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how easily a moment of grumpiness arises and diffuses away just as quickly...
Yesterday, made up my mind
to go for Winny’s.
Heart started pumping harder.
For what? I now reflect.
For behind me, driving over the Penang Bridge,
all the time, wedding in Seberang Jaya.
Held in Sunway Hotel,
fear of being late,
fear of Hubby’s lecture.

Phone rang,
thinking to myself,
How so silly I’ve acted.

hosting thirty tables for two days.
His arrival, I panicked
and was on the verge of
feverish, heavy-chested, a little blue,
I remembered
throwing a tantrum.

Yet to pick my shoes underneath
Paulho Coelho’s book,
to live up to the moment,
once in a pile of boxes, unpacked.

My stomach growling while
- still fickle-minded,
when is the best moment for
impending hunger pangs?
And it’s time for my next dose
seize the day! – I decided to go.

An hour left before
Paracetamol. Hubby strolled in,
Calm and happy,
comes to pick me.
My frantic effort
To-get-ready manner,
diffuses much of my tension.

He helped with my
Bath, wash my hair and blow-dry it.
Skittle-heeled shoes.
Unhurriedly did my hair (I wrapped
eyeliner in unpacked boxes
lying around the living hall
casually in the end).

Patiently, he waited.
Sharpen the blunt end.
Find suitable necklace to match.
Downed cup of Milo, Paracetamol and
borrowed black cotton dress.
As the minutes tick by,
grumpiness suffused into light grey smoke.

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