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On christmas eve a strange event grips an entire city...
Its Christmas Eve, the whole city is gearing up for celebrations.

But contrary to Mr.Liang's expectation his restaurant was not that full. And so to take out his frustration he turned his attention to two unwanted customers seated at the last table along the length of the shop. He was famous for his ill temper.

''Hey you two if you've finished your stuff get out of here. You’re scaring the customers''

Moku looked at Liang's face red with rage; scared he turned to Kai,

''Listen man we've paid for what we're having, now buzz off...fatso'', came the sharp reply from Kai.

Moku almost melted in fear. He shifted his glances swiftly from Liang's red face to Kai's stern and cold features.

''You brat, I'll show you...''

Moku had no desire to play referee to the wrestling showdown about to commence between Liang and Kai, trying to stop them was futile as well.
Just as the bomb was set to explode another bomb exploded answering Moku's prayers.
Liang’s son had unknowingly harnessed the full potential of the sound system of their ten year old TV set, the six o'clock news bulletin blasted like a bolt of lightning and disarmed the warring nemesis.

"You deaf fool, if you can't handle it why d'you use it you idiot'', Liang's attention now turned to his ''good for nothing'' son. Moku breathing a sigh of relief now turned to Kai. For a moment it seemed Kai had frozen. His glance riveted upon the TV set

''Hey Boss what’s wrong?''

''C’mon Moku we got to move, Kai flung the tab on the table and picked up his jacket, without even waiting for Moku to make a move he rushed out.

''Hey wait for me Boss'', Moku rushed as fast as he could.

Liang loosened his grip on his son's caller and straightened its own

''The nerve of that kid, what a coward''

''Hey Boss wait’ up'', Moku somehow managed to flung him inside the cab. Kai had never before acted so strangely.

''Shinzuku Towers, step on it''

There was urgency in Kai's voice; He's usually quite composed.

''Boss what's wrong?''

''Moku, if you ask me one more silly question I'll throw you out of the cab''

Moku had nothing more to ask.

The cab glided through the city bejeweled with light and Christmas decorations. In twenty minutes they reached the spot.

It seemed like a battlefield. Kai paid the cab and rushed towards the spot, he got under the yellow tape and escaping the few cops, who tried to stop him, reached out for a man in a big rubber suit, and a big hat.
Fire Chief, that’s a fire chief, Moku had seen one of them when his home caught fire a few years ago. Kai excitedly talked with the fire chief.
A heated discussion but seems like the chief gave in. He spoke on his radio for a few minutes and then Kai went in, he went inside the Shinzuku Towers, dark and high.
What was going on? Lost in a crowd of people Moku had no clue, but wait a minute, there was something in the news about the tower, yeah now he remembered. In that sudden blast Moku had managed to hear it.
A young girl had climbed to the top of the twenty storied Shinzuku Towers. She was trying to jump from it. Yeah of course, the police, the brimming crowd, the yellow tape, and the firemen everything makes perfect sense. The chopper flying above must be the media trying to get a shot of her.


It was a long climb. The lifts were out. But somehow Kai has managed to climb up, only one flight remained now.
He got up panting and stood at the doorstep to the roof of Shinzuku towers. He called out to the few firemen who were their they looked at him and hesitated,

’ Didn’t your chief tell you?'' Kai spoke impatiently; hesitantly they left the spot and climbed down the stayers. Kai went up to the roof.

A strong light from the chopper above shone over the girl, she was desperately trying to avoid it. Tugged away at one corner of the roof she looked down helplessly and then somehow looked back at Kai. She was afraid; her eyes were filled with fear.

Three years ago, but not on Christmas eve, a young boy had stood alone at the same spot, trying to make the final decision on his own. He had looked down with fear and pain in his eyes, looked down at death. Tears rolled down like fat pearls down his cheek. Then their were no choppers above, no police or people below. He was alone trying to battle a shapeless enemy. A cross between a hope to live and a craving to put everything to an end.

The same boy, now a man, stood before a stranger, a young girl who beyond any doubt, was now in a battle with the same enemy.

''Look I'm not a police man see, I’m just like you, now please don't do it''

''Don't come closer, I'll jump, I'm telling you’’, she started backing step by step

Kai walked towards her in small steps,

''Listen, nothing good will come of it, once you do this you can't turn back''

''What do you know? Stand back I tell you''

Kai walked slowly and then suddenly shot at her. She couldn’t move an inch. He slapped her hard. She fell down dumbstruck and looked at him with a vacant expression.  Kai took her in his arms and held her gently. After sometime he let her go. She still stared at him blankly.

''It's O.K. I know how you feel, I’ve gone through this before, and three years ago I tried to do the same thing. Its not worth it trust me.''

She was silent.

''I couldn't manage enough courage, but you’re a lot braver. If you have the courage to end your own life, can't you start anew try again one more time? Look I don't know who you are, or why you are doing this, but I know how you feel.''

'You can talk big, but tell me what have you done in all this years, is it worse or different?"

Her voice was stern and cold. The question was unexpected; Kai was silent for a moment.

''No I haven’t started anew, for me its gotten worse. I've become an unwanted appendage to this city. Sometimes I hate myself for what I've become, but these three years I've sort of locked myself up in a cage. But today I've found the key to that cage. For three years I've not been able to decide whether what I did on that day was wrong or right. Should I've just died? But then I met a friend, a brat called Moku; he's healed my wounds to perfection. And you, you’ve given me the key to that cage.Now I'm ready to go back and face the world''

She got up and moved to wards the edge, looking down she spoke softly

‘‘Let me go, I have to''

''All right  then. I'll go with you, we'll jump together''

Moku's cry was lost in the commotion of the gigantic crowd. The whole city saw a bloodcurdling scene unfolding itself either in person or on TV screens. Two insignificant human beings, locked in each other's arms were falling down the Shinzuku towers.

The fire chief wiped his forehead. The commissioner confronted him with a bewildered expression,

''Who was that boy?''

''A guardian angel''

''Why did you let him go instead of trained firemen?''

''I've done my job haven't I. I've no need to explain myself to you, fire me if you wish, but listen here that girl is safe because of him. They both are safe, that’s enough of it.''

When the enraged commissioner left him, the fire chief murmured to him,

''Witty kid, that’s why he asked me how long it would take to set the trampoline up, and where would it be, he jumped with her cause he new where it would be, very clever. I wonder what he said to her for that long...''

The next morning, retired headmaster Mr.Juniah Kanouh sat on his couch reading the thrilling accounts of how miss Kyoko Nakamura, this year's state chess champion, whose been missing for a month, attempted suicide and was finally rescued.
The doctors believed the cause of her depression to be poverty and inability to get a job. The media however have no accounts of the mysterious man who had rescued her. It seems he has escaped o the way to the hospital.

The doorbell rang. Headmaster Kanouh gazed at his early morning visitor with surprise and horror.

''Dad Its me Kai. I'm home'' the newspaper dropped from his hands,
Moku peeped from behind Kai,

''Dad this is my little brother, I want him to stay with us''

                                  IT WAS ANYWAY A...
                                                    CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!         

***This is just a fiction.The plot and charecters are completely imaginary.Any similarity with real life is purely coincidental***

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