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this is a character monologue that was created for my fourth hour English class
Juliet            (written and spoken)Dear my beloved Romeo, (stops writing, looks at her work) nay, (crosses out writing),
(writing, again)Dear Romeo,(pauses, looks at her work) Aye, Dear Romeo,
(written and spoken) where art thou, Romeo? Wherefore must I love thee my beloved family's worst enemy? Perchance wert thou any other man, my family wilt approve, but alas they shall ne'er approve, for on the morrow I shall be wed to Monsuior Paris, that discusting cur.
So tonite, I shall drink a potion that wilt put me in a sleep so deep 'twill appear I died.
O what I would give to feel thy touch. O what I would give to recieve thy kisses, O what I would give to wake up in thine arms.
O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou O Romeo? If only 'twas not true, if only I canst openly pledge thee my troth, fore'er. If only my parents would tarry withal the wedding.
wherefore must thou be hither?
Wherefore must I be hence?
'Tis a sorry day when I must feign mine niceness, when I must feign thou art mine enemy.(stops writing and sands her paper)
(says as she gets up and walks over to the window) why must I have fallen in love with the man, who, in father's conceit, is a 'dispicable little womanizer'. and who cousin Rosaline once said tried to force himself on her, she said, "No-one in their right mind would ever love that man!" well, I guess I'm not in my right mind then. (sighs) (stands at the window and says the following) Oh, moon that shines so bright, art thou the same moon mine love sees tonite?
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