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What's Up ? Thanks for reading the poetry of my floetry !
My Very Best Friend!

Twenty-four plus friends I have tried over and over again!
Taking out such a devious plan.
To mess with my heart like a broken dinged up can!
You were really telling the truth about never putting your trust in man.
Because we know like most friends they will use you over-and over again!

But you!
Such a WONDERFUL friend!
Who’s closer to me than any kin!
How can you be this way?
It’s hard to believe that you were created to be a light in this way.
Such a WONDERFUL friend!

As I look for the definition of love
Your name fits every description!
But you being the type that you are, you
Can transform my heart to fit your spiritual mission!
Just by reading the definition of LoVe!

When I am stuck in a quandary and just don’t know what to do!
You’re not a mysterious person who doesn’t block the spiritual clue.

Such a picture perfect friend
Who doesn’t use me over and over again?
Who doesn’t bring a devious plan?
But only brings one to make me stronger to defeat that EVIL MONSTROUS MAN!

There are many antonyms that people try to place with your name
Because they just don’t understand what they are saying
Because they just want the fame!

But being a TCOG (true child of god) that’s the best thing to be
To have a higher position
Than those who’s dealing with a corporation position of administration!

My GOD! Is my very Best Friend!
Who can tell me to make that alteration!
When we are having our spirtual conversation !

My very best friend !
A picture perfect friend !
Who blows the gifts with the spirtual wind
What friend do you know who can fit these descriptions ?

Not trying to make you hate your friends !
Just letting you know the man who's closer to you, than any other
friend !
I'm not talking about me silly.
But just look up...Look into the atmosphere
Where you know his presence is always there

My picture perfect friend !
Is GOD....


Copyright© 2007 TCOG

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