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by Ani
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To the most special person in this world...
Every moment arises within him a wave-like eruption of expectation, punctuated by tension. He walks all around the corridor of the maternity ward, pausing every minute to look at the mute ward door with no more more than the "hustles and bustles" to give to hear beyond. It feels uncontrollably exciting to be known as a father within few hours, minutes or even seconds. But the feeling of utmost desperation to know what is going on on the other side of the door is almost as tensing as though he is on the edge of a cliff, ready to jump down to meet the ends of nothingness. At some point of time during his unending tension, he feels quite curious and unfortunate for not having the experience of carrying a little life within himself for nine months or going through the pain every woman faces while delivering the baby. He now realises that a woman is truly the creator of the entire universe with an assortment of little joys and sadness which go hand in hand.

Suddenly he comes out of his imagination as promptly as though some one might have screamed in his ear. He looks around and turns towards the ward door. It seemed impossible for him to believe that he was standing at one spot for atleast an hour. The same feeling of expectation and tension builds within him again. But it seemed The Almighty considered it to be injustice to keep the man waiting for so long, waiting for the unexpected.

A sudden gurgling sort of cry fills the corridor. It looked as if some one had rang the Bells of Joy which rang into the man's ears like a never ending blissful note. The ward door opened and the doctor stepped out, with a very obvious beaming face and said, "Congratulations, it's a baby girl". His joy knew no bounds, the gut-wrenching tension got drowned with a new wave of relief and exhilaration. The nurse came out with a little bundle of wrapped towels and with a bright smile handed out the bundle of joy to the new-born father. She gave a nod and left, with the father looking at the wrapped towels with joy mingled with curiosity. He carefully unfurled the covers and saw within a tranquil little angel-like face looking up at him with those big eyes. At this special moment he realised that he was going to be born and reborn again every day, every hour, every minute, every moment whenever he will see his child look up to him and promised to be by her side whenever she will call out for him."

Dear Dad,
This small piece of article is dedicated from me to you with due love and respect for whatever you have been and done for us. I know I can never match up to you. Thank you for being their whenever we needed you. I wish I get you and mom as my parents in my next life too. No jokes and no buttering througout this context, but I really meant and felt how it feels to be a father after all.

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