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finding someone to love, when you least expect it, and full of fear
I saw you standing there tall, dark a very handsome face. You were dressed to the nines, sharp and stylish,nothing dishelved not a hair out of place.
Your eyes caught mines you smiled ,I blushed. Could you tell I was feeling dizzy,dazed, a little flushed. I was amazed at how my skin tingled, my heart skipped a beat.
Suddenly I felt this overwhelming urge to flee, to escape,to get out there,retreat. Its a pattern of mines to run and hide, to deny any intense feeling I start to feel inside.
I felt your warmth calming me, and just like that, the panic the fear, they both began to subside. I turned and there you stood, gazing into my eyes, daring me to show you my soul, right out there in the open, no more running or hiding, no worries were to be told.
I stepped to you I met your stance, looking deep in you eyes. I searched for dishonsety, for deceit, for a hint as to why. But it was not there.
There was softness and tenderness all the things that make me run, but this time I knew I'd met my mate, my match, Id been outdone.
I touched your face, I kissed your cheek, I embraced your soul  felt your heart. I knew there would be times when the fear would return. I told my myself remember today, the lesson you've learned.
When I feel my old friend self-doubt step my way. I will remember how I feel this moment, this day. When a warm smile, loving eyes, chased fear and hopelessness away.
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