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The story of Indo-Pak cricket match, 2004

India, Pak, twin nations,
Have many aberrations.

Religion and politics,
Of the two countries, don’t mix.

Democratic, secular,
Against Muslim dictator!

The two are so different!
Yet we can be complacent.

Though the two countries so fret,
They are saved by cricket yet.

In the year two thousand four,
Our team then made a Pak tour.

Then said Indian PM,
Vajpayee, listen my men:

“Along with winning the game,
You must win hearts all the same”.

This message enigmatic,
Ultimately did the trick.

We were the winners both ways,
In “one days” and in “five days”;

Sehwag the first Indian,
Here three centuries he won.

Sachin at two ninety four,
Was called back with tempers sour.

In both these, cricket did shine,
Showing team spirit sublime.

But, ultimately, I say:
Pakistan carried the day.

Wonderful spirit they showed;
As host, true love they bestowed.

Though we bowled them in the field,
To them our hearts we did yield.

Cricket, I must say that thou
Bridged Indo-Pak gulf somehow.

• A B Vajpayee, the then Prime Minister of India, told the Indian team at the eve of its departure to Pakistan: “In Pakistan, you must win not only the match but, also, the hearts”.

• There were two series—one day matches and 5 day matches. India won in both series.

• It was in this match that an Indian batsman, Sehwag, hit his first tri-century. There are only a few batsmen in the world with such achievement.

• Sachin Tendulkar was on the verge of completing his 300 when he was called back by the captain at 294, not out, in the interest of winning the game.

• Originally written as item 842391, which was deleted 17 May 2005 and this poem was included along with "AN ODE TO CRICKET--award winner. Re-posted as static item on 17 June 2007.

* Awarded consolation prize in "Cricket Story/Poem Contest, 2004, "Cricket Story/Poem Contest, 2004"

M C Gupta
24 April, 2004
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