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by Rashio
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #1279460
A roleplay between my girl friend, Amanda and I. it is about dragoons. first draft go easy

    The sweat drips down my face. it's finaly complete. my perfect armor, a mix of thick plate with chainmale, atached to rolers, the perfect armor. pretection everywhere without scrafice of any other aspects. i whipe the sweat from my face with a nearby towel, looking at it to laugh about how much soot was on my, usualy blue, face. with a sigh of relief i set teh armor down on my lunch table, taking time to smell the salt from the oceon and the shine from my masterpiece when my concentration is broken by the sound of foot steps.
    Go get Drake the blacksmith ugh send somone else to run your stupid little errons. I stare at the peice of cloth scribbled on with directions to the shop. Its a really hot day so hopfuly i find this Drake and go home. Well this is it the blacksmiths shop. I walk into the building to find a blue dragon who was slaving away at some kind of armer but like i care. " Hi are you Drake" I really dont want to show off my bad mood but i think he heard the anger in my voice.

      i whipe my forehead again and turn to greet my potential customer. "Yep, Drake the dragoon," is say in a cheery voice, "me metal is fame and teh deals are teh same." i continue. i ubruptly stop and notice how anoyed she looked, obviesly not a customer, and judging by her atire she wasn't from the water kingdom. purple and black, she was from our eastword alies, the lightning kingdom. "ah, you were sent by the lightning kingdom to get me, weren't you? it's a long tavel and a hot week, sit down. i'll get some water," i say with the same smile.  was still ecstatic from completing my months of work on my armor. i jump from my seat and just about jog to the well, grabbing teh tattered rope to pull up the bucket.

      well he seems nice enough maybe ill just stall a little before going back. Water, shade and a dragon that seems nice enough to kill the anger so i guess it will work. It seems like he is really astatic about somthing because he almost ran to get water. I am very supprised that he even ofered me to sit and have water half the people back in my kingdom won't even notice that your dieing if it doesn't concern them. I just hope that i can catch a ride back home its a pain to walk both ways.

      i walk back, being careful not to spill the water which is up to the brim of the glasses. still being careful i set them down in fornt of the 2 steats in front of my lunch tables. THAT'S RIGHT! lunch! "Oh!" i say, excited, i hadn't eaten since last night and it was already mid-sun! "hold on, i have something we can eat, are you hungry?" i ask quickly, ready to eat. i was probably rubbing off wierd on her, most normal people aren;t this kind...most strange people aren't that kind.

      This is to weird he is way too nice is he getting ready to kill me or somthing? When he asked me if i wanted to eat with him i gave him a blank stare and that is probably a bad thing to do if someone is being nice to you. I try to break the stare with a quick nod no and i stare at the floor. Bad etticut I pull my head up way too fast so a prick of pain stabed at the throught. I gather up my voice to talk back to him."No water is fine thank you." This could be either very good or very very bad.
      oh well i thought to myself, grabbing it anyway, i figure she'll want soem anyway once she saw it, reaching into the cubberd i grab out a paper bag with the logo of my favorite bakery. she wouldn't know what it s yet, i figure, this is a small bakery, nomatter how amazing they are. no way someone form the lightning kingdom would want some. i walk over beside her and pull out a small cake from the bag along with some plates and a knife. she seemed  to be scared when i pulled out the knife first, her eyes widened. "so anyway, i asume you were sent on one of the idiotic missions which are, 'your patriotic dutie to complete,' it's so stupid. anyway, what did you need me for?" i ask.

      Well he must thought it would be funny to wip out a knife be fore showing me what it was for. I took a gulp of water that braught the pain back into my neck dang. "I came here to tell you that they found some ore and they need your help. And yes it's my patriotic dutie" i almost let it slip that i hate where i live but if that got back to the kigdom i was screwed. I looked at Drake for the fist time up close he really wasn't that bad looking bad Akila my consiance warned. No falling in love..ever again. I stared at my glass as he began to talk.

      "where is it?" i ask, taking a bite from a piece of cake and offering some to her. "oh, and i hate to be rude," this is ironic because i'm saying it with a mouth full of cake, spitting crumbs onto the table, "but i don't know you're name. i was not informed before hand if my, 'patriotic dutie'."

      I took the peice of pastry from him but only because it looked quit different and interesting than of what they sell in our bakeries."Oh I'm sorry I forget somtimes my name is Akila. And they found it some 30 to 35 miles out of The L:ightning Kingdom in Caheti's cave" I broke a peice off of the cake and place it in my mouth and it was much better than i expected it to be. But to keep me from looking like a pathetic hungry girl i set it down on a plate a slowly broke of peice by paece as he spoke.

      "Caheti's cave?" i ask, intrigued. the one with teh gigantic system of rivers inder it? i hear it leads to the forbiden zone and aqua island." i say, interesting myself more and more. i had a feeling i was going to like this mission. they often involved travel, maybe i could go over seas! now i'm just exciting myself.

      Wow he must really like to travel because is face just lit up. "Umm yea that's the place"I said. "So yea whenever you wanna leave to go on our little patriotic dutie vacation its up to you cuz i am in no hurry but i think that they'll want you to be there as fast a we can get there"secondsideoanima (9:20:00 PM): "well...i'm not much of a rusher, besides, it's already past mid-sun." i say, not sure if it's because of my want to get soem sleep because of how hard i worked or my hatered of this government's sadistic views of sadistic dutie. "do you have anywhere to stay?" I ask her, preparing my wallet incase the answer was no. As i pull it out she begins to speak.

      "umm" i begin to stutter i cant stay here i remind myself i cant stay at an inn either. "Ah yea I have somwhere an old friend." I lie and so far i've become fairly good at it. No one knows and i plan to keep it that way. I smile real convincingly so he wouldn't catch my fib.

      she smiled awkwardly. i noticed her smile earlyer when she first intoduced herself. this one was different, she was lieing. oh well, to each his...or...her own. "okay," i say, accepting her lie. "here's my adress. meet me there whenever, as long as it's before mid-sun. you don't seem like the camping type, you didn't come with any supplys." i scribble down my adress on a piece of paper and hand it to her. "oh, and if you get lost, ask one of the shops around here for directions, they're all friendly people and that shope over there," i say pointing to a bread market, not my favorite but good people,"is open 30 hours a day, 10 days a week." I get up from my seat and tell her she can have what's left of the cake adn start walking to my home.

    i just sit there and watch him leave once i dont hear anymore footsteps i bolt out the door with the remainder of the cake in my pack. It will be dark soon and i need to find somewhere a cave some mountains or a heavily wooded forets just smothing. It is very close to sunset when i reach the docks which will do fine. I remove some tightly bound rope from my sack and hide it behind an old anchore. I pull the rope over my shoulder and climb underneath one of the docks. The water did not reach the top of the dock so i had about 3 feet of space to spend the night in. Haning by my feet i tied myself to the boards of the dock hopfully the can stand the night.

    I wake up, stretching i looking out the window of my bedroom, seeing her walking to my home, looking into the piece of paper. I scrambel to get on a shirt and pants, then i run and open the door, suprising her as i jurk the door open. "sorry, i just woke up. i need to go bathe, come on in, the living rom's right here, there's a second bath room up stairs at the top of the steps and the kitchen's right there incase you get hungry but i'll be making breakfast after i get done." i say, pointing to the threshold leading to the kitchen.

      i wake up to a splash of salty ice cold water. I look at the ropes that hold my limbs to the boards that are now worped the rope is frayed but not broken i let out a sigh, good. It takes me a while to wiggle myself out but when i do the sun was just rising well better start walking i thought to myself. About halfway there i found a stone interesting thing yellow with sparkels of gold. i slipped it into my pack and walked the rest of the way there smiling for a reson i relly did not know. Befor i could even knock he opened the door which is a bit strange. But he offered me in so i went in said goodmorning and went into the kitchen to wait while he bathed.

      With the towel wrapped around my waste i walk to my room, being careful to not be seen by Akila who was waiting patiently on my sofa. grabbing some cloths i walk out, drying my antena witha  small towel, and grab a pan and crack some eggs. this must have cought Akila's atention becasue she was walking into the kitchen. "how do you like your eggs?" i ask with a smile, dropping the contents of the egg into the pan.

      Eggs hmm i realy dont remember haveing eggs a certine way om probably made them somway but theres noway or how i can remember that far back. "It really doesnt matter to me." i say because it doesnt eggs are eggs. This is weird not because im in a dragoons house that i have only known for a mere day but in my cty the women cook but ya know whatever he wants to do all i want is water my throat is buring from all that salt in the little ocean alarm splash.

      she itches her throat and so i walk over to my cabinet to take out a cup and pour some water from my sink. i was lucky to live in the water kingdom. we're one of the few places that actually have plumbing. indoor atleast. i set the water in front of her an flip the egges into an omlet. "need that?" i ask laughing.i set teh eggs on a plate and give it to her with a fork and crack two more for me.

      I giggle and i dont know why it really wasnt that funny. I gulp down the water without giving the omlet a second glance. The water was so crisp. After the water had totally disapered from my glass i took a few bites from my omlet Drake gave me. Then i reached into my sack and pulled out my sparkling rock. I placed it on the table in front of me. Still looking at the rock i asked drake "Hey, i found this outside do you know what it is?"

    "looks like gold." i said, staring at Akila. the eggs began to sizzle and my atention was quickly drawn to them. "forbiden." i mumbled so as to not let Akila hear. "too bad you didn't find it earlyer, when we used it as our curency. you could have sold that for a heft chunk of whatever you want."i laughed, putting the eggs on a plate and scarfing them down over the sink. i was in a hury. we had to leave soon or we wouldn't reach Dock town in time. i  turn around the counter and grab my pack, stuffed to bursting point with supplies and my spear. "you ready?" i asked placing my hand on the knob, ready to face teh burst of heat from the out doors.

      "gold hmmm" i wispered out loud. I dont think i would sell it anyway even if i caould get anything i wanted. I looked back at Drake who was stuffing his bag that was already full. I looked back to my own sack which had plenty of space to spare. Was i ready..not yet. I pulled out som string from my old sack who has seen tomany days. All but one strand of hair stayed with the bunch i tied up. I swong my pach over my shoulder "I am now." and once i walked out his front door i relized i would be alone with Drake the Dragoon untill we finished our trip. Hopfull we could stay at different places him in a room in an inn me someplace far far away.

      she pulled an old string from her pack and pulled her long brown hair back with it. i jurked my head back and checked my supplies agian. what a great world we live in where i have to senser my own thoughts. what's so bad about our race becoming less dragon anyway? I opened the door to be met by the bazing sun. i was used to working with white hot metals in this weather so i wasn't bothered but i could see Akila shielding her eyes from the sun so i walked in front of her. "you need anything before we set out? i got you a tent because i noticed you didn't have one, a sleeping bag too. i also have some money for inns and resteraunts should we run out of food."

      "Oh yea i guess i did forget my tent." i said.  I didn't have a tent, i find no use of one since when i travel over night i tie myself to trees caves and such things where i cant be seen or heard. I checked my belt for one thing i should never forget and it was there my dagger my only thing given to me from my father. It shouldn't be on my belt i took it off and shoved it into my sack as we walked. "Well, you sure are prepared." I smiled at him.

      i laugh a little and stop my self. i have to stop this before i get into some trouble. "Well," i say with a smile, "let's go!" i started walking and she fallowed. we walked by all kinds of places that i had been to so many times. i wonder if she'll ever bee in these places, markets, bakerys, delis, inns. we walked by  friend's houses as well. i wonder if she had known people like the ones who lived in them. i looked back at her. i couldn't help it. she was sweating. "here." i said, tossing her a glass bottle of water int eh shape of a rain drop. she looked curies as she looked at teh bottle.

      A rain drop, bottle? "Umm, i don't mean to bug you but how in the world do you open this" I asked and laughed. I looked back at him he was so cute. Bad, Bad me i looked back at the bottle stupid botle that i cant open. I looked up at Drake," I must look pathetic" I wiped some sweat from my forhead.

      I laughed at her words, "no, "i said, still laughing, "not many people know how,screw the pointy top off." i said, turnining back around to pay atention to where we were heading. we were almost there, to the fary. from there we can cross the sworl sea instead of walking all teh way around to get to dock town. it's just strait south. at this rate we should reach there before sun down.i heard a sigh of relie from her as she finished off the bottle.

      "That was eaiser than i thought." I said screwing the lid back on and handing it to him. We kept on walking i made sure to stay in him shadow it was way to hot outside. I do think i look pathetic walking behind him and drinking all his water. "So where exactly are we going?" I asked. I walked here i didn't know of anyother way. I took out my dagger and played around with it tossing it up and down it its sleeve.  I had to keep myself busy i cant think he was cute no, no. But we he turned to answer me i found myself looking right into his eyes. Which of course made me blush again.

      "there's a town south of the water kingdom called Dock Town. we're going to go there and stay at an inn. but instead of walking around swirl sea we;re going through in via fary. unfortunatly the fary town doesn't have an inn to it's name so we can't stay there. and i personaly don't mind the walk as long as we get to sleep in comfort." i said. i had lied more that time than any other. i personaly loved camping. building a fire, making shelter, but i didn't want her to have to deal with it. i was fine in the face of danger, but i couldn't stand to see her hurt. i looked back, seh was fideling with a nice looking dagger. it looked familiar but i don't know where i've seen it. it looked amazing, the metal was perfectly hammered, a jewel was incrusted in the guard and the hilt was made of thick wires, inter woven to perfection. the work of a master. "so, what do you do for a living?" i asked. she had to be wealthy, her cloths were too nice for a human nad that dagger must have cost a fortune.

      "Well, right now i own a bookshop. BUt my parents were very wealthy, they died by the hand of some crook. When i turned 18 i got the fortune. This dagger is the only thing my dad had given me befor he died. he was a talented person with a sward i learned it all from him." A small sad smile grew on my face. A samll tear came from my eye but i tried to wipe it away before he could see i dont think i succeeded.

      i'm sorry..." i said. i wanted to give her a hug but that would have been a VERY bad idea. I stopped for a moment and bowed my head. she stared at me like i was a freak. not unusual. most people pay no respect for the dead, most have no honor to live by. my father tought me a code which i am to pass down to my children.

      He bowed his head, that was nice. My sparkiling mood had just turned into sadness. "What about your parents?" I asked and tried to smile but my eyes were still watering. I gripped the dagger tight untill my knuckles turned pure white. I stared at my dagger in my fist so Drake couldn't tell i was upset. Think happy thoughts i thought to myself.

      "my parents died years ago." i said, in the most series mode i've been since then. "my father publicly spoke out against the government. they found out that he was the head of a few orgenisations trying to overthrow the government to constetute a democracy." i sniffled. "they tried to kill all of us, my brother, mother and father were all killed.i escaped." i looked up at her, luckely my cace was clear of tears i smiled at her to shake off the sadness. it seemed to work when i looked at her. i began to walk forward, we were there, the fary.

      Wow, my sad story was pathetic. "All of them. Dead." I didn't even know them but i felt myself get wide eyed and angry. "How old was your brother?" I always wanted a brother or sister, acually my mother was pregnant when she was killed. "thats just wrong." I said before he could answer. I looked at him and wished i could give him a hug or somthing. I just feel helpless i cant do anything about it. I looked back at him to listen to his answer. What is his story? I thought. I make it my goal to find out before the trip is over.

      I probably shouldn't tell her about the so-called prophecy. it was really more of a riddle. but it might entise her to keep in contact with me after this. that wouldn't be good for me as much as i would love that. "he was around 19. i was only 10."

      "Oh, im so sorry" and as i said that i relized i truly and senserly ment it. THere was somthing else somthing he wasn't telling me but i also was keeping somthing from him and besides im just another human no dragoon would ever pay this much attention to me. Stupid laws and stupid government. Everyones a prisoner no one is freen in this stupid system. I saw some shady figure in the distance black cloths and he held a large blue sword. It was like he was looking straight into my soul with his beedy red eyes. Memo to self: stay away from him at all costs. I got a feeling in my gut that we would run into him soon enough.

      she looked kind of sad. i looked away from her to the ferry man. "still got that old piece of blue junk, eh cheron?" i said. he was a friend of mine. i knew alot of the best people in this kingdom. i wolked up to him, Akila stayed back. probably a good idea on her part, he hated humans. he called them land monkeys. i got almost in his face and we exchanged angry glares. Akila looked scared for me, i think she thought we were't fond of eachother. suddenly we broke out in laughter and hugged. he was almost like brothers. Akila looked relieved as she aproached. i was kind of afraid for her but i'm sure that Cheron would make an acception for her when i told him that she was a friend of mine.

      After the little frindly runiun of Drake and the kreepy guy, i slowly creep up but still making sure to stay behind Drake. Not because of the sun but because this dragoon didn't look to fond of me. Acually after they hugged i noticed him give me an angry glare and held his sward a bit harder. Well Im gonna die now, i thought. Well thats an improvement on the world, thats right think positive. I took a little step back and i dont know if they could tell but i was terrifyed.

      he gave Akila a nasty look and grabbed the hilt of his weord. he unshiethed it at an impresive speed and i cought his wrist, squeezing it hard. "no." i said with a series look. he began to push his sword in the shieth, being stopped by my grip. i let go and shiethed his sword. "a friend of yours?" he asked me. "yes, " i say in a series tone, slightly angry for his atempt to hurt Akila, "we need to go across."

      I was shaking and as i watched Drake save my life and i also felt really releived too. But Drakes buddy didn't look to happy that he couldn't decapitate me. Well thats another thing i never thought i would go through, certine death scinareo. I worded thank you to drake even though he probably didn't see.

      i saw her word thank you out of the corner of my eye. My head bowed to make my self seem more threatening to Cheron, i was afraid i was scaring her as well. "no cost for you," he said, "but double for her." he snickered and walked on his boat. still angry i signeled for Akila to get on.

      I fallowed Drake onto the boat. I knew there was a good reason i walked here. I stayed far away from Drakes buddy at all time. He gave me a deep glare and i inched toward Drake for a little bit of safty but this seemed to make him even more angry so i inched away from him. When i felt confertable enough i looked up at Drake and he was steamed. A little frightened i incehed away a liitle more. This is scary.

      she seemed to hide behind me from Cheron. like a child hiding behind a parent. "his name is Cheron." i said to break the tension. "he thinks all humans are corupt bastards and hates almost all of 'em." i looked at her and smiled like i usualy do. mostly because i can never stay mad at Cheron forever, tomatter how much i try and also to mkae her less scared. "let's sit down." i said, walking towards a bench at the edge of the boat. in the distance i could see the water kingdom fading, the castle visable from all places in the city was still clear, it's beautiful white bricks seemed to glow like pure white clouds. the breeze ran across the top of my head, it felt cool, drying my sweat. "so," i said, making it blantently obvios that i was just trying to make conversation, "what's the story on that dagger? i know i've seen it somewhere, it looks very well made."

      The story of my dagger. It was still in my hands i had forggotten about it. I was gripping it to tight i let mysself relax. I pulled it out of its sleave and brushed each side of the blade with my fingers wipping off some annimal blood from hunting. "Like i said," I began sataring at the dagger. "My father gave it to me. He recived it from a boy's father that my father wished me to have an arranged marrige with. I didn't know the boy or his father very well. All i new was he was rich and was some how also royalty. But when my folks died i broke the arrangement changed my name and ran away so he wouldn't find me. I still wonder about where this dagger was from though. It also brings me pain to have it reminds me of my passst which i am not particually fond of. But it is my only source of protection and hunting gear there is no other like it." I finished my little story and stared blankly into the salty air.

      the cool breeze came again, i saw it blow her hair to the side. I saw her shiver. the sea's relentles wind is chilling despite the blazing sun. i wished i had a coat to give her but i had nothing. "there it is." i reasured her, "farry town." my stomach groweled, "hungry?" i asked, diggind in my pack for a small meal. it was mid sun and we last ate at quarter.

      "Are you?"i asked laughing. I syarted going around my pack as well. I found what i was looking the cake we ate a day ago i hadn't finished it yet. "Are you in the mood for leftovers?" I asked. The wind chilled and i shivered. I set the cake down and i rummadged yet again through my old pack. "ah" i said and i took out a small shawl it was black and tatered but it was my favorite. I put it on and picked up the cake again.

      i laughed sightly. day old cake. yay. but it was a nice gestuer. "thanks you" i smiled, eating a small piece of the pastry. it tasts pretty bad. "i'll take some to Cheron," i said, grabbing the rest of teh cake while she was preocupied with her pack. i walked over slowly and watched him give her a death glare. i was going to throw it over board but this is pay back. "want some?" i asked, giving my same old smile, i was a glories actor. "thanks!" he yelled, scarfing the rest down in one bite. he chewed once and his eyes widened and began caughing up a storm. the cake was terrably dry although it looked normal. i laughed and jogged back over to Akila so we could laugh at him togather. i unwrapped some fresh bread and some cooked beef which was sealed in plastic wrap. i used the end of my spear which was barbed to cut the meat. she seemed impressed by my ability to cut with such a large tool.

      I watched him cut the meat with a spear. I looked at my dagger which could have easilly been used to do the same thing but it was also previously been in an animal so i guess the spear was better. I looked up at the sky and relized that the sun was very bright, duh. I looked into the distance all i could see was water, water, and guess what more water. After the spots from looking into the sun disapeared i went looking into my pack not for anything spacific just somthing more interesting than my dagger.

      i handed her some meat while she was in her almost empty pack. i wonder how she got along with so little supplies and such an old pack. i cut the bread next. "lunch is surved." i said smiling. Cheron was still hacking up a storm, i figure i should give him some water. i walked over to him with my bottle of water, "i thought you may want this," i said laughing and tossing it to him. i continued my walk towards him and patted his back while he drank. "i'd thank you but you're a bastard." he joked in his break from water to caugh more. i laughed and walked back to Akila. he needed the water more than me. "there it is." i said as i sat down. in the distance was ferry town. i pointed out the shore to her as she began to eat

      "Lunch is surved" he said. And i giggled, I GIGGLED! how stupid am i, i thought. I'm ate some of the meat. I never eat much, at least that he's seen he probably thinks i have eating problems or somthing. I grabbed another peice of meat when he walked over to the doeing dragoon. I laughed quitly and i ate the second peice. There was ferry town right in the distance, thank goodness. I was starting to get uneasy. I remembered we had to spend the night in dock town and the sun was moving every inch got us closer to a town that i would have to spend a night in with drake. I'm not sure i should tell him my secret or not. Not, he could always turn against me as many others did with my not so huge secrets. I put on a fake smile as we got closer to act happy. As far as i could knew there was no where for me to hide, in dock town.

      she giggled. it was strange for her but it was cute. i wasn't used to hearing her laugh.i laughed to my self a little too. we were almost there, to ferry town i mean. this is going to suck. we have to travel more than half way across the world to ger to the cave. the only plus is....no thinking that i thought to myself. her giggle smile turned into something close to depression and then she noticed i was looking at her. she put on a fake smile. somethign was up. but what?

      I really don't want to be myself right now. He is gonna find out one way or another i thought. He was looking at me i could feel it i let down my hair to block my face from him. I felt bad about keeping somthing from him but i shouldn't be. He is a dragoon i am human well...but once were done on this trip I'll never see him agian so i could keep as many secrets as i want right? Well i am so confused, i thought. We got closer to ferry town. I bit my lip because i was too tempted to tell him. He will kill me, i warned myself. But i still wanted to tell him. I bit my lip harder untill it bled.

      "you should stop that, y'know?" i said, pulling out a handkerchief. she bither lip so hard she was bleeding. she was aweful nervous for some reason. she took the handkerchief fro my hand gently and pressed hit agaist her lips. she was atempting to distance herself from me. wonder why. "everything okay?" i asked.

      I was doing horribly at keeping a secret. I should tell him, no you shouldn't i argued agaisnt myself. Telling him seemed like a better idea because it inclueded not feeling so bad and it also included the thing about dieing it was pretty much lose lose here. After i was done bleeding. "You wouldn't want this back would you?" i asked and a nervus smile slipped. I looked right at his eyes so he knew i was serious "I will tell you when its safe." I said quitly so Cheron wouldn't hear, and i nodded in his direction so Drake would understand why here wasn't safe. I felt better and worse. Better he will know and i won't feel so weird. Worse I might die.

      she seemed worried. "o...kay" i said, a little confused. something was wrong. we were almost there, ferry town. but we weren't going to make schedual. it was already past mid day. we were going to have to rough it. this has it's benifits. I can hunt and wee can conserve our supplies. "maybe you can tell me tonight," i said with a reasuring tone, "we wont make it to dock town by sun set." her eyes widened. "There's a lake on the way. it's a little out of the way from other people but i can handle any problem that arises. anyway we'll camp there so we can have some fish, maybe some deat if we get lucky and have fresh water to drink. then it's just a strait south walk to dock town." my words seemed to upset her.

      I was in shock, roughing it, with him. By a lake, alone, at night. Bad, bad, bad, i thought. Maybe i can tell him tonight he say's, i let out a sigh. Better yet i can show you i thought. "Is there any tree's by this lake?" I asked. I needed i can't controll it and i don't think he would be able to eaither. It was mid-sun. Stupid sun is against me, the world is agaisnt me, and by tonght the only dragoon that is nice will be against me to. I set my head in my hands. I was beggining to get a headache.

      I decided to try and cheer her up. "well that means we'll be ahead of schedual," i smiled and said, laughing a little. she didn't seem to get any happier, "well...uh...hmm," I struggled tos ay something funny, "Charon belives this really wierd legend, want to hear about it? we should have just enough time to laugh at him for it before we get off" I laughed. Charon gave me a death glare. i could tell he was angry but i didn't care.

      Holding my head i turn to Drake. I rubbed my head a little and sat up straight. "Sure." I said. He's trying to cheer me up. Ha let him try I thought. I glanced up at Cheron who was giving us both the death glare and then i looked back at Drake

      "okay," I started, "well he thinks that the race of beast that created our species still lives." she must have been interested, her eyes popped open and she was intreguied. "that, every night, they turn from a human form to their true form, a beast." I laughed and charon snarled. "and that nothing can stop them." every thing was quiet. then Cheron began to continue it, "You idiot," he said angerly, "only one thing! love." I laughed again. "yeah, a kiss is going to stop a gigantic beast that weighs more than this boat." she looked away, she must like Dragons. "well...anyway, he's saposedly in a secret society that's devoted to teh perservation of this 'Dragon', HAH!" I snuffed hte idea of this. if they still existed then the government would be all over them. "so anyway, there's a contenent to the far north where the last of them saposedly remain. but nobody's found them, not because they don't exist, but because it's all forest." I snickered and sat a little closer to her so for Cheron to not hear my next choice in words, "it's all a bunch of idiots looking for something to fill hteir time if you ask me." I laughed and backed up.

      Holy Crap i thought. Thats what i am...what i become. I felt my eyes grow and my thoughts fload with questions and ideas. Then came a small hault..love? Love can stop this from happening. Amazing i leaned back and pondered this for a while. Lost in my mind, I didn't even feel the boat begin to slow. I took my string back out of my pack and tied up my hair, I am confident and brave. I thought.

      "I told him i'd pay him for every boat ride i've ever taken if i found one," I laughed hitaricly. "that's gata be over a thousend dollers!" I heard cheron from the back say something about how i'd better pay him back when i see one. "does that mean i can put this one on that tab as well?" I asked laughing. "sure." i heard yelled. we were decently far way from the farry now, this town was small. "inventory check," i said as we waled. "do we need anythign?" i asked her smiling. she dug in her pack again. not tht that would matter, she had nothing in there to begin with. I watched her dig in her pack, bumping into tpeople too rude to move out of our way, she did as well. I was just staring at her. suddnely she stopped digging in her pack and looked at me. our eye contact was broken by soemone walking in between us. I gave upand looked ahead. we were nearing the edge of the town now, and it we had about an hour untill night fall.

      An hour till night fall, and we still were not at the little remote place Drake talked about. I dug around in my bag making sure i still had my rope and my dagger. People who were either to lazy or rude chose to stay in my path so i easily bumped through them occasionaly giving them an evil glare. I had both items i needed. "Got everything i need." I said. My stomach was full of butterflies because i had to tell him, when we got to where ever we're going. I just hope i can tell him before night fall.

      "we won't make it to the lake," I sighed, "or atleast the one i wanted to go to. there's a much bigger one out of the way. but much less out of the way than Dock town." my feet were tired. i could only imagine her pain. I yawned as we left the town. "so how old are you?" i asked mid yawn. I looked at her and smiled as I checked myself with a quick pat to make sure i wasn't pick pocketed in the town.

      "Can we make to one of the lakes before nightfall?" I asked getting scared of not being able to hide anywhere tonight. I thought about avoiding the age question but there was really no reason to avoid it. "I'm 21. How old are you?" I asked mockingly like i was in 7 again trying to out age another kid.

      "Yeah," I yawned, "we can make it with about 10 mins to get a fire and tents before sun down." I looked at her and smiled, she was nervous about something. maybe my stories about the dragons scared her? I thought. "Oh, and I'm 23." I struggled to think of another question. Walking always seemed shorter during conversation. I didn't want to tell her we had to walk fast and she was matching my pace, so i started to slowly increas my speed so she wouldn't notice, i hoped it would work. "Um..." I started, "you own a book store, right? what's your favorite book?"

      "I like the Tsohanoai books their very interesting. My favorite is their idea of a sun god." I replyed without looking at him, i was perfectly happy looking down at my feet and gripping my dagger. We were getting closer to our destination. Maybe he won't be able to kill me, i thought, i might be able to turn into a dragon first. But that would be no good because then i might kill him. I shuddered at the idea, I looked up at him and a new feeling came and i looked back at the ground. No i told myself, no.

      I went on for god knows how long just staring at my feet trying to think of something else to say, somethnig to break the tension. I know one thing, I began to think. that thought was quickly silenced. I looked up and saw the lake. "there it is," I said nonchelauntly. we walked closer to the lake, only 20 feet away from shore, and I started building the tent. the sun was about to set when she grabbed my arm. "what is it?" i asked, concerned, she looked very woried, "what's wrong, Akila?"

      "I am a one of those things in the legand, a drogon." This hurt me to tell him this but i don't know why. "Basicly you have two choices. One you kill me or Two you tie me to a tree for tonight and don't come neer me till i change back, no matter what." I held out the rope to him. I had one eye closed awaiting the sting of a blade. Even though i was sad and scared not one tear fell.

      I looked surprised at first. then i laughed. "good one," I said, turning back around to set up my tent. then the light faded. the sun was going down, "see?" i said, turning around to tell her i called her bluff, "it's sun down adn yuo're still-" i was intrupted by the sight of her, she was sweating profusely, her eyes were the size of houses and her mouth was opening in pain as she bent over, bgabbing her sides in agony, she dropped to her knees, placing one hand on the ground to steady her self. She groaned in the wake of intence pain as growths started to apear on her back near her shoulder blade. I fell to the ground in surprise, and, dare I say it? fear. Her body started to grow, her silky cloths became smaller, tighter around her body, then started to rip around the seems. her mouth began to become elongated and her hands and feet and arms and body were all morphed. the growths on her back sprouted into wings and a tail began to grow from her lower back. i could hear bones crack and split and her joints change. she began screaming in pain untill the transformation was complete, and then, a loud rour.
      She began to almost bath the moon, like a wolf, then turned her atention to me. The fire's flickering reflected in her eyes and she slowly stalked forward to me, snarling. I began to back up, still in a sitting position. I was stopped by the tent, my mind was pust to a dead hault, i dind't know what to do, but Akila was still advancing toward me. I was stuck there, pinned against the flimsy tent, i had no idea what to do or even think. suddenly, she pounced on me, her powerful legs missing my head by barely half a foot on either side. she tried to bite me but I regained controll of my body and grabbed her jaw. seliva streamed down on my face and i could feel the warmth of her breath on me, then i cought her eyes. suddenly she stopped struggeling. she was frozen there, as was I, staring into one anotehr's eyes. her mouth slowly shut, and her tail and wings slowly shrank, her hands and feet started next along with her legs shrinking in size. her body as well, then her elongated snout began to shrink and her hair began to return and her deep green scales shrank into her skin. she was back to normal. her arms gave out and she fell on top of me, barely conciensus. we were still staring into eachother's eyes. our mouths both open in surprise, then we began to come closer and closer togather. our lips met, neither of us cared about the law anymore. i laughed, very lightly and smiled, "i guess this means i owe cheron alot of money, now don't I?"

      I woke up to the sun comming through the tent. Wait a minute i'm in the tent? Then my memory came back drom last night. I turned mey head to the side and there was Drake. He was asleep still but his arm hugged me closer to him. I smiled and giggled to myself. This could not be happening i thaought this is almost perfect. But the law would probably catch up with us some how. I blocked this out of my mind to focus on more happier matters. I kissed Drake on the cheek. "Goodmorning sleepy head." I giggled, man i have to stop doing that. But the strange part of this situation was i couldn't stop smiling at all.

      I woke up under my blanket to a kiss on the cheek. "good mourning sleepy head" she giggled. I smiled and looked over to see Akila pressed up against me. "good mourning," i said laughing a little. we were both silent for a few seconds, just staring at one another, then I hugged her tighter and kissed her on her forehead. I didn't want to have to get up, to have to end this moment, but i knew we had to get moving. I let go of her, hesetently, and leaned over to the other side to get some cloths. I saw her do the same out of the corner of my eye. most of the used space in her pack was cloths, now i knew why. "you should have said something about this on the boat, cheron would have treated you like a queen." I joked.

      His eyes opened slowly then he blinked a little "Good morning" he said, and he laughed. He huged and kissed me and then we went to put on some cloths. "you should have said something about this on the boat, cheron would have treated you like a queen." he joked."That sounds like such a good idea untill some eles finds out and they spear me." I said joking. I looked at what i must have been wearing last night it was in shreads. I slipped on an old dress and picked up the cloth peices. "Was it bad?" I grimiced. "I can never remember what i do when i'm in that form. Just what happens after and before." I stuffed the shreds into my pack, I could always soe them back together.

      "well..." I started, trying to recall it all, "you scared the crap out of me, turned back, naked, on top of me, and here we are." I laughed semi-hystaricly. my laughter stopped and i was turned to sadness. "are we..." I paused, "what are we going to do? i mean...we don't tell them who you are and they kill you and give me a slap on the wrists, we do tell them and you get locked up and i'm killed for knowing." my sadness was interupted by her pressing herself up agains mt back. She laid her head down on my neck and put her arms around my chest. I turned around to hold her. "we'll hide," I said, "we'll find some place secret, I'll build a house, and we'll have a family." those words, 'have a family,' they were so comferting. there was stillness in the air, timed seemed to stop. "eggs again?" I asked, laughing again.

      "a family" i liked that. But where would we hide. And if we got caught, who dies? I kept my face on his chest, thinking. "eggs again?"he laughed changing the topic dramticly. I lifted my head up "i'm not really all that hungry but you go ahead." I smiled and the butterflys in my stomich turned to nausia. He let me out of the hug and i ran out of the tent holding my stomich. I threw up, well that's atractive i thought faintly to myself. Ah, but what does it matter. I sat up on the grass and rocked back and forth holding my stomich. I looked up at the sky and closed my eye's and breathed in the fresh air.

Drake:      she ran out of the tent and puked. I ran out, twice as fast and checked on her. she was holding her stomach and rocking back and forth. I held her hair back for her and pulled a small leaf out of my pocket. "chew this," i said consernedly, "it will settle your stomach. you're probably just nervous." I gave her a convincing enough smile and hissed her cheek.

Akila:      I took the leaf and put it in my mouth and chewed. It tasted funny and bitter. Almost making me want to hurle again. I wiped my mouth with one of the peices of cloth i was holding. Then i rubbed my eyes, i was tierd but today was not a day to sleep. "Go ahead, have breakfest. I'll be fine." I gave him a faint smile. I began chewing the strange leaf again. I wonder what it was. I hugged my stomache and looked back at Drake who was conserened about me. "Eat." i said.

Drake:      I looked at her and told her that i wasn't going to eat without her. I grabbed her shoulders lightly and led her to a log near the fire and sat her down. I sat down next to her, close to her, holding her shoulders as she chewed the leaf. the air was brisk, it was early in the morning. she started to shiver, i went inside to get a blanket. I got some meat, eggs and a skillet as well. I put the blanket around Akila and hung the skillet over the fire, placing the meat on it first, and placing the eggs on a flat rock almost in the fire to cook. while they cooked I got under the blanket with Akila, putting my arm around her.

Akila:      The leaf was starting to work my stomach was begining to settle. I was nice and confertable underneath the blancet and in Drakes arms. I cuddled close to hime while breakfast was cooking. I closed my eyes and drifted away. I opened my eyes when Drake shifted to flip the meat over. "So what is this leaf anyway?" i asked still having some of it's resadue in my mouth. I think the aftertaste is much worse than what it had tasted before.

Drake:      "it's just a remedy," I said, clipping the meat and placing the eggs on two small plates i brought with me. "you feel good enough to eat?" I asked smiling, handing her one of the plates. as soon as we finished the eggs, the meat was done. I put in one one plate and we started to dig into it.


that's all for now (remember, a work in progress, tune in every other day to see more.)
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