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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Drama · #1279953
A script i made ofr a Halo 2 machinima movie.
                                                Uprising of the dead:
                                                          Part 1

  Zombie movie, yay!

Sam: Driver (Colors: Main: Black, secondary: White)
Sgt Anderson: leader of special OP’s team (Colors: Main: Tan, secondary: Red)
Pvt Jerald: trigger happy gunner. (Colors: Main: Tan, secondary: Blue)
Pvt Casey: Jerald’s even more trigger happy brother (Colors: Main: Tan, secondary: cyan)
Pvt Michael: demolitions expert, second in command (Colors: Main: Red, secondary:
Ethan: a high school student (Colors: Main: Blue, secondary: Yellow)
Pvt John: not really a big character (Colors: Main: Tan, secondary: White)
Colonel patten: A col, not a big surprise, leader of troops positioned at gulch base.

Scene 1 (origins)
Map: Foundation
People needed: Green players (no weapons)
White players: sentinel beam
A few frags

Scene starts, camera moves around foundation, white players wander around slowly camera zooms toward a room with boxes blocking entrance. From inside the room, a  mix of plasma and frag explosions blows apart the barrier

(From distance)
Random voice: JESUS! Malfunction! Seal the facility! Distribute containment weapons! Containment protocol now active!

(Camera moves as white players carrying beams run toward the room.)

(Camera moves back to outside the room, several green players with no weapons run out.

(A white scientist fire at them, another white player is seen carrying a bomb toward the center of the map. Green players get there first and swarm around him, from a distance he is shot off camera to simulate death.)

Camera zooms out of the map. Screaming is still heard as the screen fades to black.


Title and credit title starts to appear.
(Written by Toneslice appears under title, followed be produced by ……. I don’t want others to take credit for our work)

Scene 2  (Fall of a race)
Map: headlong / turf
People needed: green players (lots if possible), tan military (battle rifles, magnums and smg’s), random colored civilians (no weapon, just run around and scream and get chased by zombies) and black military.
A few warthogs and a tank.

Camera moves on top of building, showing zombies attacking/ chasing people.
Black players in Warthogs are shown firing past retreating humans at zombies.
Zombies swarm around hog eventually and hijack the humans. Camera zooms out and screams are heard, a tank explodes in the distance and zombies swarm it.

Screen fades to turf. A lone civilian is shown running through a alleyway

Zombies are close behind him. He runs into a dead end. Camera pans behind him as he turns around, he crouches, turns around and stares at the corner, panicking noises are heard. Out of nowhere, a zombie is shot. They turn and face the attacker which is out of sight to camera. A john drops behind a zombie unseen, and shoots it in the head with a BR. Zombies turn to face him and rush him. The soldier fires a clip before running out. Screen slowly follows from above as he bashes the zombies repeatedly while slowly falling back. Once they reach the street, FIRE!!! Is heard and zombies are fired on from all angles from troops along the roof tops.

Sgt Anderson: keep on firing! KEEP! ON! FIRING!

A hog rolls into the street.

Pvt Jerald on gunner: YEEEEEEEHHHHHHAAAWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pvt Michael leaps out of side with shotgun, and runs into the hoard, screaming “BRING IT ON!!!!!!”

Warthog skids to a stop, the driver, Sam, who is an ordinary taxi driver comments
“Sigh….cocky m’fers….”

(Random fighting for a few seconds)

The sgt Jumps on to street amidst the dead bodies.

SGT: Good work troops, let’s go find that civilian. He needs help.

They walk toward camera

Pvt. Michael: ill stay back and guard Sam and the hog.

SGT: good, were going to need Sam and the hog to get out of here.
(They walk off)

(Over at Sam and Michael)
Sam: Jesus…it just keeps getting worse doesn’t it…

Michael: (quietly) you think I don’t know that…? All we can do is save as many as we can and pray this ends without bringing humanity to its end.

Sam: I know, but how did it all happen?

Just don’t ask, and keep focused on the mission

Camera moves back toward the troops until they reach the civilian.
Once they reach him, they see him pacing back and fourth in the dead end, a mix of mumbling and sobbing is heard.

(Running up to the civilian
SGT: sir, are you ok? Have you been bitten?

He stops pacing and slowly turns to them. He whispers

Ethan: No…. not them, never be one….. GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!! GET AWAY!!!! NEVER!!! NOT EVER!!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!
Pvt Jerald: its okay, were not one of them…

Ethan: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
He turns around, runs into the wall and is shot from off screen to simulate unconsciousness’.

Jerald: (quietly) admit it that was kind of funny… (Runs over and checks body)
He’s not bit; let’s get him to the hog and head back to base.

Gunshots are heard in the distance.
Michael: Sgt, get back here now, they know were here and were going to attract them all in this city if we don’t move soon.

SGT: time to move troops! Get ready for a hot exit route!

Camera follows troops, when warthog comes into view there’s a trail of dead bodies
Michael: hurry the hell up and let’s move

From driver seat:
Sam: (staring at dead body) o god, that’s sick, im gonna puke,
Jerald: he he, cool, look at him, no head.
(Sam punches him)
Jerald: okay okay im sorry.
The group drives off in two hogs


Scene 3 (arrival)
Map: containment
Players: main characters, zombies
Misc: A few hogs, exploding things

Camera fades to containment, 4 hogs seen slowly moving toward center of map, they skip to a stop a little from the center of the map.

Camera zooms toward a hog carrying the sgt, the civilian and john as gunner.

SGT: okay men, were nearing the rally point for The UNSC troops and civilian survivors, I was contacted by colonial Anders 20 minutes ago.

John: im gonna check out the civilian,
(Gets off the gun)
(Coughing is heard from the side, the civilian looks up slowly, camera goes toward a view of sgt and john looking at Ethan)(A.K.A the civilian)

Ethan: (weakly) were I? I can’t remember... (He is interrupted by coughing from john. John starts to back away.)

Sgt: Pvt! were you going?

John: sir, I’ve needed to take a piss for 3 hours, I think its time im allowed to do it.

Sgt: fine, but get back here ASAP, the civilians fine, but we need to make sure he’s not bitten.

John: I know, I kno… (Starts to cough before he finishes, then starts to walk off behind rocks)

(Camera fades to black, 10 minutes later appears then screen fades back in.)

Camera moves toward a hog with Sam and Michael in it

Michael: well, from what I heard, that civilian is going to be fine. I heard his name is “Ethan” he’s a senior in high school up in Washington.

Sam: what’s he doing all the way out here? Were ever here is at the time, that pelican ride made me lose all knowledge of were we are

Michael: Some kind of cross continental expedition for His local Boy Scout troop, that’s all we could get out of him before he blacked out again, he has some sort of bump on the head from a earlier date during the infestation, he hit his head on a stair case support beam up in a barn.

(Camera turns toward the SGT)

SGT: OK men, saddle up, the civilian is going to be fine, PVT. Jerald, go get john, he’s taking a while.

Jerald: sir, he’s fine, besides, Casey is coming back and we all need to here what he’s seen scouting
SGT: agreed.

(Camera flashes to a zoomed in scene of a john’s legs slowly moving forward, then flashes back to troops)

Casey: sir, I had a mild confrontation with a few of them, only about 5 or 6 though. From what I’ve seen, they haven’t gotten very close to the base yet.

SGT: good work PVT.

(Flashes to a shot of a body moving past a spot of blood, you can only see up to the waist, then flashes back quickly)

SGT: Ok, there’s a main gate entrance to the front of the base.

(Flashes to a shot over johns shoulder, he is seen looking at the troops; they have not yet noticed them, he suddenly bolts toward them, he runs toward Ethan who hasn’t noticed him. Casey looks up and see’s john.)

Casey: hey, what’s the matter?

(A trail of blood is seen under john’s feat as he runs toward Ethan)

Casey: what’s the matter…(cuts off mid sentence) Ethan! MOVE! He’s one of them!

(Ethan turns and gets out, then jumps to the other side of the hog right before john slams into the passenger side of the hog. Ethan crouch’s as they fire on john.)

SGT: (Sighs) it had to happen to one of us sometime.

Jerald: (runs over to johns’ body) Yep, he’s bitten, it must have happened back in that ally.

SGT: (sighs) leave the body, get his ammo and everyone, get in the damn hogs and get ready to leave now!

(Camera turns to a scene of the Hogs starting to move away from body, scene zooms out then fades)

End scene 3

Scene 4
(Brothers ‘till the death)
Map: containment
Players: main characters, zombies
Misc: Anything that shoots or explodes
Music: Down with the sickness. (Disturbed)

The group drives up heading toward the base. They skid to a stop near the tall button tower in the middle.

Sgt:  Alpha base, this is survivor search and rescue unit 32, request permission to open the gate.

There’s no answer.

Sgt: alpha base, respond.

No answer.
The sgt runs toward the button. He attempts to press it, but nothing happens.

Sgt: (sighs) Casey, Jerald! Front and center!

Casey and Jerald: (at once) sir?

Sgt: No one at the base is responding. I need you 2 to go in and check it out, once inside, open the main door to let us in. Any questions ladies?

Casey and Jerald: (at once) No sir.

Sgt: get moving now. And get those doors open ASAP.

Camera slowly follows the two brothers.

Jerald: I have a bad feeling about this…

Casey: tell me something new. Of course you do, this whole world is completely F’ed up
Right now.

Jerald: No, really, remember that dream I had right before mom died?

Casey: you mean the one with that huge white cloudy place??

Jerald: ye, that’s the one. Anyway, on the way over here, I couldn’t get that out of my head. It’s like (interrupted by Casey)

Casey: wait, that dream meant nothing. Really, it’s just a dream. Nothing and I mean nothing, does that have to do with anything at all.

Jerald: I hope to god that you’re right.

They enter the tunnel to the left of a base. Slowly, more and more bodies start to appear.

Casey: God, this is freaking me out…

Jerald: you think those things are in here…?

Casey: no, nothing could get in this place. Too many troops. Too few zombies.
You need to calm down. Nothings going to happen to my little brother while I’m here.

Jerald: you sound like mom…

Casey: seriously. You’re going to be fine.

A low shot of legs running by flashes on the screen. (down with the sickness starts to play quietly)

Jerald: damn, you see that?

Casey: yea, keep tight, watch our 6…

Camera continues to follow them until they get to the warthog area.
Bodies are spread out everywhere

Casey: Jesus….

Jerald: uh…Casey, we need to get out of here right...now.

A zombies gets Jerald from behind just as the music starts to blast out the waha aha ha part near the begging), Casey shoots the zombie
Casey: JERALD! NO!

Jerald: (Weakley) behind…You…leave me...behind…save… Yourself

Casey: No! You’re going to be fine! Stay with me!

Jerald: no…I…cant …just go…please… (with that, he dies)

Casey turns around; a swarm of zombies is scene rushing toward them. He raises his gun to fire.

Casey: this is for Jerald, (pissed, he sprints toward them) BRING IT ON!!!

(Music is now at full blast) he continues to fight for about 30 seconds before the scene
Blacks out.

Sgt: (at hog) they should be opening that gate any minute now, what’s there hold up?

(A Voice that sounds like its coming through a radio is heard)

Casey: The base is swarmed! Repeat! The base is infected! Get to safety! The (starts breaking up) fall back to Gulch 23 (crackling noise) back off! (Gun shots are heard)
Repeat, fall back to (screams are heard and radio goes dead)

Sgt: Casey, Jerald! Come in! Repeat! Do you copy?
(Sighs) there gone, ok troops; let’s move toward the secondary fallback point.

Scene 4 ends in a black screen.

Scene 5
Map: Headlong
Players: main characters, zombies
Misc: Anything that shoots, explodes or has wheels

(Warthogs are scene driving through the city.)

Sam: ok guys, about 5 min ETA until we pass through the city and into the country side, get to Gulch base and arrive to reinforcements and warm meals.

Michael: Amen to that.

Ethan: I don’t know, we haven’t seen a single zombie in this city yet, I have a really bad feeling…

Sam: Man, what’s with everyone, People are getting freaked out, whenever someone gets a feeling, it turns out to be true. Do us a favor and just shut u… (Interrupted by Michael)

Michael: Calm down already, Jesus…it’s not anyone’s fault that Casey, Jerald and john are dead. So stop complaining its everyone’s fault.

Sam: (almost yelling now) Well really, im not blaming everyone, im a little on the edge right now! Just were not making any progress, for what we know, everyone is dead!

Michael: (pissed off now) Just shut the fuck up!  REALLY! If you’re so great, pick up a gun, and cooperate, for everything you’ve done, you’ve done nothing, ABSOLUTELY nothing, but sit on your ass and drive.

Sam: why don’t you shut up fucker!



Sam: Huh? (Looks back toward road, a swarm of zombies cuts them off from the other hog, Sam swerves and flips end for end, crashing them upside down against the wall, pinning Sam against the wall too)

Sam: (in pain) aahh, I can’t move, help! (Panicking now) HELP ME! HELP ME! GET ME OUT! AAAHHH!

Michael: (running toward Ethan) you know how to use this?! (While handing him a pistol)

Ethan: yea, good enough to hold them off until you get that off of Sam.

Michael: good, if they start to over run us, head inside that building, bunker down, and wait until we get there! (Runs over to Sam) Ok, try to help anyway you can.

Sam: just leave me!

Michael: no, come on, your going to be fine!

Sam: No, you need to hurry, get out of here.

Michael: NO!

Ethan: (panicking) There getting closer! Hurry it up!

Sam: My ankles crushed, you’re wasting time doing this! LEAVE!
(As he finishes, a zombie lands on him from above)


Michael: SAM! NO!

Sam: Kill me! Don’t let me become one of them! KILL ME! (Continues to scream in pain) NOW! MY FAMILLY IS GONE! I HAVE NOTHING TO LIVE FOR! KILL. ME. NOW.
Michael: (whispering) good bye Sam…Ethan, head inside. Ill be in there soon.

Sam: thank you… (Whispering in thanks) im coming sally…im coming back to you…

Camera zooms out, Just before camera goes around corner, and it stops. Michael shoots Sam in the head with a pistol, and runs to catch up with Ethan. The zombies continue to advance. The screen blacks out while slowly rotating around Sams body.

End scene 5

Scene 6
(Left behind)
Map: Headlong/Coagulation
Characters: Zombies, The sgt (o Teh noes! He’s all alone!)

Warthog is seen skidding to a stop on bridge, the sgt starts trying to contact the crashed hog, gives up hope and leaves. He is then seen driving toward the coagulation blue base, several black soldiers start moving back towards the base as he comes to a stop near the rocks.

(On top of base.)

Random soldier: (yelling to others) contact, contact! Warthog moving in! No gunner or passenger! ARM YOURSELFS AN INITIATE PROTICAL V1! Squad 1, move up and see if he’s one of them.

(Soldiers are seen running from the base.)

The sgt gets out of the hog and starts moving toward them

Random soldier: Hold up and fan out, he’s moving toward us.

Both groups freeze, no one moves.

Random soldier #2: (nervously and breathing hard) man…(stuttering)
i..i..i cant take it! Ggaaa!! He could be one of them!! What if he is!!
He’ll kill us all!

Sgt: calm down son, I’m about as far from a zombie as I can be… (is cut off suddenly as a soldier smashes his head with a shotgun, and knocks him out. Screen starts to blur from a ground perspective)

Random soldier: Nice one rookie, bring him inside and lets see if he wasn’t lying..(heard as the screen is fading to black)

A few seconds later, the screen starts fading back, revealing the sgt inside the base.
No one is around.

Sgt: ggeez… my head, whats going on?

Random soldier: (yells above) HEY! SIR! Hes awake!

(col patten jumps down from above.)

Sgt: (boltsup from a crouching postion) SIR! Col…(crys in pain)

Col: at ease son, we had to eerr…cause some pain to make sure you weren’t one of them.

Sgt: was that really erm…nessisary?

Col: yes, this is one of our last outposts in the area, we had to make sure its uninfected.

Sgt: I understand (wait…(suddenly, a playback of the crash in headlong is shown in black and white.) MY TROOPS!

Col: what?

Sgt: my 2nd squads warthog crashed back in the city!

Col: were they uninfected?

Sgt: yes, we have to get there!

Col: Ill prep a hog, and send some troops, we need everyone we can get. What city?

Sgt: new Mombassa.

Col: are you crazy son?! (Over a radio)  Cancel rescue squad! Repeat! City is too hot.

Sgt: what! What about my troops?

Col: (sighs) new Mombassa was the first place infected…with over a population of 100,000 people, no-one, got out of there, it’s a miracle you got through uninfected.
I can’t risk that much.

Sgt: there’s no one there! They were moving east when we passed the (cut off by col)

Col: east! That’s were we are! (Over radio) There coming! Repeat! Everyone! Take up arms! Put everything out on the western line! We need to hold them off until the civilians can escape! Sgt, I can spare you aircraft if you want to go after them, and nothing else, but other than that, the chances of you getting out are almost 100,000,000 to 1, almost doubled for them.

Sgt: (getting up) ill take those odds… there my squad.

Col: You’re a brave man, but you’re a fool, but were all fools in the military. (Starts to walk away) I doubt even god save you once you enter that city…good luck.

End of scene 6

Scene 7
(Shades of the past)
Map: outside of ivory tower/containment/headlong
Jerald, Casey, pink player, zombies.
Song: wake me up. (Linkin park)
Voices (Disturbed)
Fear (disturbed)

Casey’s body is seen on top of the huge tower outside of containment, camera slowly moves toward it.  The screen fades to white, and quickly switches to a guy jumping out of a banshee into a crowd of zombies. Then switches back to the bottom of ivory tower. Casey is seen walking around. He turns around and sees a pink figure, and Jerald walking slowly toward him. Wake me up starts to play quietly in the background

Casey: (Weakley) Mom…Jerald. (They nod in unison)

Scene flashes back to headlong, Ethan and Michael are seen firing as they retreat up a buildings staircase. Then flashes back.

Casey: I failed you…both of you…

Mom: don’t live on the past…it wasn’t your fault you did that. (Music is steadily getting louder.)

(Scene flashes toward the sgt charging up the staircase Ethan and Michael were just on, then flashes back)

The mom and Jerald turn and start moving away. Casey gets up to follow, but cant keep up

The dream ends and it shows Casey waking up on the tower just as zombies reach the top. He pulls out a second pistol, turns around, and jumps onto the slope behind him, with cameraman in close pursuit, firing as he goes. Music is at full blast now.

Scene switches to Michael, Ethan and the sgt, who are backed into a corner.

Sgt: looks like this is the end…mine as well take a few to hell with us! (Charges forward, then is followed by the others. Just before the2 groups merge, a banshee slams into the horde. And Casey runs out of some smoke (rockets) and lands behind the horde.

Casey: (cockily) Miss me? (Then runs forward and joins the fray, once he reaches the group, they start to rejoice but he shuts them up instantly.) the song Voices starts to play at full blast.

Casey: Shut up, there no time, Follow me now! (He takes off and they follow.) They continue to retreat from the zombies for a while until they reach 2 warthogs.

Casey: there! Inside now!

Sgt: ETHAN! You’re with me, (as he jumps into the gun.)

Ethan: im on it!

Michael: I guess im with you then. (As he jumps into the driver’s seat)

Casey: okay everyone, lock and load.

Sgt: im uploading the coordinates to gulch base to Michael’s hog, Ethan, fall behind him!

Ethan: understood!

Sgt: ok, gulch base needs our help. Not only that, we need supplies and refit, double time Michael!

Michael takes off, plowing down a group of zombies in front of him.

Sgt: (as the scene blackened) it’s about time we got the hell out of here…

As the scene ends, credits appear and the song Fear starts to play

At the end of the credits, it says to be continued and is followed by a short preview of the next movie
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