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even after all the acts i've committed, i'm still the very me in essence~
I came from a humble origin.
I have black, wavy hair.
I pluck my eyebrows.
I have my father’s eyes
My mother’s hands.
I have a chipped front tooth
and dark brown eyes.
I sing and play piano.
I used to get sick a lot.
I used to like the taste of Lindemann’s white wine.
I’ve stolen before.
I’ve faked my ID.
But my hair is still black
and I still have chipped front tooth
and I probably won’t always like
the taste of Lindemann’s white wine.

I have firm breasts.
I have kissable and petulant lips
so I was told since a child.
I have veins that bleed.
My hands turn cold and sweaty when I’m nervous.
I feel the pain of others
but cry for no reason.
I like warm friendships
but used to be selfish as a child.
I’m from an island surrounded by the sea
I love beaches and nature.
I’ve cheated on tests.
I’ve faked applications.
But I still bleed
and my lips is still kissable and petulant
and my breasts won’t
Always be firm.

I’ve a generous posterior.
I have burnt ochre skin.
I have a chubby face
borrowed from my grandmother.
I keep short nails
a habit from my piano lesson days.
My little toenails are strange.
I meditate.
I used to collect seashells.
I wish myself ‘good night’ before bed.
I copied during tests.
I faked flirtatious bimbo-ish accents.
But I still have olive skin
and my nails is still short
and I probably won’t always have
A generous posterior
and I may not always meditate
but maybe I’ll start
collecting seashells again.

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