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by Nourie
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how double standards can turn someone crazy.
Please stop screaming in my ear
stop telling me what i want to hear
mind you, the opposite wouldn't be so bad
stop calling me a liar
and contemplating jazz
i like jazz
i like your jazz

mom i'm not like you
i never was
i don't need a man to be happy
i don't need a shopping trip to satisfy me

i think i'm deeper than that
hope i am atleast

i walk this earth with nothing but what you've taught me
you and dad
those urban myths you claim to be true
that i have proven wrong
over and over again

i think i'm deeper than that
hope i am atleast

mom you know so much
how is it that you know me so little?

why do you force me to be that girl,
you know,
that girl

why can't i be your girl?

why do you continuously claim that my mind is polluted by "hard rock"
you were into ACDC mom
you were an aerosmith groupie,
atleast you wanted to be

why can't i want to be?

why can't i put on a black shirt without you calling me a goth
or you continuously preaching to the heavens that you know better than that
or i know better than that

why do i have to know better than that?

why do you complain when i have my guy friends over mom
saying how its weird and unnatural that i dont get along with girls
cuz i'd rather have a knife in my heart as oppose to one in my back

why do i have to get good grades to get married
you got married
did you get good grades?

i don't want to get married
i never want to get married

you and dad are divorced mom
i have no hope in love
i never had hope in love
i don't want to have hope in love

why do you have hope in love?

and if you never were in love
then am i the product of cheap sex?

why do i have to believe in love?

why do you contemplate jazz
exclaiming its symbolism and role in modern day america
noone listens to jazz mom
why do you listen to jazz?

why do you drink so much mom?
and you yell at me when i try your vodka?

why do you send me to school mom
when you never went to school?

why do you confiscate my guns n roses
when you listened to guns n roses?

why do you make me believe in love
when you were never really in love?

stop screaming in my ears mom
they're bleeding from double standards
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