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From The Lisa Lansing Diaries - NOTE: Now includes photo of Lisa Lansing - yet more clues
This poem was taken from the transcript of "Trinity Lost", the last of four transcripts prepared for the novel, "The Diaries of Lisa Lansing." The novel includes all known diaries written by Lisa Lansing, along with certain poems which are purported to provide clues to her whereabouts. Although many of the poems discovered during the investigation of Ms. Lansing's original disappearance are believed to be written by Lisa Lansing herself, this has not been completely established.

While the first two transcripts, "I'll Always Be Your Friend" and "Yellow Bandana" have been released in part to readers of Writing.com, much has been withheld at the insistence of investigators. However, permission has been granted to include a photo of Lisa Lansing and Dallas Police Deputy Chief Jack Goldman together. It would seem the photo was taken shortly after Goldman - then a Sergeant - located Ms. Lansing in the late nineties and helped her escape across the Mexican border into Arizona. It is also believed the photograph was taken sometime before she disappeared again in 2001. However , this is not certain since there appeared to be several discrepancies in the photo, one of which was the apparel worn by Goldman.

The photo was, in fact, found taped to the underside of the original document which contained the poem, "Finding Trust". That document was inserted into one of the diaries known to have been written by Ms. Lansing. The poem was also included in the "Trinity Lost" manuscript. Both the diary and manuscript were discovered in the front yard of a house on Calmont Avenue in Fort Worth, Texas. Left inside an aluminum briefcase, the documents were discovered when the owner of the home noticed the briefcase leaning against the center live-oak tree of five live-oaks in the yard in October of 2004.

They formed the following pattern:

x x
x x

The reason the authorities have given permission to include the photo is due to the fact that Chief Goldman is also the subject of a nationwide search as he disappeared as well in 2003.

Finding Trust

Lisa Lansing

Day one brought a dream, treasured and replayed
to feel the warmth of flesh to skin.
On that afternoon of natural surprise
enough intensity coursed inside to know
what stirred within would come again
(unexpectedly) expected.

A malediction spread its magic black
across the hours promised
in a game of wasted years.
Thought to harm at first,
salvation's seeds were planted
by that favor in disguise.

Those wise have taught on being lost
and say one way to find the way
is seek the start.
If the search leads somewhere fresh,
the best of those tested
unearth treasures earned and not.

With a strength unseen but never hidden,
we sought what we started
and looked behind Illusion's Lock
to find outside each, but inside both
Infinite Trust, the manna of love known true
unreleased by me, held ever worthy by you.

Jack and Lisa

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