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An outline of a novel I'm hoping to publish.
Hey I wrote a novel around these outlines and I'm just seeing what y'all would think of it...peaz dont ask questions, I have the whole book written and all the mysteries are definitely solved. :)

Summary: A girl (Nicole) and a boy (Nicholas), both 15, are forbidden to be with each other according to each family's religion, though they love each other. The two concoct a plan in which Nicholas fakes his death, but in fact runs off with Nicole, (who, in the public's eyes, is missing) and the two end up hiding in a dark, dirty attic. Their final plan is to finally reappear three years later, where they are legally adults, and can marry without having to have their parents' permission. But soon to find out, they have run out of food, and the two die from starvation. They die in each other's arms.

Setting: It will be a winter setting, snowflakes beginning to fall on a daily basis.


Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Birthday: April 17th
Age: 15
Religion: Christian

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Birthday: October 3rd
Age: 15
Religion: Muslim

If interested, please contact me, I can email anyone who's interested the first chapter. =o)
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