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A real recipe for disaster... literally a recipe.
To cook up this wonderful dish "Disaster", you will require the following ingredients:

1- Democratic Party Ticket
1- Hillary Clinton
1- Al Gore
1- Senatorial Election
1- Democrat Majority
1- Bill Clinton
4- Interns
3- Liberal News Networks
1- Election Fraud
30- Broken Promises

First, take Hillary Clinton and Al Gore and put them into the Democratic Party Ticket. Stir around and, if desired, add a couple handfuls of lies. Then thrown in one Senatorial Election for flavor. Allow to simmer on a political stove for five minutes. Then throw in the election fraud. This should make the recipe look like a Communist flag. Add in one Bill Clinton and four interns for scandalous taste, and then sprinkle three Liberal News Networks (CNN, ABC, and MSNBC advised) into the recipe to add some bias. And just to sweeten up the dish, throw in a Democratic Majority and thirty broken promises. Voila! There you have it: you very own recipe for disaster!

Serves 300 million American Citizens (poorly)

Is excellent with toast or on rye bread. To make Kosher, replace Al Gore with one John Edwards.

Poison Control: 403-782-3333
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