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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Drama · #1279717
Friends try to endure, as they attempt to live sepearte lives admist rape and mistrust.

                                       Title: Unkown

                                       Screen Play by: Michael Lewis

                                       Psuedo-Excape Productions

Lindsay:  Her parents never really wanted a child, a really yuppie family. They act like they don’t have any children, leaving her alone for long periods of time as they go on long vacations. Her parents set up a separate bank account for her in which they funnel money into, just incase she needs it for food. Despite her middle class upbringing she likes to think of her self as a free spirit. She engrosses her self in friends to replace absent parents.  She’s into indie films and rock, also into unconventional literature.

Chris: Mother and father over worked to sustain a living. Despite long hours at the office, Chris and his parents keep a close relationship with one another but sometimes they both wish they can spend more time with one another. Chris has one of the most stable backgrounds out of the characters and is well aware of it. He feels obligated to act as a parent for his other friends, and comfort them when they need comforting even if he can’t do the same for his own life. He listens to their problems, but keeps his enclosed. Hard rock and metal makes up his world as it’s the only way for him to vent off pent up frustration.
(Compassionate character that’s some what insecure. Doesn’t look for fights and doesn’t like being in them, seconds guess what he says, and motives)

Eric: comes from a severely broken family. His mother is a drunkard and is in constant feud with his father. The father is a weak individual in both body and mind. Eric views his father’s weakness as a disgrace and believes his father should stand up and put his mother back in place. He’s been trying to go out with Lindsay for some time now, but each time he makes a move, she shoots him down. He doesn’t take no as an answer and usually continues time and time again hoping for a different result but never changing his tactics His rage is taken out on pseudo minorities such as left handed people, and on certain individuals in certain instances. He blames his position in live on bad luck and not on the actual problems which plague his family.
(Very self centered, but doesn’t’ tend to swear thinks of it to be crude and primitive)

Jaime: She comes from a middle class family whose structure was lost in the 50’s. Her father goes to work at an office and her mother’s a stay at home mom. For the majority of her life she lived next to Lindsay, and their relationship was close. Upon entering High school she begins to drift away from Lindsay, only to climax when her family moved to San Pedro, geographically engrossing Jaime with her new friends. She’ll raise her status in life no matter who gets in her way. Friends are just there to help with this bettering of position and there for are viewed as disposable.
(Very preppy attitude, “Oh what ever! Please!” indifferent to those around her, basically doesn’t care)

Elaine: Parents had a bad divorce. Her father had a 2 year long affair with her mother’s good friend. She views her father as what all men are, liars who will do what ever they can to get in bed with you. Elaine considers her mother’s friend to be a victim of her father’s seduction. She does not trust men and at times becomes extremely jealous and suspicious, climaxing when she accuses Chris of cheating with Lindsay. She vows not to make the same mistake her mother made, causing her to be overly insecure.
(Sarcastic but not to the extent of Eric, not a very deep thinker, self centered but not narcissistic.)

Close up of a clock, the time reads 7:00, it begins to play Violent Femmes Blister In The Sun. LINDSAY’s hand falls on top on top of the clock, trying to shut off the alarm.

Camera pans out; Lindsay gets up, rubbing her eyes trying to wash off the tiredness from the night before. She walks out into the hallway, and exits into the bathroom.

Lindsay’s taking a shower, camera stays focus on the shower curtain. Her shadow dances across the it as she washes her hair, singing.

Lindsay’s fully dressed; her hair’s still wet. She stands in front of a mirror vigorously drying her hair.  She walks out of the bathroom, the camera leads her. She is descends the stairs. Two big windows provide the only light in the morning, a glass coffee table is the centerpiece of the living room, flanked on three sides by couches and on it’s fourth by a big screen T.V. Then a dark hallways leading out to the front door. Lindsay as she walks toward the living room. She sits on the couch in front of the T.V. and turns it on. Dialogue from the News fills the room. What bore, Lindsay turns the channels around, till she finds Sponge Bob Square Pants.

The phone rings and Lindsay rushes up stairs to get it, she walks down the stairs talking on the phone with long pauses between sentences as she waits for CHRIS to reply:

Lindsay:Hello? Chris! Hey what’s up? Yea you and Eric can come over to study. Uh-huh, okay…. Yea cool. Is JAIME coming? I figured she’d be hanging out with her new friends.  Just come over when ever you want. Five minutes? Sure, that’s perfect… see ya soon.

Lindsay house rests in the back of an in-gated community. Other similar apartments flank it. Chris and ERIC walk onto the screen. Chris has a hat on, a black hoodie and long shorts. Eric has a regular short-sleeved plaid button down shirt and regular blue jeans.

Eric: Where’s her parents at? Shouldn’t they be here?

Chris: her parents always go out with out her. They’ve been doing that since she was 14, leaving her home alone, going on vacations, shit like that.

Eric: Hey! Watch the language!

Chris: Just cause you can’t say it, doesn’t mean I can’t

The two walk in silence

Eric: What, they’re in Australia?

Chris: Naw, this week I think they’re in Big Bear, left a few days ago.

Eric: Lucky! No parents for a whole week!

Chris: Not that lucky… gets pretty lonesome in that house of hers when your parents ditch you once a month.

Eric:  Aren’t you home alone a lot?

Chris: Yea they’re always at work, I hardly get to see them and we’re barley scraping by.

Eric: I still wish my parents would disappear.

Chris: You say that now.

Chris knocks on the door. Lindsay opens it and hugs and greets them both, being less enthusiastic about Eric’s hug. They exit into the house and the door closes.

A dining table is the center; Lindsay, Eric and Chris are spread out along the edges doing their work. Their papers are scattered. Chris sits at the head of the table, Lindsay’s facing the windows, and Eric has his back to the windows. To their right is a display cabinet filled with china.

They write tiredly in their notes. In the margins Lindsay is drawing a tree creeping up to the top, Chris draws WWII style planes bombing a city just above his notes, and Eric has a bus full of nuns burning. Lindsay leans forward to see what Eric is drawing.

Lindsay: Eric… you’re a disturbed person, what in the world is that?

Eric(proudly): An ode to insanity.

Chris: So let me get this straight all of you have been drawing and not doing work?

Eric and Lindsay nod.

Chris (stretching): Thank God! I thought I was the only one.

Eric storms into conjoining kitchen with out saying a word.

Lindsay: Where’d he go?

Chris: I really don’t know.

Refrigerator door opens then closes, Eric returns to the dinning room caring three cans

Eric: Who’s up for Canadian dry?

On a patio outside the house, all three of them sit around a table facing away from the house. The table has cans of Coke, Canadian dry and Dr. Pepper scattered on it. Chris takes the last few sips from his can.

Chris: So whose turn is it to get more?

Lindsay: I’ve gone twice.

Eric: I just went.

Chris: I guess  it’s my turn, any request?

Eric: Nope

Lindsay: Dr. Pepper… if there’s no more in the fridge, try the one in the garage

Chris(slightly bows his head): Sure thing’s ma’am.

He exits through the sliding doors. Lindsay gets up and heads toward the pond, Eric follows closely behind her.

Eric (Beat): What a beautiful place… you’re lucky to live here

Lindsay: I guess

Eric puts his hands around Lindsay’s waist, pulling her in close. Lindsay is not interested at all

Eric: So beautiful, what are we doing after Chris leaves? Hmmm? Just the two of us, snuggling up on the couch to a movie?

Lindsay: Eric… pleases just stop

Eric (pulls her in closer): Come on babe, how bout a little fun? Just the two of us, all by ourselves? Just ditch this looser, come on honey.

Lindsay (slightly struggling): Eric, just, just let go.

Eric pushes Lindsay away. She stumbles, but catches her self, she then etches away Eric as he takes on a more dominate stance. In the background a phone rings.

Eric (cocky): You don’t like me huh? To busy thinking about Chris, aren’t you! You don’t think I see what goes on between you and Chris? How you look at him? How you act around him! You think we’re that blind? You might as well admit that you’re crazy for him! Just admit that you want him! (hmph) While your at it you might as well admit what you’ve already done with him.

Lindsay: Fuck you Eric

Eric: If that’s what you want, let’s go.

Eric approaches Lindsay with that look in his eyes, that type of predatorial look a lion has.

Lindsay: What the fuck do you think you’re dong Eric

Eric snaps out of it, he rubs the back of his head; ashamed of what he’s done and said he prepares himself to apologize.

Eric (apologetic): Listen… Sorry for what I did, I get carried away sometimes, you know I wouldn’t grab you like that… it’s just that… well, it’s just that… I really don’t know… I’m sorry for what I said, for what I did…

Lindsay (out raged): What the hell am I supposed to say Eric? It’s okay? That oh okay, ya know you didn’t freak me out. Fuck off.

Eric and Lindsay stand in silence, both of them waiting to see what the other says. Eric avoids eye contact clearly beaten, and Lindsay takes on a more aggressive demeanor.

Chris leans in from the house, bracing himself on the sliding door. He holds a telephone.

Chris: Eric, my mom’s here to pick us up . Ready to go?

Eric (glaring at Lindsay): As ready as I’ll ever be.

Lindsay crosses her arms, and gives him a shot back.

Chris: Sorry Lindsay my mom called, she’s out side the gate waiting for us.

Lindsay: Okay let me walk you two to the door.

Lindsay leads them to the door, they say their good byes but no one hugs.

Chris and Eric navigate their way out of the complex. Walking down a winding path flanked by similar apartments and heavy foliage, wind rustles through the trees.
Eric: So what took you so long?

Chris: Four cans of soda doesn’t sit well in the bladder ya know, then my mom called, it was all hectic. So what I miss? It looked like fun.

Eric stops

Eric (Beat): What do you mean?

Chris: Well when I left you two seemed to be all buddy-buddy, but when I came back I was in the Gaza Strip.

Eric (Beat): Oh that… It was an argument, that’s all.

Chris: An argument?

Eric: Yup… I was telling her how Lefty’s are inherently evil, and we should just kill them off.

Chris: Kill every left-handed person in the world? That’s what you were fighting a bout?

Eric. If we don’t kill them now, we have no future.

Chris: You are a disturbed child.


Lindsay and Jaime sit on a nearby bench, as Chris and Eric play catch. It’s a cool brisk day, the sun’s out and overall they’re just killing time at the park.

Eric: I still can’t believe it!

Lindsay: Believe what?

Eric (Eric throws the ball hard to Chris): That Final Mr. Wimer gave u!

Chris: Yea it’s pretty fucked, a whole presentation about an author do on Monday.

Lindsay: Oh be quiet, it’s not even that hard.

Jaime: And look, once we’re done with it, we never have to see him again.

Lindsay: Also partner’s don’t forget bout them, that makes it a lot easier.

Eric: Still! It’s the principle that counts.

A few seconds of silence pass, Eric and Chris continue to play catch. Lindsay leans forward.

Lindsay: So who are your guys’ partners?

Chris: I’m paired up with Elaine

Jaime: Figured

Chris: She is my girlfriend ya know!

Eric: Doesn’t mean you can’t partner up with some one else

Chris (to Eric): Well who are you partners with?

Eric: Haven’t quite decided…

Chris: You Jaime?

Jaime: I’m partnered with Jill

Chris: To good for your old friends?

Jaime: At least I don’t spend my time fucking some whore!

Chris throws the ball hard to Eric, he holds it.

Eric (shaking his left hand): Son of a! Ease up a big boy.

Lindsay: He you two break it up!

Chris: Don’t you dare call her a whore you slut!

Eric: Oh god he’s done it now…

Jaime: What!

Jaime walks up to Eric, takes the baseball from his glove.

Eric: Hey! What gives?

She throws it high and away from Chris.

Jaime: Fuck you Chris! Fuck you.

Chris walks towards the ball, flipping Jaime off.

Eric: Wow so much hatred here

Lindsay: I don’t get how you don’t cuss at all.

Eric: I don’t like sounding like White trash.

Jaime: God I hate him so fucken much!

Eric (ominous): Language people…

Lindsay: No you don’t Jaime, we know you don’t.

Jaime: Don’t be standing up for him! You’re a biased opinion.

Lindsay: No I’m not!

Jaime: It’s clear you like him Lindsay!

Lindsay: No I don’t!

Jaime: Please it’s so obvious you want to screw him! Eric even notices it!

Eric: It does look like you want to “tap that.”

Lindsay: Oh shut up Eric.

Jaime: Hey! Don’t be getting all snappy with him.

Lindsay (sarcastically): You defended him! Does that mean you like him? Hmmm?

Eric: Break it up you two!

Jaime: You know what! I have other planes rather then wasting time here, bye!

Jaime walks away

Eric: wow that was exhausting

Lindsay: God Damn her!

Eric: Wowah, calm down, take a deep breath, nice and easy.

Lindsay closes her eyes, and the two take a big breath

Lindsay: Thanks Eric

Eric: No problem… So… want to be partners for the English project?

Lindsay: Promise not to try any of that funny business?

Eric: Scouts Honor

Lindsay: Then sure, come over around 9, so we can get started and done pretty early okay?

Eric: Sounds like a plan to me.

Chris walks up to them, the baseball’s wet and muddy.

Chris: She threw it right into a puddle, can you believe it?

Eric: I’m sure she didn’t mean to, she just wanted to watch you run.

Chris: Like that’s any better?

Lindsay: Eric’s right, there’s no way she new a puddle was out there, don’t let it get to you.

Chris: Fine, I guess you guys are right

Eric: But of course! We’ve never lead you astray.

Chris: You’re right.

Chris puts the ball in Eric’s glove

Eric: Of course I am.

Lindsay’s at her computer typing to Chris over the internet. The only light is a lone bed side lamp and the glow of the computer screen.

CraZyGurl4U90: Hey Chris, had fun today?

PSUEDOPhreak17: Yea, after the park went to hang out w/ Elaine

CraZyGurl4U90: So how was it?

PSUEDOPhreak17: It was fun ^ ^… you know how she is!

CraZyGurl4U90: lol… she is taking you away from us ya know??

PSUEDOPhreak17: Well... she is my girlfriend Lindsay. I think that’s like her job.

CraZyGurl4U90: It’s just that you and I don’t hang out like old times, before gfs and stuff, remember? J

PSUEDOPhreak17: Well I can’t just come over right now! What will your parents think?

CraZyGurl4U90: They’re staying for a little while longer in Big Bear

PSUEDOPhreak17: Oh… I see… How about your neighbors?

CraZyGurl4U90: lol, funny…But we should hang out tomorrow! After Eric and I are done with the project I’ll call you up and we’ll hang out it’ll probably be around 1 or 2.

PSUEDOPhreak17: Okay that seems… decent enough, just me and you or the whole clan?

CraZyGurl4U90: Just me and you. We can hang out at my house, watch movies chill and XD

PSUEDOPhreak17: I don’t think Elaine would be too thrilled about just you and me being at your house all by our lonesome.

CraZyGurl4U90: Who cares! We haven’t hung out together for a while, know what I mean?

PSUEDOPhreak17: Yea, I do…. but it’s already 2, and you have to be up before 9 tomorrow. It’s time for YOU to go to sleep

CraZyGurl4U90: I don’t need sleep!

PSUEDOPhreak17: Yea you do! So do I. Don’t forget to give me a call tomorrow when I should come over okay?

CraZyGurl4U90: Sure, talk to you later

PSUEDOPhreak17: SEE you later, bye

Lindsay shuts down her computer and crawls into bed. She reaches over and turns off the lamp.

Eric sits with his back to the window, and Lindsay sits across from him, the mood in the room is relatively lax.

Lindsay: E.E. Cummings! Let’s do him!

Eric: Cummings? The only thing that freak has going for him is that you can’t understand what he says! How about J.D. Salinger? At least you understand him.

Lindsay: Salinger? Overrated! I’m tired of hearing people talk about Catcher in the Rye.

Eric: It’s a great book about adolescent life! And you know it!

Lindsay: It’s about some middle class drop out who bitches about everything!

Eric: Fine then! You name some one good!

Lindsay: Franz Kafka, no one’s going to do him, and he’s damn well original

Eric: He wrote a book about a cockroach guy.

Lindsay: I think it’s considered a short storey, but yea, he did.

Eric: Twisted, Freaky, I like! Okay we’ll do him.

Chris and Elaine are lying on the couch; Elaine rests her head on Chris’s chest. Nearby is a ½ empty bottle of vodka, dialogue from Inuyasha fills the room.

Elaine: So babe, what cha doing today?

Chris: Some friends and I are hanging out, watching a few movies ya know.

Elaine: Oh fun… where at?

Chris: Eh… Lindsay’s house.

Elaine: Really, who else’s going?

Chris: I’m not too sure yet.

Elaine: So you’re going to Lindsay’s place, to watch movies but you don’t know who else is going?

Chris: Sorta, yea.

Elaine: That’s a bit suspicious… you know how I feel about her hun.

Chris: I know, I know, but she’s my friend-

Elaine: And I’m your Girl friend

Elaine gets off of Chris, and the two sit in silence

Elaine (cont): She’s… She’s too into you, like she wants to get with you but doesn’t want to show it. I don’t know, but what ever it is, I don’t trust her.

Chris: I’m not like your father baby; we’re just going to hang out like friends. That’s it.

Elaine: It’s hard to believe that when you spend so much time with her.

Elaine gets up and walks towards the door; Chris follows her stopping some distance away from the door.

Chris: We’re friends, what the hell do you want me to do? Just ignore her? We’ve been through this before! I’m not going to cheat on you.

Elaine leaves and slams the door. Overran with frustration, Chris kicks the wall and curses under his breath.

Lindsay and Eric are at ends on the table, both talking and joking. A poster board lays in the middle of the table, nearly complete with random facts about Kafka, a Kafka book lies near them. In the middle of the board is a large white spot. Eric is cutting out a cockroach-man that will fit into that space.

Lindsay: It sucks not going out with my parents when they leave and do what ever it is they do.

Eric: But you get the house to yourself! That’s pretty cool. If I were you I’d be throwing parties up in here every day! (Begins to rap) I won’t deny it, I’m a rough rider, you don’t wanna mess with me!

Lindsay (laughs): Calm down E-diddy… no, it’s not that fun. It’s a lonely house; I don’t think my parents ever wanted a child.

Eric: Well at least your parents like each other. My mom comes home so plastered some days it’s disgusting. The stench just pours off her.

Lindsay: You’re mom?

Eric: Yea, weird huh? My family’s off like that. Mom’s the drunkard and fights with dad. They never lay a finger on each other but I just wish he’ll put her back in place

Eric finishes cutting out the drawing

Eric Cont (checks his watch): Well on the bright side we’re done, and it’s only 2:30

Lindsay: 2:30? Oh my god! I gotta get ready!

Eric: Get ready? Ready for what?

Lindsay: Hanging out with an old friend, we wanna do some catching up

Eric: Then get your little middle class tush up stairs and get ready! (Mafia accent) I’ll teach these papers a lesson they won’t soon forget.

Lindsay: So now you’re a Mob Don?

Eric: Don’t ever ask about my job again toots

Lindsay (laughs):Thanks Eric, you’re a life saver.

Lindsay runs up the stairs into her room.

Lindsay undresses to her underwear and searches through her closet looking for something to wear. Her bed’s a slight mess and light from her window floods the room.

Eric, holding a Kafka book, walks in on her. He looses all train of through when he realizes what he’s done. Lindsay becomes furious

Eric: Yo Lindsay, want I should whack this… Holy sweet mother of!

Lindsay throws a pillow at Eric

Lindsay: What the hell’s your problem Eric, Get out!          

Eric: I-I’m sorry-

Lindsay: Get the fuck out!

Eric walks out the door; the camera follows him to the balcony. It traces him down the stairway. Seconds later the front door opens and closes. The camera swings back and looks into Lindsay’s room; she’s standing in front of the window, in between her bed and book shelf.

Moments later Eric walks back onto the screen, holding a black pocket knife. Fear and disbelief consumes Lindsay’s face and voice.

Lindsay:  Oh god, please Eric, just go away, No! Stay away Eric!

With out looking back, Eric closes the door. Sounds of a struggle echoes from the room.

Eric opens the door and leaves the room, the camera enters the room and rests on Lindsay. Her hair’s in a tangled mess, tears run down her cheeks as she cradles her self in the corner. In the distance, the front door opens and closes, Lindsay jerks.

The shades are down, giving the room a dark, yet  private mystique. Elaine sits on the edge of her bed watching the answering machine, listening, a bird coos in the distance.

Answering Machine-Chris: babe, I’m sorry about earlier, I’ve been doing some thinking and… I’ma spend more time with you. Lindsay can go to Eric or Jaime if she needs help with what ever’s bothering you… I’m sorry baby, call me when you have a chance, love ya, bye.

Eric Leans over and kisses the back of Elaine’s Neck.

Eric: Chris is something else huh?

Elaine (distracted): Yea, he is.

Eric: So… what about us?

Elaine: What do you mean?

Eric: Come on Elaine, don’t screw with me, when are you cutting that fool loose?

Elaine: Don’t worry… I’m working on it.

Eric: Why don’t you just do it now? It’s not that hard, watch

Eric brings his left hand up to his ear like he’s on the phone

Eric CONT: Hey jerk, guess what! I’ve been screwing your best friend!

Eric slams his hand down, hanging up.

Eric CONT: See? Easy.

Elaine (sighing): No it’s not… I can’t be the one to blame, it has to be his damn fault.

Eric: Why? Can’t stand the guilt?

Elaine: Something like that

Eric: What ever, just hurry it up, I’m getting sick ‘n tired of being your closeted lover.

Elaine: Don’t worry, him and I will be a thing of the past soon enough baby


Banner that reads “Schools Out!!”

Chris walking around the park with his arm around Elaine

Lindsay in the bathroom crying

Elaine in bed with Eric

Chris knocking on Lindsay’s door
(circle round, dissolve and fade)
Lindsay on the other side of the door, flicthing

A bonfire with homework in it

Lindsay cutting her self

Chris in bed with Elaine

Lindsay tearing up her bed

Eric bringing roses to Elaine

End Montage


Chris knock on her door, no one answers.  He rests his forehead on the door and knocks again… no one answers. Slowly he begins to turn the door knob, the door creaks open.  Blankets cover the window letting in almost no light, the kitchen light flickers, Chris investigates the lower portion of the house, calling out to Lindsay. He makes his way up stairs, the bathroom shower is on, he investigates Lindsay’s room. Her beds torn apart, and the mirrors are either broken or covered in towels, the whole house is in chaos.

Chris knocks on the bathroom door

Chris: Lindsay, you there?

No reply, Chris slowly opens the door

Lindsay, fully dressed cradles her self in the shower, cold water spews from the shower head, drenching her.

Chris Cont: Oh God Lindsay, what happened here?

Lindsay remains silent

Chris Cont: Oh God…

Chris turn off the shower and slowly reaches over to hug her, she automatically but warmly embraces back

Chris CONT: Let’s get you dried off

He removes a towel from a near by mirror and begins to dry her hair off, Lindsay acquiescence

Chris: Want to tell me what happened?

Lindsay (dazed): Huh? Nothing happened… nothing…nothing

Chris wraps her in the towel

Chris: I’m going to get you some dry clothes, okay?

Lindsay barley nods, Chris leaves to her room, he returns with some clothes.

Chris: You just get dressed now okay? I’ma be down stairs, nothing bad will happen.

Chris leaves the room and closes the door, Lindsay jumps up and locks the door. She glances over at a newly exposed mirror, her gaze rests on her reflection, eyes watering as she recalls the rape.
Lindsay (yelling at the brink of tears): Fuck it.

Taking hold of a hair drier, she slams it against the mirror, shattering it.

In a daze Lindsay descends the stair case her eyes are red from crying.. She walks towards the couch and lies down; Chris enters from the kitchen carrying a glass of water. He sets it down on the table, and sits next to Lindsay stroking her hair He begins to sing Strawberry Fields for ever.


Close up of Lindsay’s eyes

(old fashion film) Lindsay, Chris, Jaime, Eating pizza around a table

(old fashion film) The three laughing and having a fun o’l time!

Close up of Chris stroking Lindsay’s Hair

(old fashion film) Swimming in a pool, waving to the camera

(old fashion film) Flying kites with Chris Jaime and Eric

Close up, Lindsay eyes flinch.

Close up, Chris’s hand tightens around Lindsay’s stomach

(old fashion film) Chris’s standing in the distance, looking up at a tree, he turns and points up, camera slowly tilts into a blinding light

Fade out

End Montage

Note, Chris’s POV: Hey Lindsay. I’m coming over again okay? You know me and the whole trio of friends are here for you, so don’t worry, we care for you….

Back to Scene

Chris places the note on the coffee table. He leave’s the house.

Chris approaches Eric’s house it’s slightly run down, rests in the middle of his block. A black iron fence shields the house off from the outside, a small tree grows near the door, a bird cage hangs overhead. Chris stammers to the door, shock and disbelief engulf his being. He knocks on the door.

Eric Answers the door

Eric: Eh.. Hey, Chris…

Eric steps outside and closes the door

Eric CONT: What brings you around here?

Chris: Something... something’s wrong with Lindsay.

Eric: Lindsay? What, her parents decided to go to the Bahamas or are they in the Alps this week?

Chris: No… I don’t know… something’s definitely happened to her, I don’t know what…

Eric: You know it probably is her parents; they called her when I was there, something about staying for another week or some thing like that. Well what ever it was, I tried to comfort her but she just flipped out.

Chris: Tat can’t be it, she never looked like this before.

Eric: Well... maybe it’s the sin that breaks the pope’s back or what ever in the world it is.

Chris: I guess your right…

Eric: Of course I’m right! Just chill, hang back, and this whole thing will blow over.

Chris: I don’t know… but it seems like the best thing to do… I’m supposed go to her house again…

Eric: I’ll go okay? I’ll make sure everything’s okay, trust me.

Chris: Thanks… I think I’ll go look for Elaine now.

Eric (Beat) (Sarcastically): Elaine? - What are you going to do? Tell her you were at Lindsay’s house, all by your self. Oh yea that’ll really put her in a good mood.

Chris: What? You don’t think I should…

Eric: Listen, Elaine’s jealous of you going to Lindsay’s house, (exaggerates) now if she would to know that you were going there again, doing God knows what.

Chris: I guess your right

Eric: Again with your guessing, don’t guess just accept. I’m right, and you shouldn’t be looking for Elaine right now, lord knows what she’ll do if she knows about you and Lindsay… okay?

Chris begins to walk away

Chris: Yea I guess…..

Chris leaves the house’s yard and walks off screen. Eric’s front door opens up, Elaine steps out. She hugs Eric from behind. Eric turns around and holds her.

Eric: Well your novio came over.

Elaine: Oh really… what happened?

Eric: He was with Lindsay not so long ago

Elaine: What did that slut want?

Eric:  Apparently she wanted something from him, he didn’t get too much into detail but it was obvious that something went down.

Elaine (out raged): That fucken whore!

Eric: Calm down, calm down,  I can’t do anything about that, but…

Elaine: I know I know, you want me to break up with him.

Eric: Why not? Come on, he’s cheating on you with Lindsay, just get rid of the little prick, and move on with your life.

Elaine (authoritative) : You’re right! Fuck Chris, I got my own damn problems, I don’t need to be dealing with his drama. If he wants to sleep around, then fuck it he can, I’m not going to be some chump.

Eric walks into the house

Eric: Then do it already

Elaine follows him

Elaine: Don’t worry baby, I will.

The door closes.

Two sharp knocks echo from the front door. Chris stammers to open it.
Elaine rushes in. Chris gives her an affectionate hug.

Chris: Oh God, how I’ve missed you!

Elaine pulls away

Elaine: Miss me huh?

Chris: Yea

Elaine (authoritative): So where’d you go today?

Chris: Eh… No where babe, wh-why?

Elaine (sarcastic): No where huh? So you’ve been in the house all day?

Chris: Yea basically.

Elaine: I came over earlier, but you weren’t here.

Chris: I went to the liquor store for a pack of gum, you know me and gum! Freaken addicted to that stuff. (chuckles uncomfortably)

Elaine: Yea I was coming from there, I had a chocolate fetish. Funny thing is I never saw you walking.

Chris: I was taking a different route, wanted to do some site seeing ya know.

Elaine (attacking): You think I’m that retarded? I know you were at Lindsay’s house!

Chris (apologetic): No I wasn’t, I swear to you.

Elaine: Don’t lie; I could smell her from the second I walked in!

Chris (outraged): Fine, I was there but what do you expect? She’s my God Damn friend!

Elaine: I expect you to put your Girlfriend before some slut!

Chris: Slut? Don’t you dare call Lindsay a slut again!

Elaine: Well why are you spending so much time with her?

Chris: I think something might have happened to her…

A moment of silent passes, the words hang in the air.

Elaine (accusingly): Think? That’s all you do isn’t it! Why don’t you just admit you fucked!

Chris (exhausted): I didn’t sleep with her

Elaine: I told you not to lie damn it!

Chris: I’m not lying!

Elaine: I don’t even know what I’m doing here, it’s over okay Chris?  We’re through! Now you can fuck all night long with that bitch!

Elaine storms out

Chris (yelling): Fuck you Elaine! Fuck you!

Over come with frustration, Chris rubs his hand through his hair and hits the wall.

Two sharp knocks echo from the front door. Lindsay eagerly walks opens the door.

Lindsay (ecstatic): About time Chris…

Eric (coolly): Hello

Lindsay attempts to slam the door shot, Eric gets a foot hold, and barges in, slamming the door behind him. He advances on Lindsay.

Lindsay turns and runs, Eric chases her down, grabbing her as she attempts to run up the stairs. He pins her against the wall, her back to him.

Eric: So Lindsay… I heard Chris came over earlier today….

Lindsay: Fuck you!

Eric (cocky): Hmmm Such a filthy mouth. Maybe I should teach you a lesson…so what did you and Chris talk about?

Lindsay remains silent

Eric cont: Nothing eh?

Eric twists her arm, Lindsay screams out

Lindsay: Nothing! Nothing! I didn’t tell him anything!

Eric: Well, that may be true… but I just want to make sure you wont be saying anything in the near future…

Eric forces Lindsay up the stairs, she revolts, tries to escape but Eric keeps a tight grip on her. He pushes her into the room, and closes the door behind him. Lindsay screams, but is quickly muffled.

Chris sits at a lone table, flanked by trees. It’s a sunny day with a cool breeze rolling over the grass and flirting with the trees. Jaime sits across from him she’d rather be anywhere but there.

Jaime: Okay, so why am I out here?

Chris: I need to talk to you and Eric.

Jaime: Then where in the hell is he?

Chris: How should I know? He just disappears but I still need to talk with you!

Jaime(rolls eyes): Fine, about what?

Chris: Lindsay.

Jamie (shocked): Oh my God! You’re leaving Elaine for her!

Chris: No! It’s not that… well sorta, I mean we broke up but…

Jaime: Seriously? What happened?

Chris (depressed): She… she broke up with me.

Jaime: Get out! What happened!

Chris: I rather not talk about it…

Jaime: What ever… so, why do we need to talk about Lindsay?

Chris: something’s happened… something’s different… something’s happened to her.

Jaime: Really? Like what?

Chris (demented): I don’t know, but it’s something serious. I saw it in her eyes, I’ve never seen anything like that! I was scared shit less. It’s like the whole world’s been turned upside down.

Jaime: Wait… You… You were at her house?

Chris: Yea but…

Jaime (frustrated): What in the hell were you doing there by your self?

Chris: It doesn’t matter, but if you come with me you’ll see what I mean!

Jaime: Why should I go?

Chris (outraged): She’s our friend!

Jaime (sarcastic): I don’t know if I’m friends with home wreckers. The way I see it is, you were at her house, and then Elaine broke up with you!

Chris (demented): The two events aren’t even  related… trust me

Jaime: Eh no… You probably got her pregnant or caught an STD and Elaine found out! Now you’re here trying to figure out how to get her back.

Chris: You think that’s what happened?

Jaime: I know that’s what happened?

Chris: You’re wrong, nothing like that ever happened, you’re not even fucken close!

Jaime: You expect me to believe that you went to her house, just to check up on her?

Chris: That’s what happened.

Jaime: Maybe that’s why you went, but that’s not what happened.

Chris: Yes it is!

Jaime: What ever, I gotta get to Jill’s house soon and apparently Eric’s a no show.

Chris: You’re just going to leave like that? Turn your back on your friends!

Jaime: I’m not turning my back on anyone! I just have other planes.

Jaime rises from her seat

Chris: But…

Jaime: Chris I gotta get going or I’ma be late, Good Bye.

Jaime leaves Chris sitting there alone.

Eric is finding his way through the complex. His phone goes off and he answers.

Eric: Hello! Chris, hey… I’m on PCH, why? Does it really matter what I’m doing there? You’re house, right now? Eh… how about tomorrow, I’m a little tired right now… Cool? Lindsay, what about her? Huh uh… Okay, talk to me about it tomorrow alright? Bye.

Eric hangs up the phone and exits through the front gate, walking down the side walk.

Chris and Eric share a bottle of vodka with two shot glasses. South Park is on the T.V. The two act like old friends.

Eric: What’s with your infatuation over vodka?

Eric kicks back a shot.

Chris: I’m not to sure… It’s cold, crude and sophisticated, I feel alive.

Eric: That’s not really healthy ya know?

Chris: A lot of things in life aren’t. Hell I can get cancer from just breathing this damn air, or drinking this fucken water! I could have my head blown off walking down the wrong street with the wrong colors. This way I have some control over what kills me ya know?

Eric: That’s a pretty messed up philosophy.

Chris: At least I’m not advocating the mass murder of over a third of the population

Eric: Lefties have no souls, there for they are not people! Meaning we should not count them as part of the human race, and thus do not account for our population.

Chris: That’s pretty intolerant.

Eric: There’s no tolerance for lefties.

Chris lifts a shot glass, Eric follows.

Chris (Russian accent): To the eradication of the lefty plague, comrade!

Eric: Eradication of the lefty plague!

The two kick back another shot.

Eric: So, why did you call me over today? I know it’s not to get wasted and watch South Park.

Chris: What? We can’t just chill?

Eric: You usually spend your free time with Elaine, its fun hanging but we haven’t in a while.

Chris: Yea well…

Eric: You, two apart?

Chris: I don’t want to talk about it.

Eric: Well, that sucks… That’s why you wanted to talk with me?

Chris: Not exactly, I need to talk about Lindsay.

Eric: Really? Why, what’s wrong?

Chris: I don’t know… I really don’t know, it’s just that something’s…. I don’t know.

Eric: You have any idea what it is?

Chris: No idea… but what ever it is, its fucken big, you have any guesses?

Eric: All I can think of is her parents.

Chris: No, it’s not that.

Eric: Her parents always leave her alone, I know… so maybe it finally got to her.

Chris: You said she tripped out when you there doing the project; what happened?

Eric: Like I said, her parents called, she got mad, I tried to help, one thing lead to another and basically….

Chris: Yea, yea, yea…. She kicked you out.

Eric: Yup, but don’t bring me up in conversation though; I think she’s still mad.

Chris: How about you come with me, we can both try to figure this thing out, and you two can make up….

Eric: Man, I love her, but I’m not going back there.

Chris: Why the hell not?

Eric: She’s going to be mad! Trust me!

Chris: How do you know?

Eric: I just know these things! You know I do, so why fight it. Listen, you can go but just leave me out of it.

Chris: what are you going to be doing then?

Eric :I might be at a certain cuties house (winks)

Chris: OH who’s the lucky girl?

Eric: I aint telling!

Chris: Come on! Do I know her?

Eric: Ya do, and you don’t… it’s weird like that.

Chris: Well you go have fun with this mystery girl…

Eric: I always do

Lindsay’s house lays in the back of the complex much like before. Chris shuffles towards the door, pausing to reflect on the past week.

Chris knocks on the door, no one answers. he curses softly under his breath, then knocks again, harder.

Lindsay: Who the hell is it?

Chris: Eh, hi, it’s me Chris, Mind opening the door?

The door opens. Lindsay’s hair is tangled and messy, the house is dark, with blankets covering the windows, towels are draped over the mirrors. Lindsay eyes Chris suspiciously

She remains silent.

Chris: Can I come in?

Lindsay steps aside. Chris enters.

Chris: So, what’s going on? You didn’t go to the bomb fire.

Lindsay: It wouldn’t have been much fun.

Chris: I don’t know about that, but at least call so we can hang out.

Lindsay stares blankly

Lindsay (coolly): Eh, no.

Chris(shocked): What why not?

Lindsay: I don’t want to.

Chris (concerned): You’re not making any sense Lindsay.

Lindsay: I don’t know I just don’t want to.

Chris: What’s wrong? You’ve never done this before, you’ve always wanted to be around us! What’s happening Lindsay?

Lindsay: A lot of shit, okay?

Chris: Like what?

Lindsay remains silent.

Chris (sighing): You can be like this the whole time, (gentle but firm) but I’m not leaving until I get an answer.

Lindsay: Leave.

Chris: Damn it Lindsay! Tell me what the fuck’s happened!

Lindsay: Nothing fucken happened okay? Nothing!

Chris: Don’t bull shit me! Something’s wrong! I talked with Jaime and Eric yesterday, both of them are concerned about you, no one’s seen you for days.

Lindsay: Eric? What the hell does he care about?

Chris: Obviously you.

Lindsay: Like hell he does!

Chris: You don’t understand, he’s been asking about you all week.

Lindsay: I don’t understand? I don’t fucken understand?

Chris: You don’t! You’ve been hiding here all this fucken time, you don’t know what’s going on out there.

Lindsay (attacking) : You don’t understand what’s going on in here! You don’t understand how every time I walk by my damn room, I relieve the same fucken nightmare! Every time I lay in my bed, My own Fucken bed, I can feel him; His damn breath on my neck, fucken pinning me down, suffocating me! You have no fucken idea what’s going on!

Chris (sympathetic): I-I didn’t know… I’m sorry…

Lindsay: You’re sorry? You’re sorry? You think that makes what Eric did okay? Huh?

Chris N-No… I… No…

Lindsay: You know what Chris, you’ll never understand… so… so just get the fuck out of my house.

Chris solemnly walks out, he stops in the door way.

Chris: I’m sorry Lindsay

Lindsay: Get the fuck out!

Chris leaves; Lindsay slams the door shut.

Elaine lays in her bed looking up at the ceiling. Her rooms a slight mess, clothes scattered on the floor, brightly lit from the side window, but having a sense of emptiness. Eric calmly slides into the bed and embraces her; she tilts and rests her head on his. On a table near by lays a bottle of mango lotion.

Elaine: So what did Chris want?

Eric: Just wanted to recruit me in the crusade to figure out what the hells wrong with Lindsay.

Elaine: He tried the same thing with Jaime yesterday!

Eric: Yea well he’s just acting concerned, that’s all.

Elaine: Maybe, but it’s hard to believe. He made a lot of major accusations about Lindsay’s… eh.. state of mind, he’s not one to lie like that, and you know it.

Eric: Hey! Don’t be worrying about those things. Chris’s just trying to mend our broken clan. Besides, you have me (tightens grip, a little squeeze) to worry about now and there’s a lot less drama.

Elaine (laughs): Yea, you’re right, you are a handful (the two kiss)

Two sharp knocks echo from the living room.

The two lay in silence.

Three knocks penetrate the silence

Elaine slowly slides out of bed to creeps over to the window. She peers out.

Eric (whispering): Who is it?

Elaine (whispering): It looks like Chris.

Eric (whispering): Well, just leave him alone, he’ll disappear sooner or later.

Elaine begins to put on a robe

Elaine (whispering): No, no, no… I can’t just leave him out there like tha.

Eric: But…

Elaine: Don’t worry hun, it’ll be brief.

Elaine exits the room and opens the front door.

Eric creeps over to the window, slowly he peers out and opens the window.

Elaine: No… I don’t know where Eric’s at, why?

Chris (mumbles and tries to avoid eye contact.): It has to do with Lindsay

Elaine: Lindsay!

Chris (mumbling): Eh… never mind,

Brief eye contact, Chris looks all messed up

Chris cont: I’m sorry.

Chris turns and walks away.

Elaine (solemnly): Good Bye Chris

Eric slinks away from the window and slips back into the bed.

Elaine walks into the room, but stops in the door way.

Elaine Cont: So… anything I need to know about?

Eric (innocently): Nothing to my knowledge

Elaine (attacking): Mmhm, what’s going on between you and Lindsay?

Eric: Nothing, why?

Elaine: Well Chris wanted to know where you’re at. It had something to do with Lindsay.

Eric: He didn’t get into specifics?

Elaine: That’s what I’m asking you for! So… Do you have any idea why Chris is looking for you?

Eric (shaking his head): I really don’t have a clue babe.

Elaine (calms down): Okay… fine, but I think you should go talk with him about this.

Eric (shocked): Huh? Why?

Elaine: He looks shaken up, you owe it to him.

Eric (outraged): I owe him nothing!

Elaine (authoritative): Yes you do! He’s an old friend and he deserves your help!

Eric (sarcastic): Oh just like how you helped him huh? When he was asking for help with Lindsay you just volunteered…

Elaine (defenseless): That wasn’t what…

Eric (attacking): Of course you did! You wouldn’t dare ditch Chris or Lindsay in their hour of need just to break up with him in the end

Eric begins to put on his shoes

Elaine: What are you doing babe?

Eric (demented): I’m leaving, you disgust me.

Eric heads for the front door, and Elaine peruses

Elaine (concerned): What?  Wh-Where are you going?

Eric stands in the front doors way.

Elaine (seductive): I’m sorry baby, come back to bed, and I’ll make you forget bout this.

Eric (demented): How dare I think that you were the real deal! You’re not! You’re just like that rest of them, a narcissistic hypocrite! Good Bye Elaine!

Eric Leaves and slams the door shut, he walks away, a cruel smile creeps onto his face.

Lindsay cradles herself on the couch, static plagues the television screen. She rocks back and fourth tears rolling down her checks. She gets up and walks up the stairs, towards her room. Examining the contents of her room, tattered bed, broken mirrors and glass, Lindsay shuts the door violently. She makes her way to the bathroom, pausing in front of the mirror to exam herself. Pain and frustration crosses her face. Finally she throws open the medicine cabinet and takes our random medicine bottles, downing the contents eagerly.

Eric leans back against the couch, one arm’s around Jaime as she rests her head on his chest, embracing him.

Jaime: Chris was looking for you earlier.

Eric: Oh really, what did he want?

Jaime: I’m not to sure, sort of rambles on about this and that, I couldn’t quite understand him.

Eric: O’well that’s his problem.

Jaime tightens her grip on Eric and sniffs.

Jaime: You smell…(sniffs) you smell like mangos.

Eric (chuckles): My sister’s got a new eh… body wash.

Jaime: Mm… smells good.

Eric: Thanks.

The two rest in silence.

Jaime: So what do you thinks up with Lindsay?

Eric: I don’t know, its probably just more drama.

Jaime:  I’m tired of Love these triangles.

Eric: So am I. How’s it with the new clique though?

Jaime: Jill’s going to Europe and Martha has family in Palm Springs, so I think she’s going to be with them during the summer. But when they come back they want to hang out… and they wanna see you hun.

Eric: Seriously? Where at?

Jaime: Ice-skating in P.V. can you make it?

Eric: Eh… yea why wouldn’t i?

Jaime: Maybe you had plans with the trio.

Eric: Nope, I’m cutting off ties with them

Jaime: Why?

Eric (sincerely): Way to much drama and  I got you babe

The two kiss tenderly.

Jaime: I wonder what Chris wanted…

Eric: Probably nothing, maybe he just wanted to complain bout Lindsay and Elaine.

Jaime: Hmm… o’well babe I’m happy with you.

Eric: I’m happy here to.

Chris knocks ½ heartedly; clearly discourage to be there. He rests his forehead on the door, and knocks again, he tries the doorknob, and it’s locked. Reaching down towards a rock, he exposes a spare key; he uses to open the door.

Chris opens the door and slowly walks in. The house is in the same chaotic mess as before. Like no one cared to do anything, just let it be.

Chris (exhausted): Hello, Lindsay?

Chris walks through the house and heads up the stairs.

Chris Cont: Lindsay? You here?

He hears the shower going and the door’s slightly open.

He rests at the door, sighing.

Chris softly knocks, the door opens slightly.

Chris cont: Lindsay you there?

There’s no reply, and Chris begins to open the door.

Chris cont: I’m sorry Lindsay but…

Chris sees Lindsay’s motionless body lying in the tub

Chris Cont (shaking his head): Not again

Chris puts his arm around her and pulls her close, she doesn’t move.

Chris Cont: Lindsay?

He begins to slightly shake her, but she doesn’t respond.

Chris Cont (frantic): Oh god! Lindsay!

Chris embraces her lifeless body; tears begin to roll down his checks

Chris Cont (brink of tears): I-I could of helped…

Chris reaches down towards the floor, still keeping hold of her. He picks up an empty pill bottle

Chris Cont: H-How could you Lindsay… how?

He kisses her forehead and pulls her closer to him; the showerhead drenches the two in cold water.

Fade Out

Chris bursts into his dark house and quickly flicks on the lights. It’s empty and sorta big; a computer rests in one corner, off, dead. His house attempts to look nice, but can not hide a vacuous identity.


He makes his way to the kitchen and takes a bottle of vodka out of the freezer. The fridge is completely blank except for one piece of paper, written on it is “Late from work, don’t wait up –Dad”

Taking periodic chugs form the bottle, he throws up in the empty stainless steel sink.

With the bottle in hand he stumbles into the living room.


The bathrooms pitch dark, Chris throws the door open, blinding light from the hall floods in all you see of him is an ominous silhouette. He flips on the lights and illuminating the room and himself, his face looks like he’s just gotten out of the spin cycle of the washer. The bathroom’s painting is a bright color with blue hints, that’s the only decorations.

Chris: What the hell’s your problem huh?

Takes a swig.

Chris CONT: All you’re supposed to do is make sure nothing happened! Now look! You let her down! You fucked up big time!

Takes a longer swig; gags and coughs.

Chris CONT: You’re supposed to be to protect her! You fucken failure! You God Damn disgrace!

A look of realization crosses his face.

Chris CONT: You ARE a disgrace! Nothing more then shit smeared on the world.

Chris walks into the hall way, lost in a daze

Chris CONT: W all know what needs to happen with shits like you….

He takes down a black box from the top of the bookshelf; resting it on a lower shelf he exposes the Hand Gun hidden inside.

He removes the handgun from the case, loads a clip and then cocks it. His face remains stern.

Chris CONT: Pathetic end to a Pathetic man.

Takes one last prolonged swig and drops the bottle, it lands in one piece on the gray carpet, with nothing left inside to spill out.

He walks into his bedroom and closes the door. Moments later a single gun shot rings from his room.

Jaime’s room is a cliché teenager’s, pink walls and rose patterned bed sheets. Jaime’s resting her head on Eric’s chest, Eric plays with her hair, while looking coolly at the ceiling, Jaime has a drowsy but satisfied expression on her face.

Jaime: Is this how it’s going to be babe?

Eric’s lost in the memory of what just happened in the bed.

Jaime cont (slightly shakes him): Well babe?

Eric: Huh? What do you mean hun?

Jaime sits up

Jaime: I mean us, you and me..

Eric sits up and holds her from behind.

Eric (whispering in her ear): You know I love you babe.

Eric’s phone receives a text message, he turns away from Jaime and checks it.

Eric’s POV-Phone-
New Text Message
From: Elaine
I’m so sorry about earlier, Please come over babe I miss you so much.

Back to scene:

Jaime: Who is it babe?

Eric: It’s Alex, he want’s to know what classes I’m taking over the summer.

Eric’s POV-Phone
Create A Text Message
To. Elaine
I’ll come over tomorrow hun, I love you see you soon.

Back to scene

Eric lays down and Jaime follows

Jaime: You didn’t answer the question my love…

Eric: This is how it’ll always be… exactly like this.

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