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School - I was given the story of researching why people go to certain amusement parks
        More corkscrews and barrel rolls don’t seem to be the only reason that consumers choose a certain amusement park over another.

         “I just like going to amusement parks because of the atmosphere and when I’m there I’m normally with my friends,” said freshman, Ande Betsmann.

         Some teenagers go to break their roller coaster routines and try something new for a change.

         “If I could choose where to go I’d go to Six Flags. I’ve never been there before and plus I’ve been going to Kings Dominion since I was little,” said junior, Tory Mills.

         For the working teen, admission prices seem to greatly affect what park they spend money on.

         “The [admission] prices are expensive and I have to split the price with my parents since I’m working now,” said Mills.

         Water parks seem to be the new trend to include in amusement parks; but are the water parks really attracting customers?

         “Sure I like water rides but it all depends on the weather. I guess you could always go on the normal rides if it wasn’t nice out though,” said Mills.

         All of Kings Dominion’s newest rides have done exceptionally well, but none of them were water related. This year, Kings Dominion is not putting in an expected roller coaster but the amusement park is adding a water ride, the Tornado.

         “I’m not really concerned about a new water ride instead of a roller coaster,” said Betsmann, “I like water rides better anyway.”

         Apparently water is a hit in the amusement parks, and not just the rides either.

         “My favorite game is definitely the water gun target game. I’m a sharp shooting ninja,” said Mills.

         Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion, and Six Flags all have many similarities but there is only one park that can stand out of the pack with its wildlife exhibit.

         “I think that the animals at Busch Gardens are really cool;” said freshman Nadja Kasimi, “it’s just something that you don’t see in a lot of parks.”

         Even with all of the differentiating factors that go into the amusement parks, some teens just go to have fun and don’t seem to care about the specifics.

         “The parks are all cool, they’re all fun,” said freshman, Rachel Hestweytre, “and I don’t really care where I go; I just want to hang out with my friends.”
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