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Why and how I review
You are probably here because I reviewed one of your items. Many people are confused and overwhelmed by my reviews. If I put you in this position, I apologize. Read on, then email me with any other questions.

I review in the way I want people to review my works. When I ask for a review, I want a full explanation of what was going through your head as your read my story. I will only get better with detailed, honest feedback.

Here is the basic outline I use when writing a review.

What caught my attention?
Where was I bored?
What did I find interesting?
What did I find confusing?
What happened that I expected? Did it feel “cliché-ish?
What happened that I didn’t expect?

Could I see the setting?
Could I feel the setting?

Which characters did I connect with?
Who was the most believable character? Why?
Who was not believable? Why?

What did I like most? Why?
What did I like the least? Why?

I will copy your work and add my color-coded grammar and spelling suggestions within the body of your work.
Comments (Wow! I like this./I’m really confused here.) will be in blue.
Critiques/suggestions (Have you tried. . ./Maybe reword like: . . .) will be in red.
Grammar/spelling suggestions will be in green.

Please remember, the things I write are my suggestions only. I am not the final authority on any grammar or writing style. This is your work, you have the final say about which, if any, of my suggestions you choose to take.

Please email me with any questions and let me know when you have reworked your item. I would love to look at it again.

Write on!

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