She frowns and thinks aloud too much, a bit too loud for the meek
She throws them up in frustration, and she hides them in a creek
And she cries a lot of tears too much, and cries herself to sleep
My little princess right now, is dreaming in too deep

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