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by Quill
Rated: ASR · Fiction · Fantasy · #1276872
An explination to how animals can be evil, very short fantasy writing.
         Have you ever wondered why animals are evil? The steeds of evil creatures, the hounds that do their bidding and the wild creatures hell bent on making others miserable? This is the tale of one unfortunate horse . . .

         In an ancient forest filled with grand sights and fantastic creatures dwelled a black horse, the only horse. This was no ordinary horse however. His coat was the darkest black ever seen. I absorbed the light and reflected nothing. His eyes were a deep, magnificent blue that glowed in the twilight. His mane and tail were full and flowing. In the wind it rippled and waved. His legs were strong and muscular. Just above his hooves were long flowing feathers, as beautiful as his mane. His hooves were strong and silent. He was a noble creature, more intelligent than any ordinary animal. Not just a horse, so much more. He was a creature of the night, and was never seen in daylight. Some say he could not survive the rays of the sun; they would bleach his coat and leave him weak and sick. Others say he brought with him the darkness of night; light could not exist where he stood. But to him it did not matter. He was a sentinel, a protector of the forest and he did not take his charge lightly.
         All was not well in the lands beyond his wood. An evil force was building, bent on destroying the world. It would conquer all who opposed its will. As the force grew its armies marched steadily on. Burning, plundering, killing. It was a brutal army of savage creatures. The noble horse heard tales of their misdeeds from those in the wood, but it was not his concern. His charge was the forest, and his concern ended at its borders.
         Eventually, and inevitably, the destruction reached his forest. The savage beasts began hacking the trees and burning their fallen corpses. The animals that did not flee in time were tortured, killed and as a last indignity, roasted and eaten. These were vile creatures whose sins knew no end. The noble horse learned of these offenses and dashed head long to affront this insult. The strongest creatures joined him. They were also noble and brave; bears, wild cats, and wolves. Together they came upon the camp of the army. With no warning they unleashed their wrath. Their rivals, caught off guard were massacred. Not one vile beast was left living. Mangled bodies were piled together and torched by their own campfires.
         Their fury calmed, the brave creatures and the noble horse returned to the wood. The noble horse did not let on, but he had enjoyed the bloodshed, he was master of the forest and the intruders had felt his wrath. But the evil force would not tolerate such defiance. A new, larger, stronger, more vicious army sped to the doomed forest. Craftily they stole into the trees and hunted down the noble horse. When they came upon him, they attacked. He fought with all his might, but it was no use. They captured and bound him, as no free being should be. They tortured him, burning and slashing his flesh. He was helpless as he watched them destroy his forest, his charge, his home.
         Finally he could stand it no more. His spirit was shattered and his mind twisted with pain and fury and insult. He made a treacherous deal with the even more treacherous villain. He bound his life to serve as a steed for the minions of evil in return for protection of his forest. His tortured body was no longer the majestic presence it had been. He was ragged and limp. His muscles were still lean and strong, but he was a frightening sight. His mane and tale had been cut and much had been mercilessly torn from his body. His deep blue eyes now burned red with hot, surging blood and the fire of rage and brooding. For the first time ever he stood without his dignity, his pride. He was saddled, like a common horse. A bit was forced in his mouth and a wretched minion took the reins as he mounted and spurred the broken horse. His mission now was to hunt down those whom the evil desired to torture or kill. His single task was to bring fear, death and despair. As time passed he began to relish the screams, crave to hunt those disparate enough to flee and take joy in the fear of those moments from death. He forgot his forest, which had long ago been burned and destroyed with no protector to save it.

         He had not just become a slave to the evil, he was, himself, evil.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1276872-Twisted