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Poem depicting silence of suffering women, with a reference to Hillary Clinton.

No doubt silence is golden
But it can well embolden
Others to be violent
To those who remain silent.

Silent is a little girl,
Sweet eyes shining like a pearl,
Who sees her brother well fed
Though she is denied her bread!

The vile cruel Taliban
Imposes on girls a ban
That they have to stay indoors
So as to guard the boys’ mores!

In the Wahabi Islam
Silence is enforced, a sham.
There the women must be veiled,
Even ankles not revealed!

Silent is a poor wife who
Has borne lovely daughters two;
Husband wants a son, for sure,
So he brings in wife one more!

Silent are Muslim women
For whom talaq’s ill omen
Hangs on the head like a sword
If the husband speaks that word!

Silent is Indian bride,
Who is beaten every night
Since dowry she did not bring.
Burn or hang her from a string!

Silent is made the newborn
Girl whose life is simply torn
Through female infanticide,
Even, female foeticide!

Silence is golden they say.
Maybe it’s the other way.
Forced silence is barbaric.
It is an act satanic!

Silence of those who can speak
And justice for themselves seek
Can be called exemplary
Only when voluntary!

Women, rise, don’t be silent.
You are not for silence meant.
When silence afflicts the brave,
It is silence of the grave!

* Written in aabb, 7-7-7-7 format

*Inspiration for writing this came from the report in Hindustan Times dated 12 June, 2003, regarding how the then Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (who later became the Foreign Secretary) wrote a whole chapter titled ‘Silence is not spoken here’ as part of her memoirs “Living History”, after she was inspired by a poem ‘Silence’ written by a 20 year old college girl Anusuya Sengupta, who presented it to the former First Lady during her visit to India in March 1995]

* Originally written as item 712443, which was deleted 2 April 2005 and this poem was included as entry 338496 in WOMEN'S AND GENDER ISSUES, "Invalid Item. Re-posted as staic item on 6 June 2007.

MC Gupta
12 June 2003

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